Tuesday, September 3, 2019

August Prime Purchases

And, it's the first Tuesday of September.  My goodness, we won't turn around twice and it will be Christmas.  Speaking of Christmas, perhaps you will see something here today that would make a good gift for someone on your list.  This is always a favorite post for me as I do love shopping Amazon.  It doesn't get any easier, that's for sure!

I have a lot of  4 X 6 frames as that is the size that I prefer to have sitting around.  Most of them are several years old the easels on many of them are just about worn out.  I decided to replace the oldest ones and I found the greatest selection on Amazon.  I love the vintage look and I've had a good time filling them with pictures.  I never lack for pictures with 5 Grans. ~chuckle~



If you are in the market for a comfortable, yet stylish pair of shoes then these may be for you.  They are by Softt.  It seems that all of the "comfort" shoe manufactures have really gotten on board with very stylish looks along with their comfort.  I got these in this platinum color and also black and they come in 5 other colors as well.  They can be dressed up or be worn with jeans.  Suit yourself but I promise you that they are comfortable and I feel very secure walking in them.  

Sofft Womens Milan


I've shared with you before pillows that I have gotten off Amazon.  This is a zippered heavy cotton and linen 18 x 18 pillow cover.  I ordered the pillow inserts as well and I am using them on the benches on our front porch for fall.  They are so colorful and perfect to welcome fall.  Amazon has pillows, pillows and more pillows for any and all decorative purpose you may need/want them for.

And, my last item are these fabulous bags!  They are a silver heavy duty plastic bag that can be used as a tote, gifts, shopping or you name it.  They are around 15" x 14".  You can ask my daughter or DIL and they will tell you that I.love.BAGS!  Bags of all shapes, designs and size.  If they need a bag they know who to call.  I seem to use them all the time for one thing or the other.  So, thought I might not be the only person that loves pretty bags.  And, these are ONLY $19.99 for a package of 50.  Can't beat that! 


That's it for this month's Prime shopping post.  Hope you found something you can't live without.  ~chuckle~  Always a fun post for me.  

Wishing all of you a wonderful week and thinking of and praying for all our dear friends in the path of hurricane Dorian.