Monday, May 18, 2015

Monday's Musings

Monday's Musings, yes, it's the new name for my Monday post.  I've tired of HELLO Monday and came up with this cute name and design over the weekend.  It will still be much the same as my regular Monday post, just with a new twist.  It's always good to change up a bit, it helps to keep my readers interest. Right?  Yes, I thought so! ~big smile~
Our little sweetheart was 3 months old this past week.  That is so hard to believe.  She is so precious and so engaging now.  She's getting those sweet fat rolls in her thighs and don't you just love her head accessory.  Oh, my goodness,what fun I would have had with those if they had been around when Bridget was a baby.  
And, our Princess had her dance recital this past Friday evening.  Bless her heart, she came down with a vicious stomach bug on Wednesday afternoon and until Friday noon we didn't know if she was going to even be able to participate.  It really knocked her for a loop and caused her to miss her end of school party as well.  But, she wasn't quite up to par for her dance recital but she was glad she was able to participate after all the hard work she had put into it.  Her costume was just gorgeous and such a great color for her.  But, there are few colors that are not gorgeous on her beautiful olive skin. 
 Every day the new house is looking more and more like home.  The painters continue with their endless task.  Bless their hearts, they have been so faithful but I know they have got to be more than ready to move on to their next project.
This past week they worked on the shelves for all the cabinets.  They set up shop out in the garage where they could spray them.  I'm doing clear coat on all my shelves rather than paint.  I think it is a much cleaner look  and will most likely stay nicer looking in the long run. 
The door knobs were installed and I'm so happy with the look, I especially like the back plate.  The electricians are there and began putting on outlet and switch plate covers. The light fixtures will go up this week.
The corbels finally arrived for the mantel above the stove top.  They add so much to the look and there is still a wooden applique to go between them to complete the look.  Of course, they will be painted. ~just in case you were wondering~ And, the open space above the mantel will be covered and another wooden applique will be on it. ~pictures to come~ And, the corbels for the bar are just gorgeous and once stained and installed will give it such a nice look.
 They began installing the bathroom mirrors and talk about a precise job.  Goodness, they measured and measured and measured some more and they came out perfect.  They will finish with those this next week.
The electricians also began installing the mounted lights in the ceiling.  We have lots and lots of these little fellas through the house.  We will not be short on lights for sure!  All of our lighting is LED and we understand that they are good for about 20 years.  So, guess what, that means that we will not ever have to worry with changing a light in the years we live there.  Hooray!  See, you have to find  the "silver lining" to aging.   
The plumbers will install all the faucets and commodes this next week.  It sounds like we are almost finished but there is still quite a bit more to do.  The biggest thing is the wood floors and that will be the very last thing done.  Well, I guess the last thing will be the painters coming in and painting the base moulding around the floors.  Then it will be time for the installers to come and hang the plantation shutters and shades.  See, the list doesn't seem to end.  And, we still need the ends of the driveway poured.  It's pretty worthless without those and the rains have started back up and it isn't looking hopeful that will be done this next week.  But, little by little it is coming together. 


  1. Slowly but surely you're drawing close to that finish line. How exciting! Your little girlies are adorable! It doesn't seem possible that your little one is 3 months old already.

  2. Good morning! Goodness. 3 months already? But then little Claire is already a month! It just whips by soo fast. I am with you on those hair bows. What I would have given to have had those for Melody. Especially as she had little to NO hair until she was almost 2! lol. The house is getting soo close. Soo many little details that you just don't think of. How excited you must be and anxious for the big day. It's going to be SOO lovely. Have a good week!

  3. Looking like home indeed! Those darling little ones are growing fast!!
    Have a blessed week...


  4. The new name and design for your Monday posts is very pleasing. I L.O.V.E. the pink glittery dance costume modeled by The Little Princess! (wish I could wear something that pretty!)

  5. Love your new name for Monday posts. Your house is really coming along! Aren't you supposed to be in this month? Hope you have a great week!

  6. I feel 'invested' in your new house at this point! :) Having watched the progress AND the weather slow downs, it is going to be such fun to see the finished product! Your little ones are just precious, as always.

  7. I feel 'invested' in your new house at this point! :) Having watched the progress AND the weather slow downs, it is going to be such fun to see the finished product! Your little ones are just precious, as always.

  8. I've been looking at kitchen islands in earnest and I love that corbel on yours! So gorgeous! I'm so glad your little grand didn't miss her recital. The costumes were one of my favorite parts of ballet when my girls were little.

  9. OH! everything in your new home is coming together so well! looking forward to the end results!.
    So sorry your little princess was not doing well, hope she is feeling better! Enjoy your weekend!


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