Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Hodgepodge Wednesday

It's the 5th Wednesday in 2013, and Joyce just keeps those questions coming every Wednesday.  Thanks Joyce, we salute you!

1.  In the USA this coming Sunday millions will be watching as the Baltimore Ravens take on the San Francisco 49's in the Superbowl.  What was the last event you attended that could be described as super?

Well, this wasn't the last event (I don't think ~smile~) that I attended that was super, but as soon as I read this question this was what came to my mind immediately.  39 years ago this March 7th, I attended my very first Elvis Concert.  I was a mere 22 years old and I was sillier than a goose about this concert.  A friend and I went together and we even went by the hotel where he was staying and tried our darnest to get a peek of him coming out of his room.  My heart raced all day just thinking about the concert that evening.  The concert was all I expected and more.  What an entertainer!  I made an Elvis Scrapbook after the event and still have it to this day.  It is full of all things Elvis and I can just see my kids scratching their heads when I am gone wondering why on earth Momma had an Elvis Scrapbook.  It's the stuff that life is made up of and at the age of 22 that was a super event in my life.  And, the $12 for the ticket was a real issue for me and Hubby. ~what a fun memory~
2.  Share something you're a fan of these days?

Since shortly after PBS started the series Downton Abbey I began hearing rave reviews about the show.  I kept thinking I would start watching it but just never did.  Well, the chatter continued on and it got the best of me.  It's all over FB, Twitter and the general conversation of many and I decided that I had to jump on board this past week.  Of course, I knew it would be best if I watched Season I and II but decided that I just did not want to take the time for that.  So, I downloaded the PBS app on my IPad and I've watched the first 3 episodes of this season, Season III.  I'm sure I've missed a lot of the history but I feel like I'm caught up and I'm already a huge fan.  Can I just say that I absolutely love, the fashions, the accents, the landscape, the furnishings and all the family drama.  Hats off to the producer of such a great hit! Added note - since writing this entry a few hours ago I have downloaded Hulu to my Ipad and now I have started watching Season I.  I decided I had to go back and see the history behind this family and I figure it will help me to understand some of the happenings that are going on now.  Stay tuned~~~~

3. How do you feel about wings?  In case anyone is confused, I'm talking the edible appetizer kind.  What's your preferred seasoning on a wing-hot, mild, teryiaki, sweet and sour, other?  Do you make your own or is there a favorite place you like to go for wings?   
Well, I've never had one and think I could live the rest of my life without them.  I don't know for sure, but if they are like regular chicken wings, then they would not be worth the effort to pick the meat off.  But, seems that someone told me that they are not like regular chicken wings, but I'll just stick with Chicken Tenders and I will take the hot seasoning.  I guess I just showed my ignorance about chicken wings. ~shame on me~

4.  As long as we're talking sports today...have you followed the Lance Armstrong story?  Did you watch his interview with Oprah and if so what was your reaction to his confession and subsequent remarks?  

I haven't really followed the story, but you would have to live under a rock not to know about it.  It's been "all the talk."  I just find it hard to believe that he would deny the truth for so long and then up and decide to "fess up."  I cannot help but feel sorry for him and there's no doubt he got so "caught up" that he was not thinking properly.  This will likely be a huge thorn in his flesh for the rest of his life.  Seems that people forgive but they never forget.

5.  What's a question you hate to be asked?  

It would not be one question, it would be any "leading" question.  I cannot stand it when someone ask me about something they have no business asking me about and they do it in a "leading" question sort of way.  Some folks are so good at this, but I wouldn't know how to if I had to.  I've never been good at being "sneaky." ~smile~

6. The coaches in this Sunday's big game happen to be real life brothers.  Jim Harbaugh coaches the 49er's and his older brother John Harbaugh coaches the Baltimore Ravens.  Were you and your sibling(s) competitive?  In what way? Are you still?  If you're an only child how did you handle competition growing up?  

I have two brothers.  I am the oldest, one brother is 3 years younger and the other is 12 1/2  years younger.  We were not competitive with each other in the least.  My brother that is 3 years younger and me are not all that competitive anyway, but, my youngest brother is another story.  He is very competitive and has competed in some pretty tough sports/fitness events over the years.

7.  What's your favorite game involving a ball and when did you last play? 

I started playing tennis in 1983 and played for about 15 years.  I enjoyed every minute of playing and while I was never a great player, I was a good player.  Our daughter began playing when she was in Jr. High school and began playing competitively on the state level. This was a huge commitment for her and for me and at that time, my tennis game went by the wayside.  I intended on getting back with it, but that didn't happen.  Many folks had quit playing in the meantime and there just wasn't much interest from anyone, so I laid my racket down and haven't picked it up since. ~boo on me~

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
Do you ever see something on Pinterest that just looks so delicious that you have to make it right away?  Well, I did that yesterday.  I saw these Cinnamon Sugar Cream Cheese Dreams and decided that I would make them.  They are made with Grans biscuits, cinnamon sugar and cream cheese and are simple, simple.  You can find this recipe and many others here.  They smelled so good as they were baking but when I bite  into one, I was so disappointed.  They were good, just not nearly as good as I had "dreamed" they would be.  But, they do look good and I guess that's worth something. ~chuckle~

Monday, January 28, 2013

Miscellany Monday

The last Monday of January! How can that be?  2013 is going by at breakneck speed.  We'd better hang on for sure because we'll be talking about Christmas before we know it.  Meanwhile, we'll enjoy today and getting miscellaneous with Carissa.

First line of defense.........
Some of you may remember that I got my concealed weapon license about a year and a half ago.  Now, have I carried a concealed weapon since that time.  Nope! sure haven't, but I like knowing that I could if I wanted to.  But, Hubby brought me this Defense Spray a couple of weeks ago and it is in my purse and I will sure use it if I need to.  It is a great defense when you just need to stop someone (not bearing arms) and not kill them. (heaven forbid)  The face is the target and mainly the eyes.  It will stop someone so you can either run, get help or both.  I'm thinking that all women need to carry this with them at all times.  It's so easy to just hold in the palm of your hand while walking to your car on a parking lot and have your finger on the trigger ready to go.  Can I just say that I'm much more comfortable with this than my gun. ~smile~
A sick Princess.......
All she wanted to do was lay in her beanbag, so pitiful!
Our little Princess was feeling puny on Friday, so I kept her so that her Dad and Mom could go to work.  As the day progressed she felt worse and I called her parents and they decided it would be best to take her to the Dr. since it was Friday afternoon.  Well, good thing they did, our sweetheart has Type B flu.  She has felt rotten but is getting better and I'm just hoping that the rest of us don't get it.  I have had the flu shot, so guess this will be a good test to see if it works. ~smile~
An RV, a boat, a gun or a knife......
What better to do on a dreary, cold winter day than attend an RV, Gun and Boat Show?  And, that's exactly what Hubby and I did this past Saturday, along with a bazillion other folks.  There were "toys for men" of all ages! ~chuckle~  On one of the aisles I noticed a large gathering of folks grabbing tee shirts and getting them autographed by this guy.  I decided I had to know what was going on, so I weaseled my way through the crowd and asked someone nearby about all the excitement.  They said that this was Stephanie and Kris (pictured above)  from "Sons of Guns."  Well, I had no idea what she was talking about.  I soon found out that it was a hit TV show on the Discovery Channel and Stephanie and Kris were the "love birds" on the show.  Good grief, I must do a better job of keeping current on these things.~NOT~  Anyway, decided that our #1 son would probably love to have one of the tee shirts, so bought one and Kris and Stephanie signed it for me.  They were very amused that I had not ever heard of them and probably thought "what a sweet lil ole lady." ~sigh~

Okay ladies, if you have never heard of "threading" you need to.  I would definitely call it an art because the gals that do this, are highly skilled in my estimation.  I guess you could say it is the new "waxing."  I have had my eyebrows waxed for years but the gal that has done my for a long time has quit and I haven't found anyone else nearby to do them.  I noticed this shop in our mall call Threading and I saw that ladies were getting their eyebrows shaped up.  Well, on Saturday I decided that I needed to go and actually check it out for myself.  It had been way too long since my brows had been waxed and they were looking most shabby.  As you can tell from the above photos, it is all done with a spool of regular sewing thread and a twisting motion.  It was amazing and pretty much painless.  I will definitely be returning soon for another "threading."  FYI, it was $12 for both brows.

And, I leave you with this.......


Friday, January 25, 2013

The Simple Woman's Daybook

It's been over 2 months since I have done a Daybook and decided  that it was time. It's always a fun and enjoyable post for me and hope you enjoy it as well..........



Outside my window...
the clouds are hanging low, it's very overcast and dreary - not what I want - but what I get ~grin~

  I am thinking... that although there are many times I wonder if God really knows what He is doing by the things He allows, I know that HE does and that makes my heart rest in His peace

  I am thankful... that my Dad is having some better days

  In the kitchen... I have all the ingredients ready to make a big pot of good ole Cajun Gumbo either this afternoon or tomorrow. Can I just say, it is very good!

  I am wearing... some black jeggings, grey sweater with tee underneath - comfy clothes for this dreary day

  I am creating...plans for our trip to Savannah, Ga. the first week of April.  We've never been and I really can't believe that, but we're meeting some dear friends there and I'm so excited.

I am wondering...
about a whole lotta stuff.......is there ever a time when one doesn't wonder?  And, I do believe that the older we get, the more we tend to wonder. ~smile~

I am reading...
Boundaries by Dr. Henry Cloud and Dr. John Townsend - a book about when to say yes, when to say no and taking control of your life.  I highly recommend it, one of the best books of this type that I have ever read.

  I am hoping...to see the Lord work in miraculous ways this coming year in lives and in our country

I am looking forward to...
our daughter and Grandson's visit in March.  She's on Spring Break and will come for a few days.

I am learning...
to have a better attitude about some things that I have struggled with for quite some time.  It's such a good feeling!

Around the house...
well, truthfully, not much going on here but I am thinking about Easter decor.  Easter is so very early this year that by mid-February, I'll be putting out Easter.  I love, love Easter!

I am pondering...
well, actually a whole lot but Valentine's for my little Prince and Princess.  I always like to get them a little something and of course, I have to mail Clancy his, so I have to think ahead a tad.  I'm on to a thought that I think will make them happy and show them a little "CiCi and Poppa" love.  

A favorite quote for today... 

I love this and if we all did this,  the world
would be richer for it.

One of my favorite things...
is slipping into my cozy lounging PJ's after dinner and crawling up in my soft recliner, covering up with my afghan and enjoying an evening with Hubby (and he's in his recliner, see I knew what some of you were thinking ) ~wink~ 

  A few plans for the rest of the week......well, Hubby is wanting to go to the Boat and RV Show being held in a nearby city tomorrow.  I'm thinking I'll be a "good wife" and tag along, but heaven knows, we have one boat and don't need it and we sure don't need an RV.  He says it is just something to do. Hummm...........

A peek into my day...
I got an early morning call from my son this morning telling me that the Princess is running fever.  So, I will get her in a little while and love on her.

My picture of the day.......the Bluebird of Happiness

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. The popular saying, 'All is fair in love and war' is originally credited to English writer John Lyly.  Is he right?
This means that during situations where love or  war is at stake, people are not bound by rules of fair play. So, NO he is not right.  To me, people should always be bound by the rules of fair, especially when it comes to love.  Heck, this is confusing and it is just the first question! ~chuckle~

  2. Are you a cereal eater?  What's your favorite kind?

I could not tell you the last time I ate cereal.  I like cereal okay but it is certainly not among my favorite foods.  If I eat it, I prefer Quaker Oatmeal Squares.  I hear of folks that will just grab a bowl of cereal for dinner and I just do not get that at all.  If I'm going to eat it, it would have to be for breakfast.  But, to each his own!

3. A five year old in Pennsylvania was recently given a ten day school suspension for talking with a friend about shooting one another with a Hello Kitty Bubble gun (the gun blows bubbles).  She did not have the gun with her at school.
A psychological evaluation was also ordered and the incident was recorded on her permanent record.  The suspension was later reduced to two days and her parents are suing to have the incident removed from her file. Your thoughts?  (If you missed the story click here for details). 

All I can say, is Lord have mercy!  Has it really come to this?  I say "go get 'em" to the parents.  This doesn't just border on being ridiculous, it is RIDICULOUS!

4. Whatever happened to_____________________________?
Common courtesy, good manners, ethics, morality and honesty - I don't think it needs any explanation - it is  a sad state of affairs for the most part.

5.  January 23rd is National Handwriting Day, billed as a day to reacquaint yourself with a pen and pencil.  Do you like your handwriting? Do you prefer to print or write in cursive?  This date was chosen because its the birth date of John Hancock. What's the last thing you signed your name to?
Yes, I do like my handwriting and I prefer cursive.  I've always had an attractive handwriting and I really never worked to make it that way, it just sort of came naturally. ~smile~  The last thing I signed my name to was a check ~ and that's a rarity these days with debit cards, automated payments and online bill payments.

6. Speaking of John Hancock...ever been to Philadelphia? Do you have any desire to visit the city of Brotherly Love?
No, I can't believe it, but I have never been to Philadelphia and yes, I would very much like to go.  Think I'll put that on my list for 2014, we've got this year pretty well lined out.

7.  Share something funny you've heard a child say.  
Well, I didn't hear this, but I heard it through someone else and it's well worth sharing.........
A little 3 year old boy was watching his Mom breastfeed his baby sister.  While watching he asked his Mom "why do you have two, is one for cold milk and one for hot milk?"  Smart thinking I'd say.

  8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
FYI - For those of you keeping up with my Dad, he seems some better.  He still has a long ways to go, but his spirits don't seem as low as they did last week.  He is pretty much over the bronchitis and that certainly has helped to lift his spirits and we've had several days of sunshine and that also helps. Of course, when he is doing better, I am doing better.  That's just the way it is........

And, I leave you with this..........


Monday, January 21, 2013

Miscellany Monday

Is it really the 3rd Monday of 2013?  If I'm reading my calendar correctly, it is.  And, it is the first Monday for the sun to be shining brightly here in NE Louisiana.  This week if off to a great start with sun and being miscellaneous with Carissa.
Having fun.........
The Princess came to play this past Friday and she had fun with my Mardi Gras mask.  A little lop-sided but she eventually got it lined up with her eyes. ~smile~  Her Great Aunt and Uncle were here and she decided that she wanted to wear Susan's socks and she had more fun running around in those. They look like leg warmers on her.  Isn't it amazing what simple things can occupy these little ones?  Perhaps we should take a lesson from them.

Gotta love a bargin....... 
My sister in law and I did a little shopping this past Saturday.  I rarely shop with anyone, but my Hubby's two sisters are great fun to shop with.  They have good taste, good ideas and offer great advice.  Our first stop on Saturday was to Chico's (one of our favorite stores) and we found some great deals in what we call "the markdown corner."  The top two items were half off and then an additional 30% off.  The bottom animal print sweater/jacket was "only" 40% off but it was just too cute to pass up.  When I first looked at the  sequined jacket I thought I would have no where at all to where something like that but the gals helping me told me that all I needed to do was put on a white tee with that jacket and a pair of jeans and I'd be "good to go."  Well, would it ever, ever occur to me to put that type of jacket with jeans?  Absoluely NOT!  But, if I saw that combination on another gal, I'm sure I would think it was snazzy.  I did put it with black pants and a black turtleneck yesterday morning and wore it to church.  And, I did think it was snazzy and especially for the way discounted price that I paid for it. ~smile~  Yep, gotta love a good deal! And, can I just say that it was great to get out and have some "girl fun." ~wink~

Meet Chelsea Reagan.............

 Even before she was born, almost two years ago, little Chelsea has been prayed for and she is now finally home with her forever family.  She is the Granddaughter of some dear friends of ours.  Their son and his wife and their two sons have been in China for the past two weeks finalizing the adoption of Chelsea and they all returned home this past Friday afternoon.  Chelsea took to her "new" family like a duck to water and has never missed a beat.  What a blessed little girl!

Our little cowboy.........
I'm thinking this picture needs no comment.  Clancy is "right at home" on the back of Shug, but his CiCi still thinks that he is a mighty little fella to be on such a BIG horse.  Have I told you that he's coming to see his Poppa and CiCi on March 9th?  His Momma will be on Spring Break and they will be spending a few days with us.  That is exactly 48 days away. FYI - this photo is from a text message that my daughter sent me.  Not bad is it?  Isn't it amazing that we now have cameras that also serve as our phones. ~chuckle~

Laughter, the best medicine........

Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Fragments

Mommy's Idea

A few Friday Fragments..........always fun to share the week's fragments............

When the Christmas decor came down the Mardi Gras decor went up.  It's quite funny that I love Mardi Gras decorations and I have never, ever been to Mardi Gras.  It is not even a desire of mine to attend and certainly not in New Orleans.  I think it is likely a bit to rowdy for this Southern Gal, but I do love the colors and I do love me some King Cake.  And, Mardi Gras is such a Louisiana "thing."  So, we are decked out in our purple, gold and green.

One of my first projects each new year is to get my past years blog printed in book form and finish my photo album.  I have done both and that makes me so happy and I couldn't be more pleased with either.  I use Blog2Print for printing my blog and it always turns out nice.  I do hope it is something that my children will enjoy when I am gone. ~smile~  And, I do two photo albums each year and have always used Shutterfly  but I am currently looking at other options.  Not because I am not pleased, just because there might be something even better out there. ~grin~ I work on my album as I go along because I think it would be way too overwhelming for me to do it when I had bunches and bunches of photos.  I do better when I only have a few at a time, but to each his own on that.  I'm just so glad that I no longer have to fool with the big bulky photo albums that take up lots of space and are not even cute.  Digital photography has opened up so many avenues for photography.


 We are enjoying sort of a surprise visit from Hubby's sister and her husband this weekend.  Hubby's Aunt passed away this week and they came in to attend her funeral.  We always enjoy their company, so for whatever reason they come, we're glad to have them.

I had such a good time with this great group of young gals this past Monday morning.  They are the MOPS (Moms of Preschoolers) group at a church not far from here.  I did a little mini presentation for  them on organization.  There were 21 present and I couldn't believe it.  It was the coldest, rainiest, nastiest morning, but they were out in grand style. I imagine the average age of this group was about 30 and since I am twice that age, it was a bit humbling for sure.  But, hey, doesn't the Word say that we "older women" should mentor the "younger woman." I was being obedience. ~big chuckle~

My little Princess is with my today and that always makes for a very special day.  She is such a little lady now days and seems to be growing up before our very eyes.  She loves to dress up and her Mom has gotten her all kinds of the cutest dress up clothes to play with.  Some days she is a Princess, some days Snow White and some days a ballerina.  Whatever her mood is, she likely has a outfit to match. 

And, can I just say that we are enjoying  sunshine here in NE Louisiana and we are some happy folks! 


Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

1. Lake Superior University has once again published a list of words/phrases they think should be banished from the Queen's English...here's the list for 2013-
fiscal cliff, kick the can down the road, double down, job creators/creation, passion/passionate, yolo (an acronym for you only live once), spoiler alert, bucket list, trending, superfood, boneless wings, and guru

Which of these words/phrases would you most like to see banished from everyday speech and why. Go here to read more about how the words were chosen.
Well, none of these words/phrases bother me in the least.  None are nasty or offensive, fairly senseless, yes, but if folks want to use them, then more power to them.

2.  When was the last time you rode a train?  Where did you go?
When our daughter was in the 6th grade she was a part of an area Children's Choir called Masterworks.  They traveled to Washington D.C. during the Cherry Blossom Festival to sing and we went via train.  That was an experience to say the least!  There were about 40 kiddos and probably 25 parents. 

3. Bagels-yay or nay?  Favorite 'flavor'?  Favorite topping?

It was be a yay! Blueberry and cinnamon would be my favorite and I don't think you can beat some good ole cream cheese for a topping.  I can only eat a half because they are just too "bready."

4.  'Tis the season of awards shows...if you could star in a movie already made which one would you choose?

I would be Sandra Bullock in The Blind Side.  I loved that movie and the story behind it.  Such a "feel good" movie!

 5. The move towards single gender classrooms has been making the news in recent months....what say you?  Do you think kids perform better if separated by gender and are taught differently or is that discrimination?  If you're a parent, is this something you'd support in regard to your own children?
I think there is more to be gained in mixed gender classes.  I have no idea if kids perform better if separated by gender or not, but I can't imagine that they do. Day to day life is not separate, we are in mixed gender environments all of our life, so kids might as well get use to it from the beginning.  I would not have supported it when our children were in school.  

6. What's your favorite thing about staying in a hotel?
I love staying in hotels!  I feel so responsibility free, no bed to make, clean towels everyday, clean room and generally it's just a cozy feeling.

7. Do you have a 'word' for 2013?  What's the story behind your choice?
Well, since you asked, yes I do.  I have not said anything to anyone about it, so guess I'll now "spill the beans."  My word for 2013 is expectation. I have never had a "word for the year" but decided that I wanted one this year.  One definition of expectation is "eager anticipation."  I like that and I'm going to try and live this year just that way, "eagerly anticipating."  There are several things I would like to see happen this year and I felt expectation was the word for me.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

Looking out our front door on Monday
Just in case you haven't heard, NE Louisiana has been under a winter storm watch the past three days and we have ice hanging on all the trees.  It has been wet, wet and cold, cold.  Schools have been closed and while it is really pretty to look at, everyone is ready for a sun filled day.  Our yard is saturated beyond belief and there are limbs everywhere and it is in dire need of some tender, loving care.  But.......it is what it is and not a bit of use in fretting over it.  I'm living in "eager anticipation" that we will get it back in order. ~ smile~

Monday, January 14, 2013

Miscellany Monday

 I'm so thankful for this new week and I'm hopeful for better days ahead.  And, what better way to begin a new week than with sweet Carissa............

Tough days..........
The past month has been especially tough and I've been in tears a lot of the time.  But, I've always been a crier and have found that if I can have a good cry I often feel so much better and can go forth a little while longer. I say, tears are the best dose of medicine around. ~smile~  And, of course, the Lord always supplies just what I need just when I need it and even when I can't see the end to a situation, He reminds me that He has it all under control and to just simply trust Him.  What peace and assurance that gives me!

Sweet Daddy...........
I think I mentioned last week that Daddy has been very sick with bronchitis.  He is doing better with that but he has hit an all time low emotionally.  It makes me so sad when he expresses the sad, sad feelings that he has over the circumstances of his life.  I so wish that I could change things, but again, that it out of my control.  He has very comprimised vision, limited hearing and effects of the Guillian Barre Syndrome.  Yes, he has come a long, long way these past 19 months, but his life, as he knew it before, will never ever be the same.  It's a lot to accept and in recent weeks he's just not been able to wrap his head around it.  We are going to the Dr. today and can hopefully get him the help that he needs.  I appreciate your prayers on his behalf.

Finally home..........
Taken just a few years ago
   My precious friend, Martha, went home to be with the Lord this past Wednesday evening.  I was privileged to have one last visit with her just a few hours before she died.  As I told her what she had meant to me the past 42 years, a smile came across her face and I knew without a doubt that she knew it was me and she did hear what I said.  I will never forget that.

Martha was, along with many other things, a master at floral design.  I have no doubt that she would have been more than pleased with the arrangement that one of her dear friends designed for her casket.
    Her funeral was indeed a celebration of a life well lived and no one had to think hard to come up with sweet things to say about this true Southern Lady.  Music was a large part of Martha's life and I was fortunate to have been one of her vocal students at one time.  She had one of the most beautiful voices I have ever heard and the family decided that it would be appropriate to end her service with her singing "The Lord's Prayer."  Of course, it was from a recording from years gone by but what a perfect ending for her home going celebration. And, now she will sing forever with the heavenly chorus.

The above photos were taken following the burial with some of my favorite members of Martha's family. (please ignore my tear stained eyes)  In case the captions are too small to read..........
L to R is Martha's precious daughter in law and Granddaughter, Martha's daughter, Elise and then Martha's  husband, Bill. Their lives will never be the same, but, as we all do, they will go on.

Rain, rain and more rain........
For goodness sakes, is it ever going to stop raining???  That's all I'm going to say about that. ~laugh~

A new week........
I am off to do a mini-seminar on organization  for a MOPS group at a church about 25 miles from here this morning.  I'm looking forward to this time with these young Moms and hopefully I can pass along some tidbit of information that will make their lives easier.  I take a scriptural approach because I think that is exactly what the Lord wants, an organized life before an organized closet or cabinet.  And, I know that our lives cannot be truly organized if He is not in the center of them.

Heartfelt thanks.......
Thanks for being my special friends!  I love you and appreciate each and every one of you that stop by.   I hope that something I say will bless you or bring a smile to your face.  I know this was a heavier entry than I usually do, but it is what it is and life can't always be all "sunshine and roses."  But, thank the Lord for His faithfulness no matter the circumstance!  Happy new week!