Wednesday, November 29, 2023

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

It has been a "hot minute" since I have participated in the Hodgepodge and I so enjoy being a participant.  But, what can I say, life happens and time slips by.  I am so glad to be participating today.

1. Does anybody really know what day it is? Last week we skipped the Hodgepodge and I just assumed this week would find us in December, but nope. Still November. Do you wear a watch? Use a paper calendar or strictly electronic? What's your favorite hour of the day? Why? 

I do know what day it is but, it can get very confusing when holidays roll around.  I felt like last Thursday was a Friday and I didn't really get back on track until Monday.

I definitely wear a watch, it's the first accessory I put on after taking a shower in the morning.  I hate to admit how much I love my smart watch but I really cannot imagine not having it.  I use so many of its features everyday outside of the time, date and temp. I have just about worn out the timer on it.  It's so convenient to set it and I never let clothes sit in the dryer to long, cook something to long and the list goes on and on.

I am still very attached to my paper calendar that hangs above my key drop as I walk in from the garage.  We keep everything on that calendar and one glance and I know what my week holds.  I do use my IPhone calendar for birthdays.  I know the younger generation uses their smart phone for everything and all family members sync their phones and they all know what each is doing.  I think that's fantastic for them but I'll just stick to my old fashioned paper calendar.

My favorite hour of the day.......hummm......that's a toughie.  I love the first hour I am up a lot but I also enjoy the hour I head to my recliner in the evening.  I guess that says I enjoy the beginning and ending of my days. The beginning means a fresh start and the ending is generally a satisfaction of a day well spent.

2. Tell us something about how you celebrated the Thanksgiving holiday. 

We had a very simple Thanksgiving with our son and his family.  I cooked a simple meal of grilled pork tender steaks wrapped in bacon, a potato casserole and a green bean dish. I'm not much at preparing a big Thanksgiving meal and perhaps I should be ashamed of that. I have done it very few times and it was sooooo much work and there were sooooo many leftovers. I must confess that for the past several years we have gone to our Country Club and enjoyed the biggest and best buffet this side of heaven.  This year the club is undergoing a major remodel and was not open for Thanksgiving.  Thus, we ate here. After eating, my DIL, the girls and myself played Phase 10 for a couple of hours.  It was a very enjoyable time.

3. What's a sound you hate to hear? 

The yan yan and yah yah of the news media.  Makes me crazy!

4. Where do you not mind waiting? 

As I've gotten older I've grown a bit more patient with waiting but, it's certainly not my favorite thing to do.  I don't really mind waiting in the self check out line to check out my groceries.  The line generally moves quite rapidly and I prefer to bag my own groceries because I know how I want them bagged.  That was a pretty lame answer but, it's the best I could come up with. ~smile~

5. I really wish our daughter and family lived closer than 8 1/2 hours away. They live too far for a quick weekend trip. It takes a bit of planning to make the trip.  But, it has been this way for 20+ years and it's very unlikely to change. We do make the best of the situation.  It's just tougher the older we get.  Did I really just say that? Well, it's the truth but sometimes the truth hurts. ~wink~

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Me with Daddy

My brother and his wife

My niece and her husband

If you are my friend on FB then you have likely already seen the pics from my Dad's 94th birthday on Nov. 9th.  My brother, his wife, their daughter and her husband all came in from Des Moines to join in the celebration.  Daddy told me that he did NOT want cake and ice cream but rather root beer floats.  So, that is exactly what we served and can I just tell you that it was a big hit with the residents that joined in the fun.  We did offer Coke floats for those that might not care for root beer but I think we ended up only serving 3 Coke floats.  Who knew there were so many folks that enjoy root beer.  I am certainly not one of them. It was one of the best birthday celebrations he has had in several years and it thrilled us to see him enjoy it so much.  He was worn to a frazzle afterwards and slept real good that night but it was worth it.  He says he thinks he'll make it to 100.  And, he's liable to, only the good Lord knows.

Monday, November 6, 2023

November Prime Purchases

And, here we are, the first Monday of November.  Yikes, Christmas really is just around the corner and I think I have some items that just might help you with your Christmas shopping.  Without any further adieu, here ya go!

Christmas  Tote  Bags

Aren't these the cutest!  These could be used for putting a gift in to give, or as a tote.  They are a heavy material with woven handles and have such cute Christmas prints on them. You could even give the bag as a little "happy" in early December so the recipient could use it until Christmas. ~ just a thought~


I love bracelets, well, I love all fashion jewelry if the truth be told.  These are so good looking and they are stretchy.  They look a lot more expensive than their actual cost.  And, you can wear all of them or some of them, all depends on your preference.  I'm betting someone on your Christmas list would enjoy having these.  AND, they come in the nicest box ready to wrap.


This is such a good looking casual top and looks great with leggings.  And, it comes in several colors.  It is oversized so think about that if you order it.  I ordered a small as I do not like big and baggy tops that I think look tacky.  The small is plenty big but not tacky. 


This devotional book is "hot off the press."  I am a huge fan of Christine Caine and this devotional book gives some awesome spiritual food for thought.  No devotional can replace time in God's Word, but they can sure be a nice addition.  


I love lounging clothes and wanted a couple of new sets for the upcoming colder weather.  I browsed through several on Amazon and decided on this set and they did not disappoint.  They are well made, the fabric is soft, cozy and comfortable.  I will be in these most evenings we are at home this winter.  They come in 6 different colors.  I'm betting someone on your Christmas list would enjoy these.  Description calls them a sweatsuit, BUT...........they are definitely more of a lounging set to me. 


A dear friend gave me one of these a few months ago and I love it.  There are probably about 30 different sayings you can choose from.  There's some great ones about friendship.  And, they also come in the nicest box and ready to wrap and give.  A wonderful remembrance!


If you are a coffee drinker and you have not tried Skinny Syrup then, my friend, you should. I have been using these for about 5 years and they take coffee to a whole new level.  I keep about 3 different flavors out on my coffee bar at all times.  I'm a big fan of the Cinnamon Dolce and Peppermint Bark right now and there are many, many flavors and what a great gift for your coffee drinking friends.  AND, did I mention it has ZERO calories.


Okay, I admit, I have a love affair with all kinds of bags!  These are so, so pretty and shiny and again, they can be used as gift bags, or as an eye catching tote.  If used as a gift bag it would be like giving the person two gifts.  I love the woven handles and thickness of material. And, you get 5 of each color for a total of 30. They are definitely not just for Christmas but for any occasion. And, you could share a few with family and friends as who really needs 30 of these? ~smile~


Fanny packs have taken on a whole new look from "way back when."  They can now be worn across your chest or low on your waist (sitting on your fanny).  This one is so, so cute if you like bling, and I do.  They come in a few colors and are so handy.  I like to use them for vendor shows and such as I do not want to carry a purse.  It's big enough for a phone, a small money tote and keys.  Then you have your hands free to carry your shopping bag(s).  And, again, what a great Christmas gift for someone on your list. It comes in several cute designs and colors (without bling). 


Okay ladies, if you are like me, your potholders can get rough looking after a while.  And, washing them only helps somewhat.  I like to replace mine once they have their "ratted and tattered" look.  These are really nice and have the heat resistant backing on them and they come in 6 colors.  They are so affordable and this my second time to order these and they hold up well.  Again, what a great useable gift!


If you like a little "fancier" potholder then these might be for you.  And, can I just tell you that there are probably 30 choices of designs and you can buy them in a set of 2 or a set of 4. And, need I mention gift again?


Okay, are you looking for a cute sweater for the Christmas season?  Well, this one just might fill the bill.  While it could certainly be worn anytime, I ordered it to wear for the Christmas season.  BUT, it comes in a whole  array of gorgeous colors, so "take your pick."  It says "oversized" but I disagree with that description.  The sleeves are very full but the body of the sweater fits very true to size in my opinion.


I wanted a new piece to put on the ledge of our spa tub.  I browsed through many possibilities but this one spoke to me when I saw it.  It is a beautiful ivory, copper, gold, tan and chocolate crane.  I'm such a bird decor lover that made it even more appealing.  It's about 21" tall, so it makes a nice statement.  

And, that's a wrap! I do hope that you saw something that will help you with your gift giving. And, if not for gift giving then perhaps there's something that appealed to you for you.