Tuesday, February 11, 2020


Yes, that's right, I'm finally doing a post that isn't a Prime Purchase post.  Goodness, I've been a "slacker!"  Blogging  is a time consuming hobby, well, it is a hobby for me.  For many, blogging is a money making proposition but for me, it's for my sheer enjoyment.  By the time I work on my content, get my pictures edited and in order, it sometimes takes more time than I want to give lately.  But, today, I have a few things I want to share.  Enjoy!

Three weeks ago Tommy and I flew out to Tucson, Arizona to visit my brother and his wife in Oro Valley.  Oh, my goodness, I have never seen so many  rocks, cacti and brown mountains in my life.  It is such a beautiful landscape in it's own way but oh, so different from the lush green landscape of the South.

One morning we went to one of the national parks in the area and they had a snake exhibit with folks there to tell you all about them.  Well, one of the folks asked Suzy is she would like to hold a snake and Suzy, was like, well sure!  Oh, my goodness, I almost had a fit.  I don't even care that it was non-poisonous, it. was. a. snake!!!!  You run from snakes, you do not hold them.  

Tommy and Joel had fun sporting around in the convertible while we were there. 
We had such a great time and the weather was picture perfect.  

On another note, last week I was browsing through a shop and saw these HUGE sunglasses.  I see gals with big regular glasses and big sunglasses but I don't think they are for me.  I mean, I think I look a bit like a clown and no, I did not buy them. And, how about that sign behind me in the left hand picture?  It says, "Wicked Chickens lay Deviled Eggs."  I had to cackle! 

A friend and I were browsing through a really nice antique shop recently and I saw lots and lots of plates like these above.  I had never seen such an array and I wasn't sure what they were for.  I asked the gal that worked there and she told me that these were oyster plates.  You probably knew that but I did not.  I do.not. touch. eat. or hardly look at oysters but I have seen them served at restaurants in white plates such as these but I never have seen such pretty ones.  These were just beautiful and there must have been at least 100 of them. I asked the gal, because these plates were very expensive,if they ever sold any of these. She said that many folks collect the various patterns and colors and display them on the wall.  I was so impressed by the beauty of them.  I think if I were younger that I might enjoy having some and displaying them on a wall.  But, not at this point.  I'm through with collecting anything except memories. ~laugh~

And, this precious gal is 5 years old today.  She had her party this past weekend and she was one more excited little girl.  She had a princess party and all the little girls wore their princess dresses. She is our youngest girl and such a delight!

I visited the Spice and Tea Exchange last week.  What a fun store!  I have never been a hot tea drinker but, after being indoctrinated about the many teas available, I decided it was time for me to give it a try.  I have friends that drink a sort of "sleepy time" tea just before bed and I thought that might be a fun place to start.  I bought one of the diffuser cups and it works so great and the tea is soooo good.  I figure I might get to where I enjoy ending my day with hot tea as much as I enjoy starting my day with hot coffee.  We shall see.............

And, this my friends, is our 11 year old grandson, Clancy, on the stage with David Crowder at a concert in Tulsa, Ok  with 20,000 in attendance.  I will make this brief, but Clancy LOVES the David Crowder Band and he went with his Dad and Mom to his concert this past Sat. evening.  They had VIP tickets and got to meet David before the show.  Clancy mentioned to him how much he liked his song, I'll Fly Away, and asked David if he was going to be singing it that evening.  Well, he had not planned to but told Clancy that he would change his plans and they would do it.  So, he closed out the concert with that song and before singing it, he asked Clancy to come up on stage and sing it with him.  You talk about an excited little boy and an excited Daddy and Momma, they were speechless!  I mean, he was on the big screen and the whole deal!  His Momma videoed it and this CiCi had tears as she watched it.  What a memory!

Okay, that's it for today but I'm already working on another post and hope to have it ready in a few days.  Blessings abundant!

Tuesday, February 4, 2020

Prime Purchases - January 2020

AND, it's that time, Prime Purchases!  I have quite an array of items today.  I have been doing a bit of "fluffing" of our nest this month and some of the items are a reflection of that.  Other items are most useful, and some, well, you know, I just wanted them. ~chuckle~  I hope you will find something that you need or want out of today's items.


I may have mentioned this little jewel to you before but I ordered my 2nd one last month so perhaps someone reading this hasn't seen this before.  These mini flat irons are just dandy to own, especially if you have short hair.  It is very easy to get very close to the scalp or neck with these without burning yourself.  They are also great for gals that just use a flatiron on their bangs.  I use this for more of my hair than my regular flatiron. 


I love copper and when I saw this pitcher I had to have it.  It is great for decoration or to use as a container for a flower arrangement.  I keep it sitting in the middle of my flat stove top and it makes such a statement.  I can also use it to serve a beverage when I host company. Below is a picture of it in our kitchen.


I have been looking for some new containers for arrangements on our fireplace mantel.  I looked all over, never even thought about Amazon.  Then one day I decided that Amazon might just have something and I was so glad I did.  I saw these and knew they were "it."  I had no idea that Tiffany made anything except lamps.  These are just beautiful and thought you'd enjoy seeing how they look on our mantel.


If you need to get a baby gift then I highly recommend this bamboo hooded towel and wash cloth set.  I have given these a couple of times and I will be giving this in the coming weeks to a sweet gal that will be having a little girl.  They  hold up amazingly!  


I have heard and read so much about weighted blankets but I have now experienced a weighted blanket.  Oh, my goodness, it's like being wrapped in a big hug!  They come in all sizes and weights.  We have a king sized bed but I got a queen size and it works perfectly for us.  I put it cross ways and it covers from our feet up to our ribs, which for us is perfect.  This one is 12 pounds and again, it's the perfect weight for us.  I have seen them well over 20 pounds and I can't imagine sleeping under that much weight.  Some come with covers that can be taken off and washed but this one doesn't have a cover.  I can't imagine that it will need washing as it's not against our bodies and it doesn't come up close to our faces.  I guess time will tell.  I've always liked heavy covers, they make me feel very secure while I'm sleeping.  I highly endorse the weighted blanket!


Isn't this the cutest casserole carrier?  I have one but in recent months I have needed two, so ordered this one.  I mean if you've got to have a casserole carrier, it might as well be cute. ~smile~


I have given these tumblers as gifts a whole lot lately.  They are so sassy and cute and soooo much easier to hold than the big, fatter tumblers.  I have them monogrammed and that makes them all the cuter.  There are several patterns and colors and this black bling is quite popular.  They also have a white one with bling that is also awesome. They really do make a lovely gift!


We just had this wi-fi system installed in our house a couple of weeks ago.  We had areas of our house that had less than desired wi-fi connectivity and we have the guest suite upstairs over Tommy's shop and wanted better coverage there.  This system comes with a router and 2 satellites and we are super pleased with this system.  



I bought my first piece of Copper Chef cookware about a year ago.  It is my favorite piece of cookware by far.  I have a great set of stainless cookware but just added a few pieces of the Copper Chef to it.  You never have to worry about anything sticking and you can use them on the stove or in the oven.  And, I love the square design of the cookware.  There are other brands of copper cookware but I can only attest to Copper Chef.  I do believe it was the first brand  made and now there are 2-3 others.



I was introduced to this week before last while we were visiting my brother and his wife in Arizona.  They often drink this for their breakfast for its nutritional value.  I rarely eat breakfast unless we happen to go out for breakfast so I decided I would order some of this and start drinking it for my breakfast.  I mix it with unsweetened Almond Milk and add a teaspoon of Stevia and while I wouldn't call it delicious, it is good and provides me a good start to my day.  I drank it the first day without the Stevia and found out real quick that it needed some sweetner. You could always use sweetened Almond Mike but that adds a whole lot of calories, so I'm sticking with the Stevia.  It is like a shake and you will need one of the fat straws if you don't want to drink it straight from the glass. 



If you have an Apple watch and want a good looking band then you need to order this mesh band.  It comes in 4 colors (silver, gold, black and rose gold) and is very affordable.  I have the silver, black and gold and change them out.  I do love my Apple Watch and while I did not get mine from Amazon, you certainly can order one from them.  I especially love that I can talk on it if my phone isn't nearby (in the house) and receive texts.  And, the tracking of my activity is fun for me. ~just saying~



Okay, if you have looked or are looking for something to hold your phone where it is easily accessible in your car then look no more.  No joke!  I've had one that stuck to the windshield but this is far superior and it will fit any size cup holder you may have.  There are 5 sizes of the cup and you find the one that fits your holder and use it.  Now, I will tell you that the instructions on how to get the cups off are not very clear and I ended up having to U-tube the instructions to get it figured out.  I needed the 3rd sized cup and had to get the bottom two off.  It was well worth the struggle to get it figured out as my phone is now secure and when I need it for GPS, it is in easy view.  There are several "take offs" of this that are much less expensive but I know Weather Tech is known for their superior products so I opted for the "real deal." 



Hubby and I flew a couple of weeks ago to Tucson, Arizona.  I took my awesome neck support pillow and he snagged it as soon as we got on the plane.  I sacrificed having one so he could use it.  He loved it, so when we got home I ordered another one just like it.  I looked at the shops in the airport thinking they would have one but they did not have this type.  They had the ones that have the little beads or pellets and are NOT firm.  So, we now each have one and they are so easy to carry as they snap securely on your purse or tote handle.  You will be the envy of everyone on the plane I promise.  And, they can be used in your vehicle if need be when you are traveling.


And, there you have it for another month.  See you next time!