Monday, September 4, 2023

September's Prime Purchases

I'm NOT going to say it, but, I just can't seem to help myself, y'all it's a little over 3 months until Christmas.  Good grief, I can't even hardly think about it but I'll get it in gear and I'll be ready. Perhaps some of my prime purchases will assist you with some of your shopping.  Here's this month's purchases...........


I recently repainted the huge pots on our front porch and I wanted a totally different look for them.  I decided that I wanted some pampas grass in the mix but I knew it could not be dried due to the humidity we have here in NE Louisiana.  So, I began checking out the various kinds on Amazon and this type seemed as though it might fare okay under the porch.

This is the grass mixed in with some greenery and I am so pleased with the look.  All of it is put inside a 15" piece of pipe and the pipe is held in place with sand and gravel. All the stems of the arrangements are 12 inches or more.  We are hopeful that it is secure enough to withhold the awful winds that can blow up here on the hill.  I'm pretty sure it won't be long until it is put to the test and I'm sure crossing my fingers. 


I bet some of you are saying, "you got ANOTHER coffee pot.!"  Yep!  I do love coffee pots and when Hubby's office called and said the pot at the office was a goner, I jumped at the chance to give them the one I currently had.  I was wanting an excuse to buy a Ninja and that excuse just feel in my lap. ~chuckle~  This is an awesome machine and has a 12 cup pot and makes 6,8,10,and 12 ounce cups with pods.  And, the size is very doable.  Ninja is a great brand and I am very happy thus far.


When we built our home 8 years ago we did not put handrails up on the brick steps going off our back porch.  Well, we have recently felt that they are needed but we sure did hate to spend the fortune on them that we spent on the ones on the front porch steps.  Hubby decided to just give Amazon a look and "low and behold" if they did not have a nice selection for heavy duty rails.  We chose these and they have the shepherd's hook curl on the top and that dresses them up a bit.  We are so very pleased and the cost was unbelievably less expensive.  Of course, they are not custom designed but they look really nice and serve a great purpose.


Let me just tell you that if you are going to be doing a lot of spray painting with canned spray paint, you will definitely want to have these.  Hubby just recently painted one of our patio sets and the front porch benches.  His finger would absolutely have never held up if it had not been for these triggers.

He used 12 cans of flat black paint for these items and we still have a few more items to tackle.  It was way too hot on the day he did this so we'll wait until a bit cooler weather before doing the rest.


This was likely designed with a pantry in mind but, that is not where I am using the one I ordered.  I have a small room up at Hubby's office where I do all my gift wrapping and shipping.  And, I store all my Christmas there and wrap it all there.  It's awesome because I don't have to keep it at our house. This serves as a great way for me to keep ribbon and all manner of items that I have in my room.  I think it  would work well in a pantry but I just didn't need it for mine.  It's simple to put together and, as you can see from the picture, it holds a whole lot.


This is my 2nd wallet by this brand and I may never have another kind.  I love it!  Yes, it is big but it holds all the things, a neat zipper compartment for cash and coins and slip pockets for all the cards. It has a neat little strap if you prefer to carry it alone but I do not do that.  It's always in my purse and fits perfectly in my small handbag.  I have a pretty large handbag but I just keep it on the floor behind my seat in case I need one of the many items in it.  I seldom carry it because it's easier on my neck and shoulder if I stick with something small.  


Speaking of purses, these cute little coin wallets are awesome.  I love the design and I use two of them in my large purse.  In one I keep things like bandaids, ibuprofen, Tylenol, etc.  In the other one I have a small tape measure, a small pair of fold up sissors, and things of that sort.  They are just big enough and fit nicely in my bigger purse. They are smaller but plenty big for what I use them for and, as I said, they are so cute!


Our oldest granddaughter will be 14 the first of Oct. and these pens are something that were on her list.  She loves pens just about as much as I do. This is such a pretty set and I imagine she will have hours of enjoyment with them. She has such a beautiful handwriting and these colored gel pens will just add to the beauty.

Okay, that's it for this time.  Hoping that fall is just around the corner as it is still very hot here in NE Louisiana and we are in need of some rain.  Until next time...........

May God shine His bright light on you today!