Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Another Wednesday means another Hodgepodge.  I've missed the last couple but am up to the task today.  Thanks Joyce for always "showing up" for us.

1. What is something you currently find 'taxing'? 

Oh, my goodness!  I have been having "tear duct issues" in my right eye for about 3 months.  My awesome Ophthalmologist referred me to another eye specialist in Shreveport (for non locals that about 100 miles from us) and I saw him yesterday.  Can I just say that I am not a whimp with much of anything but when you are poking and prodding in my tear duct, irrigating it and other stuff, it about causes me to have a "hissy fit."  Now, there is no pain because my eye is numb but just the thought and I can feel the poking and prodding even though it is not painful.  Yes, I find it very taxing!  And, I have to have another procedure done next month.  Hopefully that will fix the issue.

2. I've seen this question asked in various forms on several social media can only keep three-coffee, jewelry, tacos, wine, books, dogs, chocolate, Netflix, make-up, leggings, cheese, cats

Which three do you keep and how easy or hard was it for you to decide? 

Well, what a strange list but if I had to choose it would be coffee, jewelry and makeup. No explanation needed for those that know me. ~chuckle~  I don't like to do without any of these on any given day. ~big smile~

3. Tell us something you know or have learned about forgiveness? 

I've learned that there are times that we have to forgive when not asked for forgiveness. It's so much easier when someone apologizes and asks for forgiveness but when they do not, we need to forgive and move on.  It's better for all concerned and leave the rest up to the Lord.

4. What's something you'd recommend that is often overlooked and under appreciated? 

God's Word!!!  For many, it's not even a conscious act, but we/they do not appreciate the extreme value of His Word and it is often overlooked for things of far LESS importance.  We must make a concerted effort to be in His Word and to appreciate the value of it in our lives. It's a daily struggle for me, so I'm speaking to myself first of all.

5. Give us a favorite word that starts with letter K and tell us why this is the one you chose. 

KINDNESS !!!!  Our world needs a HUGE dose. It cost nothing and it could and would change so much in our world if everyone would just practice it.  

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

This was one of  my Mom's favorite Bible verses............

Tuesday, April 6, 2021

April Prime Purchases

And, once again, it's that time for Prime Purchases.  I have some real "goodies" for you this month.


Ladies, if you are a nightshirt kind of gal then this is for you.  I LOVE nightshirts and it's really hard, sometimes, to find them short enough.  And, I do NOT want a cotton nightshirt but something soft and comfy and this one "fits the bill" for sure. It is made of bamboo and   comes in several colors and launders beautifully.


This is the neatest IPhone and IPad stand.  My friend, Andrea, over at Living on Cloud Nine, had this on her Prime Purchases last month and I had to order it.  The height can be adjusted and I really like that.  Most other stands I've owned were one height and it was fairly low.  I keep my IPhone on it all the time I am at home.  It's always easy to find and grab.


I have always wished that my spices were all in the same size jars and all neatly displayed.  Well, Tanya, from The Other Side of the Road, featured these on her Prime Purchases last month.  I don't guess it had really registered with me that I could order something like this and redo all my spices to match. 

I filled two spice drawers and I am so thrilled to have all my spices neat and organized.


This little jewel is so neat.  It is good for any thing that you may want to cut up, especially salad or fruit.  It makes real quick work of cutting up strawberries or dicing up tomatoes. I love kitchen gadgets!


Folks, this is the GRANDDADDY of all blenders!  I mean, if you are looking for a blender to look no further.  This will crush your ice, make that special smoothie or blend whatever you may need blending.  I haven't even figured out all the settings but I will.




I love gazing balls and this is my 4th one to add to our back landscape.  All of them are different and on different stands.  They are all so pretty when the sun hits them and they make me happy when I look out and see them.  This is one of my favorite stands.  


I love coffee but it HAS to be hot, no lukewarm coffee for this gal.  These Swig mugs are triple insulated and will keep coffee hot for a good while.  And, they come in soooo many cute prints and patterns. Swig is real proud of them and the price shows that but they are one of the very few insulated mugs that are dishwasher safe.  They would make a great gift for your coffee drinking friends.


If you have a beanbag(s) that has gone a bit flat and you need to refill them, then his bag of beads is what you need.  I have two bean bags for the Grans and they were almost completely flat.  Now, you want to be VERY careful filling them because you do not want these beads going all over your house. I watched the video on how to do it and Hubby and I did exactly as it suggested and we had no problem at all.  Our beanbags are a medium size and one bag filled them both back up to the desired level.  It is a very big bag!


This little gadget is the BOMB!  I like to keep hangers sitting on the top of my dryer so they are within easy reach.  When I saw this, it caught my eye and soon it was in my cart and now it's sitting on my dryer with hangers on it.  I will say it is very cheaply made but I'm hoping it will hold up for a while.  It is not like it will be treated roughly.  It is such a great place for hangers and keeps them nice and straight.


Ruffles are making a come back and when I saw this blouse on Amazon, I decided to order it.  It is very cute, well made and comes in some great colors.  It can be dressed up or down. The sleeves are a good length but can easy be pushed up shorter.  It is 100% polyester and perfect for upcoming spring and summer and add a jacket for cooler days.


If you like the longer cardigans, then you will love these.  I ordered this one and couldn't be more pleased and it comes in a LOT of colors and patterns.  It's so soft, I love the cuffs on the sleeve, makes it fit so nicely and it has pockets that do not gap.  A very nice looking piece.

Okay, there you have it, lots of great items to tempt you.  In the meantime, may April bring you much happiness and love.  And, never forget to be KIND.

Wednesday, March 24, 2021

A "Springy" Hodgepodge

I always miss not participating in Joyce's Hodgepodge but I've missed the past couple of weeks and am so glad to be back with it today.  Thanks Joyce for always "showing up" with the questions.

1. "Hope springs eternal"...discuss. 

Hummm........Where in the world would we be without hope? And, for the Christian it truly does spring eternal, doesn't mean that our hopes are always going to come together but it does mean that HE will see us through when all hope is gone. And, some of our hopes may well not be HIS will for us.  I'll leave it at that.

2. Last time you needed to 'spring into action' or 'spring to someone's defense'...explain. 

Can I just say that as the overseer of my Dad's daily care it seems that I am pretty much springing into action or coming to his defense all.the.time.  I'm not complaining but I'd be lying if I said that I don't tire of it.  Have mercy, if folks would just do their job this entire world would be such a better place.  Don't even get me started...............

3. Tulips or daffodils? baby birds or baby bunnies? The cherry tree or the dogwood tree? Jelly beans or peeps? March madness or spring training? Peas or carrots? 

Well, I love tulips and daffodils, I LOVE birds but baby bunnies are soooo much cuter than baby birds. Cherry trees and dogwoods are equally pretty to me.  I'd refuse both jelly beans and peeps. Ugh!  And, I care anything about March madness or spring training.  Think that carrots win out over peas but I do eat both.

4. I read an article here on the South's best cities on the rise. They are-Baton Rouge Louisiana, Fayetteville Arkansas, Greenville South Carolina, Huntsville Alabama, Lexington Kentucky, Norfolk Virginia, Tulsa Oklahoma, Waco Texas, Wilmington North Carolina, and Winston-Salem North Carolina. Of the cities listed how many have you seen in person? Which one on the list would you most like to see? Have you spent much time in the southern states (USA)? Any spring road trips on your calendar? 

I'm pretty sure if I include travels from my childhood that I have been to everyone of these fair cities.  And, since we live in Louisiana guess I can say that I have spent a whole lot of time in the southern states.  And, may I say, there's just nothing quite like the South.  We will be leaving next Wednesday headed to see our Oklahoma family.

5. Tell us how your outdoor space needs sprucing up this spring? Which do you enjoy more (or hate the least-ha!) yard work or house work? 

Our outdoor space was all spruced up last week with fresh pine straw, weed pulling, trimming bushes and the such.  Hubby hired some help and he supervised and it's looking very nice around here.  I enjoy housework much more than yard work.  I enjoy getting the porches and patio ready for spring but that's enough dirt on my hands for me.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Our hearts were made so very happy this past Saturday when this awesome young lady was elected overwhelming to represent our district as our Congresswoman.  As many of you know her dear husband, Luke, had been elected in the fall election and just days before he was to be sworn in he died of complications from Covid at the age of 41.   Both Julia and Luke went to school with our kids and we have known them for what seems forever.  They have always been the finest and I knew they would both go far.  We were beyond devastated over Luke's death and knew without a doubt, when Julia announced she would run to fill his seat, that she was more than capable of filling the position.  She has a 3 year old son and a 1 year old daughter so she has her hands very full.  Thankfully, both her parents and Luke's parents are alive and well and back her 100% in this and will give her their full support.  She's just another example of how God can use tragedy for His glory.  Julia has been so forthright in her Christian convictions and values and I just know the Lord will use her in a mighty way.

Thursday, March 11, 2021

My Etsy Finds

Surely anyone reading this post has browsed through the Etsy website.  If not, you should.  I have been a fan of Etsy for a few years but especially recent years.  It is full of such great artisans and there's not much that you can't find there.  And, when you purchase from these folks, you are supporting a small business owner.  The following are a few of my favorite purchases from Esty.


I have probably given 8-10 sets of these as gifts.  Most often it has been for someone that needed encouragement or comfort.  And, everyone I have given them to has told me how very much they meant to them and ministered to them.  There are several vendors that sell these and I have bought from 2-3 of them.  The ones pictured are my most recent purchase. And, they come nicely packaged and ready to give.


These are gorgeous and make the nicest remembrance for someone's birthday are a "just because" happie.  I've also given several of these.  I know a lot of folks use electronic devices for their reading now but there's still a lot of folks that enjoy holding a "real" book and need a bookmark to keep their place.  And, this gal's packaging is awesome.  They are in a nice box ready to give or, if you so desire, they could be enclosed inside a card and mailed. Suit yourself!



I LOVE handmade pottery and this vendor does beautiful work.  This is my most recent purchase from her and it is my third piece of her work.  There are many artisans on Etsy that do handmade pottery and I have bought from a couple of others and their work is perfection as well. If you like decorative pottery then you should browse through some of the shops.


If you need/want anything to do with enclosure cards, calling cards, note cards or stationary of any kind, then I can pretty much promise you that you will find just what you are looking for and more.  I just ordered these cute enclosure cards for myself and for a friend as a birthday gift.


And, here's some more bookmarks that are soooooo CUTE!  I gave these to my grand girls as a part of their Valentine basket.  The colors are so vibrant and as I said, these are just so cute!


If you need a sticker of absolutely any type then look no further, Etsy will have exactly what you need.
I do a whole of baking and I give a lot of it away and I like to have cute labels to put on them. 


I have at least 6 pieces of Salley's wrapped canvases.  She has done 2-3 custom pieces for me  that I love dearly.  She is so easy to work with on her custom work.  She has something for everyone, from far out pieces to more conservative pieces.  

This is just a smattering of the items available on Etsy.  Etsy is just like any other shopping website, just put what you are looking for in the search bar and it will bring up all the shops that carry the item you are looking for.  

And, I leave you with this.........

Sunday, March 7, 2021

Sunday Stealing - Fun Questions and Answers

It has been many, many months since I have linked up with Bev for her Sunday Stealing questions.  When I saw this weeks questions I had to participate.

1. Do you put ketchup on hot dogs?

NO! NO!  As far as I'm concerned a hot dog was made for mustard, chili, onions and jalapeno peppers and topped with grated cheddar.  Oh, I can taste it now!

2. How many TVs in your house?
Well, we have wayyy too many!  We have 8.  When we built this house we had the spaces for our TV's prewired in the walls and all of our TV's, except for 1, are hung. 

3. Do you put salt on watermelon?

Indeed I do, can't imagine eating it without salt.  AND, if you are interested, I eat sugar and butter on my grits.  

4. Can you swim? has been many years since I have swam and I'm not sure I could anymore.  If I were in a dire circumstance and my adrenalin started pumping, I might be able to  swim a short distance to save my life.  I sure hope I'm not put to the test.

5. Are your parents still alive?

               My Mom died on Dec. 1, 2008 (this picture was taken in 2004) at the age of 78.  My Dad is 91 and lives in an assisted living facility about 5 miles from me.
6. First car?

I certainly did not have my own car before I was married.  Mine and Hubby's first care after we married was a 1971 bright blue Ford Pinto.  Oh, my goodness, I imagine we thought we were "hot stuff" riding around in this beauty. ~chuckle~

7. Surgeries?
I had a hysterectomy in 1987 and I had shoulder tendon surgery about 14 years ago.  I'm so thankful that is all and pray I can say that for many more years.

8. What do you drink in the morning?

I head straight to the coffee pot when my feet hit the floor every morning.  There's just nothing like a freshly brewed cup of hot coffee to start your day.  I drink mine from an insulated mug so that it will stay hot longer.  I do not want any part of lukewarm coffee.

9. Can you do 100 push ups?
Well, that would be a big fat NO!  I dare say that there has never been a time in my life that I could do 100 push ups.  My arms have never been that strong.

10. Can you change a tire?

I'm afraid I'd look abit like this gal if I attempted to change a tire, a bit out of my comfort zone.  That's why we have roadside service on our insurance. ~chuckle~

11. Tattoos?
Not a one and have no desire for one.  I do have permanent eyeliner and lipliner and I think they use the same process for that as they do for tattoos.  And, can I just say, it is so PAINFUL!

12. Do you wear sunglasses?

If the sun is shining at all I will have on sunglasses.

13. Do you have a phobia?
I don't know if this is a phobia or not but it drives me crazy when I am talking with someone and they invade my space.  I do not need anyone to talk in my face, I need for them to be a respectable distance.  This has nothing to do with Covid, I've been this way all my life.  If someone happens to do this to me, I start backing up to put space between us and hope that they do not move forward.  I'm pleased to say that this seldom ever happens.

14. Do you have a nickname? 
Does my grandmother name count?  If so, then it would be CiCi.  If not, then I do not have a nickname.

15. Are you a picky eater?

Some might say that I am because I do not eat anything with seeds such as strawberries or tomatoes. I am funny about the texture of some food, such as banana's.  Yuck!  But, I love strawberry nut bread, strawberry cake, tomato sauce, rotel, salsa and banana nut bread.

And, I'm pretty sure our nation would be a better place if we all did this............

Tuesday, March 2, 2021

March Prime Purchases

And, another month has come and gone.  They seem to go faster and faster but that's probably just due to my age. ~chuckle~  But, for now, let me share my "Prime Finds" and see if any of them interest you.


I think these are most often used for meal prepping but that's not what I got them for.  They come 50 to a carton and I use them for a host of things.  Their great for leftovers to share, cookies or such to share with a neighbor or friend, just put a cute sticker on top and their ready to give.  And, let me tell you, the lids fit really, really tight.  I do believe you could fill it with liquid, turn it upside down and nothing would spill. ~no joke~ I think they are just handy to have.  The ones I got are round but you can get retangular or square I do believe.  And, mine have no compartments.


If you remember I had the small magnetic twist ties in my last month's post and mentioned that I wish they made larger ones for bigger cords.  Well, a friend informed me that they do indeed come larger and shared the link and I ordered them right away.  I am fixed up now and they work like a dream. I now have a size for smaller or larger cords to keep them wrapped tightly and out of the way.


These little reed diffusers are not only cute but smell really good.  They are the perfect size for smaller rooms.  I use them in my laundry room and their citrus smell is so pleasant.  I'm not sure just yet how long one lasts but I wouldn't think more than a month or so.  They would also make a great gift.


I took a chance when I ordered these sunglasses and I am so thrilled over them.  I have the hardest time finding sunglasses to fit, they are all just too wide for my face.  But, these fit perfectly and I like their matte finish.  I have both the tortoiseshell and black pair.  And, they are reasonably priced.


I have not had printed sheets in at least 30 years.  For the first 20 years of our marriage all we had were printed sheets, from flowers to stripes to everything inbetween.  But, then I began using solid colored sheets and until I bought these that was all we had.  I decided that I wanted to get some printed sheets and began "the search."  These come in sooooo many prints but these colors work well in our master bedroom.  They are a brushed cotton and so, so soft and so, so pretty.  And, the price is crazy good!  I'm tempted to order another pair.  We shall see.  I do wish that the print was on both sides of the top sheet.  But, I just put the print down so that when I turn the bed back the print shows both on top and bottom.  


Both Hubby and I like satin pillowcases on the pillows we sleep on.  I have had silk pillowcases but much prefer satin.  These are so nice and thick and come in an array of colors.  They wash and dry beautifully.  And, they have a zipper so there 's no struggle to keep it on the pillow.  And, ladies, they say that satin is better for our faces, doesn't pull our skin when we turn on our pillow.  These would be even more beautiful monogrammed. 


I was trying to find some sleeveless tunic length tops to wear under shorter jackets.  I looked several places in person and online to no avail.  Then I remembered Amazon might just have some.  Well, they have lots and lots, it's just a matter of deciding which style you like the best.  This one is chiffon,  looks really nice and comes in several colors.  They could easily be worn without a jacket but I have long since quit wearing sleeveless tops without a jacket or sweater.  



I saw this book and was so intrigued by the title that I ordered it.  Folks, it is such a fantastic book and if you have adult children, you need to order it.  It will add such a new dimension to your prayers for your adult children.  And, this same author has one Praying the Scripture for your Children and Praying the Scripture for your Teen.  It will be a book that I will refer to often once I am finished reading it.

And, there you have it, my Prime Purchases from last month.

And I leave you with this...........