Saturday, July 28, 2018

The Saturday 9

It's Saturday and that means time for 9 questions and 9 answers.

Saturday 9: Love Is All Around (1970)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) This week's song is the theme from The Mary Tyler Moore Show, a sitcom that originally aired from 1970 to 1977. Were you a fan?

Yes and I know every word of this song.  This was back in the day of good clean sitcoms.  There's no such thing today.  Such a shame!

2) The song tells us that Mary Richards can turn the world on with her smile. Yet the real-life Mary Tyler Moore said she was uncomfortable with her "wide mouth." If you could improve on one of your facial features, which would you choose? 
Well, I'm overall pretty happy with my face but I wouldn't mind having bigger eyes.  I don't have small eyes at all but they could be bigger. ~wink~

3) We also hear that Mary can "take a nothing day and suddenly make it all seem worthwhile." What do you think makes a day "a nothing day?"

Oh, I rarely have "a nothing day" but for me a nothing day would be not really getting dressed,  doing nothing, seeing no one or interacting with no one.  Unless I'm sick, I'm dressed and accessorized everyday, I do some kind of housework, run errands and generally talk with a friend or two and hopefully in all that I've done something with eternal value.

4) Mary works in the newsroom at WJM. Her desk is neat as a pin. Are you neat? Or do you lean to the sloppy side?
Oh, goodness, I'm a "neat freak."  I operate by the premise that everything has a place and everything should be in it's place.  I mean, life is (for me anyway) so much better and so much easier that way.

5) Mary's best friend, Rhoda, worked as a window dresser at Hempel's department store. What department store did you most recently shop at? What did you buy?
This past week my DIL and my two Granddaughters went shopping for some back to school clothes for the oldest one.  Our last stop was to Dillard's where we found some cute things for her at some great sale prices.  Trouble is, just about everything she tries on looks great on her, but she definitely has her opinion and is not shy about saying whether she likes it or not.  

6) Mary Richards lived in Minneapolis. What city is nearest to where you are right now?

Well, Monroe is where I go for any big shopping that I may have but if you mean a bigger city, then that would be Shreveport (about 2 hours from us).  

7) Originally the part of Mary Richards was written as a divorcee, but in 1970, there were no TV shows that centered around a divorced woman. Think about the women in your life. Are most of them married, divorced, single or widowed?
Most of the women in my life are married but I do have a few that are widowed.

8) The MTM production company logo featured a mewing kitten. The cat was found in a Minneapolis shelter, and, after her sequence was shot, she was adopted by a crew member who named her Mimsie. What's the name of the last cat -- or dog or hamster or rabbit -- that you petted?

I cannot even think of the last cat or dog that I petted.  It would most likely be one of the Rag Dog cats owned by a dear friend of mine.  I'm not much on cats, dogs or other furry creatures but if I were, I would own a Goldendoodle, hands down, they make the best pets and hardly even know they aren't human. 

9) Random question -- Would you rather have a job that kept you seated on your fanny or standing on your feet?

Well, I would prefer to have a mixture of about 70% standing and moving around and 30% sitting.  Not even sure if there is such a job but I have to move.

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NOTE:  My birthday is tomorrow and I have been celebrating and will continue celebrating the next few days.  We'll be headed to Oklahoma tomorrow for part of my celebration and I'll have a "Birthday Recap" post as soon as I can upon our return.  See you then!!!

Wednesday, July 25, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

Linking up with What's Up Wednesday.............

What we're eating this week.... this past week we've had BLT's a couple of times and something just as easy the other days.  No joke, I'm so bad about cooking these days.  I enjoy fall and winter cooking far more than spring and summer.  

What I'm reminiscing about.....I generally go almost every afternoon to see my 88 year old Daddy at the assisted living facility where he lives.  Our conversations often turn to days gone by and it's such fun to reminisce with him and it's generally about the various churches he pastored during his 50+ year in the ministry.

What we've been up to.....In recent days we have trimmed up all the Crepe Myrtles in our landscape. They had all gotten top heavy.  Hubby trimmed and I picked up the trimmings. ~such a good wife~ We went to see Momma Mia, Here We Go Again and then visited with dear friends that we had not seen in a while.  We're always up to something, sometimes nothing all that special, sometimes very special, it all balances out to what we think is a fun life. 

What I'm the next couple of months it will be time for me to begin my yearly checkups with various Drs.  And, the thing is, I'm as healthy as a horse at this time but I go to about 5 or 6 Drs. for yearly checkups.  I suppose on the "up" side is that these check ups will keep me healthy as a horse.  I just do not like all the time that it takes.  Ugh!

What I'm working on........just the everyday stuff right now, laundry, changing the linens, dusting, and always straightening or organizing something. ~chuckle~

What I'm excited about.......going to Pawhuska, Oklahoma next Tuesday with my daughter to do "all things Pioneer Women."  Bridget and her family only live a couple of hours from Pawhuska so Hubby and I will head to their house on Sunday.  

What I'm watching/reading....I am currently finishing up season 1 of The Crown.  I did not watch it when it was on TV so I'm now watching it on Netflix and will be ready for season 3 when it starts after the first of the year.  I had heard so many rave reviews and I have not been disappointed yet.

What I'm listening to.....I listen to various types of music everyday.  I usually play some type of easy listening instrumental but occasionally I'll play contemporary christian or 50's and 60's music. As I said, I enjoy various types of music.

What I'm wearing......c-o-o-l clothing, lots of shorts and tops at this time.  It is soooo hot here in NE Louisiana with humidity out the "wazoo."  I don't wear sleeveless tops and most of my tops are three quarter sleeves, and they are not that cool but I just think, at this stage in my life, I look a whole lot better with a sleeve.  Yep, that's the truth!

What I'm doing this weekend......celebrating MY birthday!!! More on that in a minute.

What I'm looking forward to next month.....Well, school will start for our DIL but it doesn't start for our oldest granddaughter for several days later.  So, she will stay the day with me and we'll make some memories together.  She will soon be 9 years old so time with her CiCi will not always be as exciting as it is now.

What else is new......My 66th birthday is this next Sunday, the 29th.  Some of our running buddies put together a fun dinner out for this Friday evening and then we'll head to Ok. on my birthday.  The trip to Pawhuska was planned to celebrate my birthday and Bridget and I are so excited.  We don't have much one on one time anymore so we're especially looking forward to that.  Happy Birthday to ME!
And, I leave you with this................

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Sunday, July 22, 2018

It's All About Food, Glorious Food

Today's Sunday Stealing questions are all about food......they were fun for me to answer and hopefully will be fun for you to read. 

1.  Do you like pie?
Indeed I do, pies are my favorite dessert and I have many favorites, coconut, pecan, granola, apple and on and on.

2.  Italian or Mexican?
This would have to be a toss up.  I love them both.

3.  Can you bake? If so, what are your favorite things to bake?

Yes, baking is my favorite type of cooking and my favorite thing to bake is all kinds of bundt cakes.  One of my family's favorites is my Almond Pound Cake.

4.  Do you use cook books or do you try to find recipes online?

I still have a few cookbooks but I find it's just so easy to look up a recipe online that I do that most often.  I do have a file of my favorite recipes and I'll often just look through it.  There are still times though that I enjoy browsing a cook book.

5.  Do you own a kitchen aid mixer?
No, I do not and never will.  They are entirely too HEAVY!!  I have a Bosch mixer and it more than serves my purposes and I love it.

6.  Ever cooked a meal for more than 15 people at one time?

Yes, I have a few times and for that large of a crowd I generally do a "pot of something" or a big casserole.

7.  Do you like hospital food?

Well, it's been a very, very long time since I had to eat hospital food and I suppose it was sufficient.  Probably wasn't salty or spicy enough for me. ~smile~

8.  Favorite fast food restaurant?

I guess I'd say Sonic since I love their drinks and their popcorn chicken.  I rarely treat myself to either, but I sure do like them.

9.  Any picky eaters in your family?
Well, we all have definitely things we but it's not such a big deal that it causes me stress if I'm cooking for them.

10.  Soda or Tea?

I like tea with my meals unless I'm eating a hamburger or sandwich and then I want a soda.

11.  Hot chocolate?

I do like it but rarely drink it.

12.  Favorite holiday dish?

I would have to say pumpkin pie.  I never ever have it except at Thanksgiving or Christmas and I so enjoy it.  Remember, I told you that pie is my favorite dessert..

13.  What is the most tasteful strangest looking thing you have ever tasted?

Brussel sprouts that have been roasted.  They do look a bit strange but they are so, so good.

14.  Fries or tater tots?

Definitely fries.  Tater tots are generally greasy. Ugh!

15.  Do you like cheese? If so what kind?

Indeed I do, and pretty much any kind!!!

16.  Home made or can soup?

I make really good home made soups and we eat various soups a lot in the fall and winter months.  For can soup, we enjoy Progresso Tomato Basil. It's very good!

17.  Do you like to eat out?
Yes, and Hubby and I do often.  We're by ourselves sometimes but we have a group of friends that we often eat out with and we have the best time.

18.  What kind of food is popular where you are? (Like in Alaska it is seafood)

It would definitely be Cajun food which means very spicy and very good.  We live in North Louisiana and South Louisiana is known more for their great food but we certainly have our fair share at this end of the state as well.

19.  Do you like cotton candy?

NO! NO! It is entirely too sweet and sticky.

20.  Turkey or Chicken?

I will definitely eat turkey but I much prefer chicken, there's just so many ways to cook it and it's always good.

21.  Hamburger or tuna helper?
We have eaten our fair share of tuna helper but not in a very long time.  Give me a hamburger any day.

22.  Raw or cooked veggies?

I love veggies but prefer they are cooked.

23.  Do you like salad? If so, what is your favorite kind of salad?

I've pretty much never met a salad I didn't like.  

24.  Favorite pizza topping?

I'm a pepperoni gal, add some bell peppers and onions and that's all the better.

25.  Do you like meat loaf?
It would be at the top of my "do NOT like" list.  I think it's the texture and I almost gag at the thought of meatloaf. ~isn't that awful~

Blessings to you this Lord's Day!

Saturday, July 21, 2018

Saturday 9

I haven't done the Saturday 9 in quite some time and decided today was a good day to participate.

Saturday 9: Gidget (1965)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) Gidget was a sitcom that ran only one season. Have you ever seen it?

Oh, yes, I was 13 years old and I watched the entire season and not really sure why it didn't last longer than one season. 

2) Gidget is a high school student who is more interested in surfing and boys than in the books. When you were Gidget's age, was your top priority getting good grades? Or were you more involved in the social side of student life?

I was then and still am, a social butterfly.  I love people and love being with them and visiting.  Yes, if I could go back my studies would be way more important.  I made average and above grades but I could have done soooo much better.  But, hey, I had fun!

3) Gidget's father was nearly always unflappable when it came to his daughter's high-spirited shenanigans. Who is the coolest, calmest person you know?

Without a doubt, this precious lady right here!  She is affectionately referred to as "Miss Virginia."  She was 92 last month and doesn't she look amazing.  This lady has more wisdom than the law allows, is the greatest encourager and loves the Lord with all her heart and soul.  I've known her for 44 years and when life has thrown her a curve she has remained calm and steady and is such a inspiration.  Her sweet husband died a year and a half ago and she has held her head high and keeps on keeping on.  She has 4 awesome children that love her dearly.  Yessiree! she's a rare jewel for sure!!!  And, I must tell you that she went to the Holy Land last November and rode a camel while she was there.  Talk about a trooper!!!

4) Gidget spends as much time as she can at the beach, hanging out with her best friend Larue. Fair-skinned Larue doesn't share Gidget's passion for surfing and prefers to stay on the beach blanket, wearing a floppy hat that protects her from the sun. Are you a sun worshipper? Or, like Larue, are you careful about your exposure to the sun?
I'm anything but a sun worshiperI did get too many sun burns when I was a child because we didn't know the first thing about sunscreen.  But, since knowing the dangers, I am very careful.
5) Gidget, the quintessential California girl, was created by Freidrich Kohner, an Austrian-born screenwriter. Can you think of another Austrian import?

Would not have a clue!  Sorry! 

6) Howard Greenfield and Jack Keller wrote this week's Gidget theme. They also wrote the 1960 hit song, "Everybody's Somebody's Fool." When is the last time you felt foolish?

Some weeks ago I was in Chicos browsing through some of their new arrivals.  I came upon this wild printed pair of pants and said, out loud for the world to hear, "who in the world would wear these?"  Well, wouldn't you know there was a lady in there that had them in her hand to purchase.  She was a light hearted soul and just chuckled and said that they were pretty wild but she liked them.  And, I responded, "and I bet you'll be cute in them."  I mean, talk about foolish.  When she left the manager laughed and laughed over it and I "think" I'll be a bit more careful in the future.  But, hey, it did provide me a great answer for this question.
7) This is the show that introduced Sally Field. She went on to win two Oscars and four Emmy Awards. When you think of Sally, what role comes to mind?

I loved the Flying Nun!

8) Today Gidget is a grandmother. Sally reports that her grandchildren especially enjoy "sleepovers at Granny's." Where were you the last time you spent the night away from home? 
Last month Hubby and I went to the Atlanta area to visit his two sisters and we stayed with one of them.  That's the last time I've stayed away from home but it's certainly not the last.  We have a trip coming up next week and then another trip in Sept.

Enjoy your Saturday!

Friday, July 20, 2018

Lea's Favorites

And, it's Friday again!  Can you believe that it is almost the end of July and, not sure about where you live, but here school will be starting in about 3 weeks.  Oh, my, what ever happened to the days of school starting after Labor Day.  I mean, I truly do not get it, but, the powers that be did not ask my opinion or seek my advice, so everyone has to deal with it.  But, I still think it's crazy!  But, it's time to share a few of my favorites and forget about how quickly time is slipping by. 

This little hands free can opener by Farberware is handy dandy.  I have had other hands free openers but this is the best one thus far.  Mainly because it's easy to attach and get started.  I had one that aggravated the "daylites" out of me trying to get it going.  The great part about this is that, once the can is open, the lid is safe to handle.  One thing I do not like is that it does not stop automatically, you have to pay attention and when the lid has been opened, you have to turn the opener off.  That's a bit aggravating.  Perhaps  this is more of a review than a favorite. ~smile~

Dove Body Polish Crushed Macadamia and Rice Milk, pack of 1

I've never been much on exfoliating creams or soaps.  But, I saw this recently and decided to give it a whirl.  I really like it and especially to use on my legs before I put my tanning cream on.  It leaves your skin very smooth and does away with any dry areas you might have.  And, I love the smell!  I'm using it a couple of times a week.

Green Mountain Coffee Roasters Half-Caff Keurig Single-Serve K-Cup Pods, Medium Roast Coffee, 24 Count

You likely already know about this but, in case you do not, you need to.  I have been using this Half-Caff pod ever since it came out which was probably at least 3 years ago.  I started using it because my bladder doesn't like the full strength.  In fact, it would probably prefer I do without any caffeine
but I LOVE my early morning caffeine kick and this satisfies my need.  I've even found it in the Hazelnut flavor but it's real hard to find.

This is my newest favorite, an Echo Show.  I have had the Echo Dots for a couple of years and have thoroughly enjoyed them.  So, when I saw this and it was on big time sale during the Amazon Prime Sale earlier this week.  I got it for $100 off.  It has exceptional sound for something so small.  It's about 7" X 7".  I like having the screen and I have connected my contacts and calendar to it and that opens all kinds of possibilities for her use. What will they come up with next?

I had the arrangement outside our backdoor (that goes into the garage) redone this week.  It was all greenery before and I wanted color added to it.  I think it is so happy and cheery looking now. For the most part it's just Hubby and me that sees it, but, that's okay, we'll sure enjoy it.  For locals... Andrea at The Flower Tree did this arrangement.   And, yes, it's definitely a favorite! In case this picture is confusing, this is two pictures, a close up of the arrangement and then showing where it hangs in relation to the back door. 

I've been looking for "just" the right coffee table for  this gathering area in our home.  I've had 2 others and they just were not "right."  A couple of months ago I found this one that is an antique and made out of mahogany.  I know that coffee tables are not all that popular anymore but I really needed one in this room so folks sitting on the sofa would have somewhere to sit their drinks.  And, I think it is a beautiful decorative piece.  I bought it from a gal that has a store room of all kinds of old furniture and she refinished it for me. And I had her chalk paint the frame underneath the top to match the blue grey color in the rug.  I love the mix of chalk paint with the beautiful stained wood and it's a favorite for sure.  For locals - This came from The Cotton Bale and Bianka refinished and chalk painted it for me.

Have a great weekend !

Monday, July 16, 2018

A Random Catch Up.......

And, random it is..........My last post was two weeks ago today and it was a nice break but it's so good to be back.  The blogging community has become such a part of my life and I surely do miss you fine folks when I'm away.  I'm not even sure when I would have blogged as there has been a whole lot of busyness and noise around here the past days.  Now, on to my randomness!

Our daughter was here all last week and one morning she came  to visit with me while I did my makeup and hair.  It was hair washing day and those days take a little longer than normal and she thought that I should share with my blogging buddies what I look like while I flatiron my hair.  So, I decided it might bring a chuckle to you and here it is.  I have very thick hair and very course hair, so I have to part it out in sections before flat ironing it.  I could never just flatiron the top layer for sure.  I would look like I had a bushel basket on my head if I did.  I have to get to the underneath layers first and then the top and it works for me.  Thankfully I only have to do this on hair washing days as the other days I just run a brush through it and GO!  So, now you know. I told you this was random.

 We decided to have a photo shoot last Sunday morning because we never seem to remember to take "planned" pictures.  There's so much going on that my brain gets lost and I can't think straight. ~chuckle~ But, we managed to get these and I was real pleased with the results.

One evening we enjoyed fishing.  Our son and his family joined us and the kids had such a good time.  Both of the "little's" caught a fair share and their excitement  was enjoyed by all of us.  Poppa and our son stayed busy just keeping everyone's pole with a cricket on it and then taking the fish off when they were caught.  It was a full time job.

One morning we took the kids swimming and Bridget and Windy stayed busy entertaining Andi Kate and Coleman.  They both love the water and Andi Kate had just finished up a week of swimming lessons and did quite well with her swimming skills for a 3 year old.  Of course, unless she has on her life vest, her Momma never takes her eye off of her. After a morning of swimming and lunch the little ones were more than ready for a nap and so were their Momma's. ~smile~

My Dad got in on some of the fun of the week as well.  Bridget took both of the boys over to visit Dad and in the process Coleman brought a whole lot of joy to some of the other residents as well. He never meets a stranger and he gives hugs away very freely.  He's a MESS with a capital M for sure!

And, what do I say?  These two cuties found themselves in a sunflower field a  few days ago and these picture were the result of that visit.  Aren't they just precious???  I mean, when I saw these I could hardly contain myself.  And, I wasn't long about ordering myself canvas prints of a couple of these. I'm sure all you grandmothers out there are just like me and think your Grans are the "absolute cutest!" ~ no joke~  Well, mine are!!! ~wink~

And, that's my random post for today and again, it's so nice to be back, I missed you!

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Monday, July 2, 2018

TBB Asks - Vacation Edition

The Blended Blog gals are at it again and I so enjoy joining up with them the first Monday of every month.  
1. Will you go on a a summer vacation this year?
Well, not per say but we've/I've been on plenty of trips this year.  We did go to Atlanta a couple of weeks ago to see Tommy's sisters and it was like a vacation because we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.  We'll go to Oklahoma the end of July and then to Virginia in September.  We're calling them trips but I guess we could call them vacations as well.

2. Do nothing but relax or a pack it all in vacation?
I enjoy some relaxation but I like to "pack it all in" mostly.  I enjoy "going and doing."  

3. What month do you like to vacation?
It doesn't really matter, we're free to go most any time.  But, we sure don't care to go to hard winter areas in the winter and to any place hotter than right here in Louisiana in the summer. 

4. Cruise: YES or NO?
A definite YES!  We've been on an Alaskan Cruise and a Canadian Cruise.  They are two of , our most favorite trips for sure.  One was with Celebrity and one was with Holland America.  We enjoyed Holland America the best because a lot fewer folks on board.

5. Favorite vacation tradition?
I'm not sure we've ever had a vacation tradition, never even thought about it. 

6. Most memorable vacation? 

Well, our first trip to Disney was in 1986, the kids were 7 and almost 10.  AND, I thought that we had to have matching outfits.  And, believe it or not, no one argued and was glad to wear them.  Now, when they see these pictures they all almost croak and cannot believe that I "made" them dress like that. Everyone thought we were the cutest family there. ~big chuckle~

7. Pack light or Pack it all?
I would have to say, pack it all.  I mean, it seems that I am taking the entire house every time we go anywhere.  I have so many things that I take "just in case."  And, I don't worry with taking clothes that can be worn with more than one top or bottom and jewelry that I can wear with everything and shoes that go with everything.  It's crazy but it's just the way I pack.

8. Hotel, Condo or House? 
We've done it all and it all depends on how long we will be staying and if we are with the entire family or just Hubby and myself.  A condo is great but if it's just the two of us, we generally just stay in a hotel.

9. Favorite thing(s) to eat on vacation? 
Breakfast is my favorite meal while on vacation.  I never eat breakfast but I so enjoy it when traveling.  I like to eat a big breakfast and then not worry with eating again until mid to late afternoon.  I love cheesy scrambled eggs, crispy fried bacon and a big fat biscuit!

10. Warm or Cold Destinations?
I prefer warm, not hot though.  We went to Alaska in late August and the weather was just about perfect.  A tad chilly in the mornings and late afternoons and absolutely perfect the rest of the day.  We chose to go in August for that very reason because, as you know, it can be bone chillin' there.

As we prepare to celebrate the 4th of July this week may you each be blessed and always know what a privilege it is to live in our great country.

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NOTE:  I'm taking a brief break from blogging until July 15th.  Our daughter will be coming in with the boys next weekend for several days and I'll be busy preparing for their visit the rest of this week.  And, then I'll be enjoying their time here.  See you later!!!