Tuesday, September 6, 2022

August Primes Purchases

And, here we are in September. And, here are my August Prime Purchases. 


My trusty kitchen timer that I had probably had 15 years finally bit the dust and I had to get a new one.  I LOVE timers and use them for absolutely everything!  I use the one on my Apple Watch all the time but if I'm baking cookies or something else, I like to have what I guess is now called, an "old fashioned timer."  This one is small but LOUD.  If you are in the market for a timer, I highly recommend this "bad boy."


Hubby enjoys keeping up with the amount of rain that falls.  He's had a rain guage for years and, like my timer, his last one measured it's last bit of rain and croaked.  So, he ordered a new one and the past couple weeks rain kept it very busy.  


I keep both tissues and papertowels in my vehicle.  A box of tissue is so bulky and hard to find a place to put it.  These cylinder containers of tissue are not only attractive but fit perfectly in one of the cup holders of your vehicle.  I keep mine in the bottom holder on the drivers door.  And, what a great little "happie" to share with a friend.  I mean, everyone uses tissues and these are in the prettiest container. They come 4 to a package.


If you have been hanging around here long then you know that I love nightshirts.  I ran across these and ordered a couple of them.  They are so yummy soft, wash up nicely and are very comfortable. If you are a nightshirt gal then you need to grab you one. 


I recently had a new arrangement made for our bar area.  I felt like it needed to be a bit higher so I began looking for a rectangular pedestal.  And, Amazon did NOT disappoint!  I found exactly what I wanted and it raises the arrangement just enough.  I imagine I could have looked and looked for one of these and never found one but, once again, Amazon came through.


I love the Skinny Syrups!  I use them in my coffee and they are often hard to find so I just end up ordering mine off Amazon.  I use the pumps, that you have to order separately, in them as it makes using the syrup so much easier.  They are very inexpensive and last a very long time.


It's time for soups, stews, chili, and gumbo.  I love to make a huge pot when I make any of them and then freeze several containers.  I seem to run out of freezer containers rather quickly so I saw these and ordered them.  They are very sturdy and the lids fit very tightly. I will begin using them real soon. 


Our Gran girls LOVE washi tape.  They make posters and paper crafts with it.  I saw this metallic package and know they will really enjoy crafting with it.  


If you are a LuLu Lemon fan then you might want to order these for yourself.  They are very similar to LLL, minus the $100 price tag.  The fabric is great and the fit is TTS. They call them a sweat pant but they are not the least bit heavy. They are a blend of polyester and spandex.

And, there you have it for this post. Perhaps you saw something that you like/need/want.