Wednesday, January 31, 2024

A Puzzling Hodgepodge

And, it's the last day of January, 2024. Yikes, how can that be? Life just keeps right on moving along and at a much faster rate than I would prefer.  But, it is what it is and now on to this weeks HP.

1. January 29th is National Puzzle Day. Do you enjoy puzzles? What kind (crossword, jigsaw, sudoku, etc)?  How often do you work a puzzle? 

There was a time that I was into jigsaw and sudoku puzzles but that was a long time ago. I've thought about getting back into sudoku because it's so good for our brain.  There are several sudoku apps for the smart phone so I might just do that. Truth be told, I'll probably need a refresher course in how to work them.

2. Something you currently find 'puzzling'? 

Oh, it's so hard to just name one, but I'm completely baffled by those who desire to change their gender.  I'll just leave it at that.

3. What's your go-to dish to take to someone who needs a meal (new baby, bereavement, etc)? 

I do this quite often and I have several "go tos" but pulled pork is a favorite. I use the McCormicks seasoning package and other ingredients it calls for, put it in the slow cooker, and I promise you it will make you "slap your pappy."  I will take some baked beans, potato salad or cole slaw, baked beans and buns and it's a winner every time.  And, I always do a lot (of the pork tender) so we can enjoy it too and perhaps put a container in the freezer for another time.  It's as easy to do a lot as it is a little.

4. Do you watch any HGTV and/or The Food Network? If so, what's your favorite program there? 

I do enjoy HGTV more than The Food Network but I don't really watch it all that much.  I enjoy shows like Fixer Upper (I think they have their own network now) and Home Town. I love seeing them take a terribly run down house and turn it into a home buyers dream.  I'm not sure I have the ability to see the potential but these folks sure do.

5.  Wrap up your January in five words, with a five word phrase, or with a five word sentence. 

A lot of dreary days.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I have so many random thoughts that I don't know which one to express.  So, perhaps I'll just do a whole post on my random thoughts. It would likely be quite enjoyable.  I'll give it some thought, stay tuned.

Wednesday, January 24, 2024

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's time for the Hodgepodge and in spite of the very "poopy" weather we are having here in NE Louisiana, life goes on.  All last week was frigid temps with a wintery mix and this week is warm temps and lots and lots of rain.  I'm just about over it.  This gal is a sunshine kind of girl. Enough is enough!

1. Do you have a word for the year (WOTY)? If so, and you'd like to share, please share. How do you decide on a word? If you don't have a word are you still on the hunt for one for 2024? 

I did a word for the year for 4-5 years a few years back but haven't done that in recent years.  And, neither do I make resolutions. I just do not see the need in either of them but, more power to those that do.  I definitely like "word of the year" much better than resolutions.

2. January 23rd is National Pie Day...will you celebrate? Do you like pie? What's your favorite? 

Oh, yes, I LOVE pie! It would be my most favorite dessert. As to a favorite, that's hard to say. I like most any pie, but, outside of pecan pie, I prefer cream pies.  My sweet neighbor can make the most delicious chocolate pie I've ever eaten.  And, 2-3 times a year she shows up at our front door with one for us.  I mean, who can beat that!  And, I often show up at her door with fresh baked cookies or my homemade fudge.  Isn't that what neighbors do? ~ chuckle~ 

3. Tipping. What are your thoughts, expectations, as to who, when where? Do you appreciate a store/restaurant giving a 'suggested amount'? Have you ever left an extravagant tip? 

I have a really BIG heart for waiters and waitresses and so does my husband.  Neither of us need a suggested amount because we are always going to leave more.  And, if we talk with our waitress or waiter and find out they are a single Mom or a college student barely making ends meet, well, yes, we do leave an extravagant tip.  It's a blessing to both parties.

4. Share with us one household 'tip' that works for you. 

It's just this simple, always put things up, NOT down.  I believe this is the first step to organizing your home.  If you do not practice this, then it's unlikely you will ever have an organized house. As most of you know, I am an organizational enthusiast and I've given a few programs on the subject.  These 7 words are where I always begin.  I had this modeled for me by my precious Mom that had not a clue about the world of organization.  It was just her nature as there sure wasn't all the hype about it "back in the day" as there is now. 

5. Influencers on social media are people who've built a reputation for their knowledge and expertise on a particular subject. Do you follow any influencers online? Have you made a purchase or tried something new because of that 'influence'? If there's one you particularly enjoy tell us who they are and why you enjoy them. 

I do follow some influencers online and I have purchased some things because of their influence. There are so many influencers today, beauty, fashion, food, organizational, travel, gardening, etc. There's no end.  I do not spend much time following them but apparently it is a daily activity for a whole lot of folks.  And, that is what the influencers are hoping for because every time a purchase is made due to their influence, they make money.  For many influencers, it is a daily job, perhaps 6-8 hours a day.  A bit amazing to me and I'm pretty sure a whole lot of them make quite a sum of money.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

Over the past 5+ years Hubby and I have seen so many changes in our lives and the lives of our friends.  We have several friends who have retired and some, not by choice and some earlier than they had planned.  If I hadn't learned before, I've definitely learned by now that CHANGE is certain, and especially as we age.  We've have some dear friends receive some really tough health diagnosis, requiring them to make tough changes in their lives.  If I think about it too long, it can make me sad.  It has caused me to really be thankful for my good health and to never, ever take it for granted because it can change, as we've seen, overnight. 

 Hubby is what he calls, semi-retired and has been for 10+ years.  He is fortunate to have a staff of 5 that can run his insurance agency more than adequate.  He keeps his finger on the day to day operations and he's always just a phone call away, but he doesn't have to be at the office unless he wants to be.  He will celebrate 50 years on July 1st, as a State Farm agent. (that's a really LONG time) And, talk about change, don't even get him started on all the changes he has seen come down the pike in the insurance business in his 50 years. 

I am "only" 71 (Hubby will be 77 in March) and I know that more change is coming in our lives and the lives of our friends.  But, I try to go forth and make everyday count and  be ever so mindful to count my blessings.  And, cling to the assurance that HE goes before us, preparing the way and will never leave us to figure it out on our own. And, that's my random thoughts today. :o)

Blessings abundant to you! 

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

A "Pooh" Kind of Hodgepodge

It's Hodgepodge time! And, it's all about Pooh and his friends today............

1. On January 18th we commemorate A.A. Milne's birthday. Milne is the author of the beloved classic Winnie the Pooh. In many ways Pooh represents innocence and simplicity. His optimism reminds us to appreciate the little things. What are three little things you're appreciating in mid-January? 

Getting office files cleaned out for new year

Looking forward to twinkle lights coming on each evening in our living area. Really!

The start of a new Bible Study next week on prayer.

Yes, it truly is the little things............

2. Piglet teaches us even the smallest of individuals can achieve big things with the proper amount of determination. How do your current responsibilities make you feel? 

Most of the time I have a good handle on them. And, I might add that, at this stage in my life, my responsibilities are certainly not what they once were.  And, for that, I am thankful.  I do oversee the care of my 94 year old Dad who lives in an assisted living facility nearby.  There have been times when that responsibility has been heavy, but, for the most part, it goes smoothly.  I've been overseeing his care for 13 years so I've gotten really good at it. 

3. Tigger is known for his enthusiasm and energy, his boundless joy and love of life. What's something you're interested in learning more about in this new year? 

I can't think of anything big, but am always interested in learning or hearing about a new cleaning hack, organizational hack or cooking hack.  Anything that makes life easier without compromise, I'm all about it.  

4. Eeyore, while a melancholy character, teaches us the importance of resilience and perseverance. How do you stay motivated and persevere in difficult circumstances?

I've always been very determined (just ask Hubby) and when things get difficult I've just learned to "bow up and get it."  I look at it as what choice do I have but to meet it head on.  As to what motivates me, I'm not sure, I think it is just my nature.

5. What's the last thing you ate that was made with honey? 

I made a recipe of Patio Beans during Christmas and it calls for a tad of honey.  Honey is not something that I use much but I always have it on hand, just in case.  

6. Insert your own random thought here.

In case you haven't heard, we here in NE Louisiana were hit with a winter storm this past Sunday.  So, we were  basically  housebound two days and looks like we may "break free" by this afternoon.  Goodness, it is NOT a favorite feeling for me but I've made good use of the time.  I've baked cookies and more cookies, I've done more cleaning out and organizing and prepared for our new Bible Study starting a week from today.  AND, the beautiful amaryllis shown above has been such a bright spot while stuck inside.  I don't know who came out with the waxed amaryllis but they were a genius for sure.  There is absolutely no work involved, just sit it out and watch it "do its thing."  I gave several of these as gifts and got this one for myself.  It was very, very slow coming out and I was a bit concerned that I might have gotten a dud.  I got it on Dec. 1st and assumed it might be in full bloom by the 25th.  Well, it wasn't but, oh, my goodness, it is in full array this week and it's one of the prettiest I've ever had or ever seen. And, it still has 3 more blooms almost ready to open.  I placed it inside this greenery candle ring and think it was a lovely addition to its beauty. It's been such a bright spot during these cloudy wintery days.

Wednesday, January 10, 2024

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

Wow! I am on a roll, three blog posts in three days. Yea, me! It's always fun to participate in the Hodgepodge, not only answering the questions but reading everyone else's answers. Thanks Joyce for your faithfulness to host the HP.  Now, off to answer this week's questions.

1. What's a change you'd like or need to make this year? 

I would like and need to spend more time in The Word. In fact, I have laid aside any devotional book this year and am only reading the Bible.  I am in the book of Hebrews right now and will move on to another book once I finish Hebrews and continue on with other books throughout the year. 

2. Break the ice, on thin ice, ice skating, tip of the iceberg, ice cold...which icy idiom applies to your life right now? Explain. 

Here in NE Louisiana we are preparing for a severe cold snap the beginning of next week.  Now, mind you, it was 44 and WINDY today and we were freezing too death.  The extended forecast for the first 3 days of next week are in the teens.  So, ice cold, is my icy idiom. Need I mention that we are not use to this type of weather.

3. What's a project you've been putting off? Will you get to it this month? This year?

I am so project oriented that I don't generally put them off, I just jump in with both feet.  Most of my projects have to do with organizing and cleaning out.  I've been busy with such projects since Christmas and next on my agenda is our pantry.  It's not in bad condition but I do need to do a little straightening up and throwing out.

4. Of the fruits that grow well in winter which ones have you tried? Which is your favorite? 

pomegranates, clementines, persimmons, passion fruit, pears, grapefruit, lemons, pomelos, kumquats

I don't like admitting it, but I am just NOT a fan of fruit. I will eat seedless grapes, apples, and blueberries and that's about it.  None of the ones listed above.  Shame on me!

5. What do you think it means to be courageous? 

To step out of one's comfort zone to accomplish something and, to me, it doesn't necessarily have to be something dangerous.

6. Insert your own random thought here. 

I can't believe it's been over two weeks since Christmas.  Our Christmas wasn't until the 27th and we had a chaotic good time.  ~smile~ Our Oklahoma family was here for about 5 days and a whole lot of memories were made.  Once they left neither Hubby nor I was feeling the best and within a few days we had "the crud" that everyone else had.  Mine was fairly short lived but Hubby's has hung around.  There seems to be all kinds of bugs in the air this winter.  But, we will welcome spring on March 19th, it will be here before we know it.

Abundant blessings in 2024!

Tuesday, January 9, 2024

Tuesday 4

Since I have been really slacking on blog posts the past 3-4 years, I've decided to try and participate in more blog memes this year.  That way the content is decided for me and most of the time these can be very enjoyable reading.  So, today I'm participating in the Tuesday 4 which happens to be all about healthy eating, likely something we may all be thinking about here at the first of a new year.  


1. Do you believe you eat a healthy diet and what makes it healthy?

I do believe in a healthy diet but I am not one to carry that to the "inth degree." By that, I mean, I try to always eat in moderation, and cook as low fat as possible.  We definitely do not get the daily recommended about of fruits and veggies and we do indulge in what might be considered "unhealthy" snacks occasionally.  Guess that may sound unhealthy but I feel that finding a good balance is what is important and I feel I have done that.  I have always kept my weight under control and have been blessed with a great genetic makeup when it comes to blood pressure and cholesterol.  I often think that our genetics play a bigger part of our health that our diet. ~just my thoughts~

2. What sort of drinks do you have with meals or between meals. Does it include enough water?

I usually have lightly sweetened decaf tea with my dinner, a half of a Diet DP with my lunch and my day starts with a good ole cup of coffee.  I drink a nutritional tea (minus the boost) every morning. It has all sorts of good ingredients and it's mixed with 12 - 14 ounces of water.  Then in the afternoon I start drinking water and, other than dinner, water is my drink of choice.  Is it enough water, maybe not.

3. Do you enjoy snacks throughout the day and what kind do you enjoy?

I do not do much snacking throughout the day, maybe a piece of chocolate after lunch and perhaps a cookie if I've just made some. ~chuckle~  I do like a night time snack and that might be a scoop of ice cream or some peanuts or popcorn. 

4. How do you make sure you get enough vitamins and minerals in your diet? 

Definitely not in the food we eat and I'm pretty sure most folks don't.  That's why Balance of Nature dominates the TV ads as they promise to  give us all the fruits and veggies we need daily.  We do NOT taker B of N and if you do, that's great. We do take Centrum Silver, along with a few other supplements and that seems to work for us.  

My very wise Momma always said, "we should eat to live, not live to eat."
A good truth to live by for all of us.

Monday, January 1, 2024

January Prime Purchases

Welcome to 2024! Goodness, hard to believe another year has dawned! We are still in "recovery mode" here from our family Christmas.  I've been knee deep in laundry and cleaning but today should get me "back on track."  I have black eyed peas on the stove, ham ready to go in the oven and cabbage ready to cook.  But, for now, here's my first Prime Purchases of 2024.


Perhaps I've been living under a rock or perhaps these are a relatively new item.  I have no clue but I can tell you that I have always loved fountain pens and had no idea that they now come disposable.  What!  I haven't had a fountain pen in more years than I can remember but when these arrived I got plum excited.  They write just like a "real" fountain pen and I especially love to address cards with them.  It's the little things folks, never forget that. ~chuckle~


I am becoming a big fan of acrylic.  This is a medium size bowl and perfect for a fruit salad, which is what I bought it for.  I especially like acrylic because it is very lightweight and I love the slant of this bowl.  Very good looking.


There are times when I need a small clear bowl that I can use with any set of dishes.  These fit the bill.  They are perfect for fruit salad,  scooped desserts and ice cream.  And, these are so pretty and very affordable.  I really do not like to buy anything in the dish category at this point in my life but sometimes I can't help myself.  ~smile~


And, did you know about these?  I sure didn't until mid Dec and I saw someone post them on Facebook.  I had to check them out.  They can be put in the freezer to keep your cold drinks colder longer.  They come with slip on sleeves that makes them easier to hold.  AND, they can be put in the dishwasher and you can order lids for them and the grandkids love them and so do I.


If you've been hanging around here for very long, you know that I LOVE bags.  I do not go a day that I do not use one or more.  I use them for all sorts of things, one being carry things back and forth to my Daddy.  And, the cuter the bags, the better I like them.  These are super nice as they have nice handles.  


These are so nice to be faux.  I have a smaller size pearl necklace and earrings but wanted a larger size and saw these.  And, love that the earrings are pearls all the way around.  It's a good looking set that I will enjoy.  Sometimes pearls are the perfect accessory.


Now that Christmas is behind us, it's time to think about Valentine's Day.  I love Valentine's Day and enjoy having a couple of tops to celebrate the upcoming day.  I ran across this sweater and thought it was so cute.  It is so soft, well made and comes in several color combinations.  I got the grey with the black heart.  Think it will be cute with black jeans. 

Abundant blessings to you and yours in 2024!