Thursday, September 30, 2010

A Wee Bit of Me

{one} what is your biggest pet peeve?
Well, I have several but one is having to talk
to someone in tech support or customer service
that cannot speak English plainly.  

{two} what is your favorite dessert?
Most any type of cream pie. Just plum yummy!

{three} what is the first thing you notice about people?
their SMILE

{four} are you usually late, early or right on time?
Early. I can’t stand to be late!

{five} have you ever fired a gun?
Yes, it has been many a year ago and my Hubby's been wanting to take me out to freshen up my skills and I just have not done it but I do think it would probably be a good idea.

{six} are you right-handed or left-handed?

{seven} which do you prefer: coke or pepsi?
I'm not much on soda's but if I'm going to have one it's got to be a Coke and it's got to be the "real thing"

{eight} do you dance crazy when no one is looking?
Afraid not.

{nine} what’s your favorite movie snack?

{ten} do you scream on roller coasters?
I haven't ridden a roller coaster in more years than I can remember, but if I did you can be assured that I would scream bloody murder ~chuckle~

This is my first time to join in "A Wee Bit of Me" with Leigh Ashley and what a fun time I've had. I'm always looking for new "blogging buddies" and look forward to visiting with you.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Miscellany Monday

What fun to connect with Carissa for Miscellany Monday. No rhyme or reason, just our "  random thoughts."   

1. For the first time in probably 5 years I had my nails painted on my last visit to the nail salon. I have had white tips and just decided that I needed to spice up my life with a little color for a change. It was really hard to  
"step out of my box"   but I was glad I did until I took this picture of my hands and I'm afraid they probably look every day of their 58 years. ~smile~

 2. Do you remember those little Welsh Corgi puppies I posted 4  weeks ago in this meme?  Well, here are those precious little puppies now.  I guess the worst things about puppies is that they grow up to be dogs. ~chuckle~

3. We celebrated our son's 34th birthday last evening. His birthday isn't until the 3rd, but our family has 4 birthdays the first week of Oct. so we decided to start celebrating a week early so that we could get them all in.  When we celebrate a birthday I put out a special birthday plate, fresh flowers and a little "  fuzzy fella"   on the kitchen island in their honor.  I think everyone should feel extra special on their birthday and hopefully this adds to that feeling for them. 

4. Our son's favorite dessert is pound cake so that is what he got last evening. Served up in grand style on the "  birthday dessert plates" , topped with ice cream and strawberries. Doesn't it just look  yummy? I was really proud of this picture but my family really thought I was a bit crazy to stop the entire partying process to snap this picture. ~smile~  That's okay, I'm the Momma and I can do as I good and well please. ~big chuckle~

5. I absolutely love the little Mini-Bundt pans  and I usually make one every time I make a cake in a regular Bundt pan. There's always enough mixture to make both a regular size and one of these little mini ones. I love having one of these in the freezer to share with someone. They are great for a single person or for a couple.  The recipe for a regular Bundt cake will usually make about 4 of these and I've done that before too. But, these little pans are ridiculously expensive and I've priced them all over the world (better known as the internet).~giggle~

 6. Now, this precious little cowboy will be the next one to celebrate his birthday in our family.  He will be a whopping 2 years old this next Saturday and is he ever going to love the Fisher Price barn and farm animals that his CiCi and Poppa are giving him. I never knew one so young could get into this whole "  cowboy thing"   but after all, he was born in Oklahoma.  Go figure!

A happy week to you and we've been promised fall temperatures this week so I'm plum excited about that.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Blogging and Life..............

I decided to link up with both Rachel Anne and Linda today. I'm not participating in Linda's flashback, but still wanted to "connect" with my "blogging buddies" at that meme, so hopefully Linda will forgive me for just "doing my own thing" today. ~smile~ I just love these two gals!

As I thought about my entry today I began thinking about the many wonderful friends that I have made since I began blogging.  It never entered my mind that there were such great ladies out in "blogsphere."  I have cried and laughed and rejoiced with many of the following ladies. Jen at Finding Heaven is one of the most amazing young ladies and writes the most "soul stirring" blog entries, there's Stephanie at A Defined Life that should definitely write a book, she has such spiritual depth and it has blessed me more times than I can count. And, both Barb at My Freshly Brewed Life and Starr at One More Equals Four never lack for some great wisdom.  Then there's sweet Carissa at Lowercase Letters, Leigh at Leigh Ashley, and Kim at Kimberly's Korner
and my newest "blogging buddy," Cindy at Notes in The Key of Life. (isn't that the cutest title?)  These gals are just lots of fun to read and I always look forward to stopping by their blogs.  You can check out my left side bar for other blogs that I really enjoy and I add to that list almost every week. I have such fun visiting around!

When I started blogging I thought it would  one day be a treasure for my children. While it is not exactly a journal, it is ME. I have so enjoyed reading some of my Mom's writings since her death in 2008 and hopefully this blog will serve much the same purpose with my children.  I am having them printed at the end of each year in book form through Blog2Print

I usually think of my blog as pretty shallow compared to most that I read, but then again, it is ME. Guess I may be saying I'm shallow. ~chuckle~  But, hopefully it brings a smile to the faces of those who stop by and on occasion it might just "warm their hear" and inspire them.  ~wink~

I saw this poster at the Yellow Daisy Festival the other week and really wanted to buy it. I couldn't think of an appropriate place to hang it in my house, so I just decided to take a picture of it.  I think there is so much truth to what it says and I have a hard time when I have to resort to Plan B.  I rock along pretty well as long as Plan A goes as planned. Ugh! Life sometimes gets in the way of Plan A and truly "life is about how we handle Plan B."  Plan B for the Christian  means trusting Him to see you through when the way may not look all that smooth and is definitely not what you had planned.

Speaking of life..........I was reading Beth Moore's blog a while back and she mentioned that she had been under a lot of stress in the past months. Anyone with her schedule would definitely be under stress, but I don't know if that was what she was talking about or not.  But, I think it does us good to occasionally be reminded that NO ONE lives a stress free life. Not Beth, not Anne Graham Lotz, not Kay Arthur, not Prisilla Shirer, not your Bible Study teacher, not your best friend, no matter our plot in life, there is stress.  I use to be guilty of looking at some folks and wondering how they seem to never have any worries or cares.  As I have gotten older, I now know that just because someone has a smile on their face and doesn't talk about the obstacles they are facing, doesn't mean they have none.   It just means that they are plugging along one day at a time and are remembering the ONE who brings their JOY didn't promise they would always be happy.  As long as we have the breath of life in us there will be stresses in the form of death, health related issues, disappointments, finances and various other struggles and heart ache. What a joy to know the Savior of all stresses!

I wish for each of you a refreshing and relaxing week-end. I've got my smile on my face and joy in my heart, how about you?

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Random Dozen Wednesday

 1. Have you, or has someone close to you, ever won an award for anything? During Hubby's 36 years as an agent with State Farm Insurance he has won countless awards that have blessed us with the privilege of traveling to some of the most wonderful vacation spots in all the world.  
Hawaii was one of our favorite trips
 2. Who is the nearest relative to you who has served in the US Military? My Dad served in the Navy from 1950-1954
3. Share something that stirs the patriotic spirit in you. I had the honor of hearing an exceptional orchestra and choir perform selected patriotic songs with the America flag waving in the background.  It was such a moving experience for me.

4. Where are you in the birth order in your family? Do you think your "placement" made a difference in your personality? I am the "firstborn." I have read Kevin Leman's The Birth Order Book and I do fit a lot of the descriptions he talks about in the book.  But, I really think that I would have had my same personality regardless of where I fell in the birth order.

5. Name one trait you hope you carry that was evidenced in your parents or grandparents. Both my Dad and Mom were very thoughtful and giving individuals and I like to think that I exhibit that trait. My parents never had a lot monetarily but the wonderful thing about thoughtfulness is that it doesn't have to cost anything but perhaps a little bit of time and action.

6. If female, do you prefer wearing a skirt or pants?
I wear more pants but I would have to say that I really prefer skirts. I am "old fashioned" enough to think that skirts are still so feminine and I love the look of a sassy skirt. I think every woman should have at least one classic black skirt in her closet. There's no end to what can be done with that one skirt. 

 7. Approximately how many times do you wake during the night? What do you do to go back to sleep? I use to never wake up but in recent years I have begun waking up at least 2-3 times a night. I usually can go on back to sleep but if not, I just lay there and think pleasant thoughts and rest until sleep comes. ~smile~ 

8. Share a favorite movie quote.
This is from the first movie I saw in a movie theater, The Sound of Music in 1965.......
"I could never answer to a whistle. Whistles are for dogs and cats and other animals but not for children and definitely not for me." 
 9. What is your favorite Fall candle scent?
Cinnamon and cloves

10. What is one Fall activity you're looking forward to?
Our city will be hosting an Arts and Crafts Day at our local Farmer's Market the first week-end in Nov.  My 80 (he will be 81 on Nov. 9th) year old Dad will be featuring some of his gorgeous wood crafts and I will be helping him in his booth. I feel so blessed that I still have my Dad and that he continues to lead a very productive life and continues to enjoy one of his lifelong hobbies of woodworking.

11. Tell us about a pleasant surprise that happened to you recently. I came in from being gone most of the day and Hubby had unloaded the dishwasher.  That may not sound like a big deal, but that is something that he rarely does and it just thrilled me too death that I did not have to come in and do it. You know it doesn't take much to make some folks plum excited. ~chuckle~

12. What was it like when you first met your in-laws-to-be?
  I had known my husbands parents for about 5 years before we became engaged. They were friends with my parents so it wasn't like I had just met them when their son and I fell in love. 

If you want some more Random Dozen check out Linda's blog and enjoy the fun with us.  It's something new and interesting each week.  Thanks Linda for "dreaming up" our random questions each week. 

Friday, September 17, 2010

All Decked Out for Fall

 I had to miss coffee last Friday and I always feel like I've missed something special if "life" gets in the way of me and "Company Girls." ~giggle~ Guess you can tell I have my priorities in order. ~another giggle~  And, it's "almost" nice weather for coffee, although it doesn't matter a bit to me about the weather as it relates to coffee.  I'm ready for a cup anytime!

I know that the first official day of fall is not until next Thursday, the 23rd.  But, I just could not wait any longer to get things "decked out" here at our house.  As I've said before, I do not do much at all, but I do enjoy a little "smattering" of seasonal decor. I definitely like for our front porch to look
warm and inviting. This year I've been seeing the course netted fabric made into wreaths and I decided that I liked that look for something different and then added a touch of it at the top of the door as well.  Behind the netting at the top are clear lights and at night it makes for a nice presentation.  Hopefully the netting will not be as much of a draw to the lizards and birds as grapevine has been in the past.  We shall see.......

Can you see my little scarecrow people? I have a little boy and a little girl and of course I got those thinking that our "grans" would enjoy them.  A lighted pumpkin will soon be burning in the top left hand window and that will be for them to enjoy as well.  But, truth be known, I enjoy all those little touches too.  I love pumpkins and scarecrows.  They just "scream" fall to me. ~smile~
  And, I like to have something at our backdoor as well and found this cute little pumpkin at the Yellow Daisy Festival last week and he certainly adds a welcome with his big smile.  

 I found these copper pumpkins for the kitchen island at Ellis Pottery in Marshall, Texas and they were a nice change for me and they were so inexpensive
 I almost always use these clear cylinders (that I got at TJ Maxx for $3 each) to do my seasonal tablescapes for our dining table.  And, I love the little artificial acorns I found at Wal-Mart to surround my candles and the little baby pumpkins I found at the Pottery Barn outlet.

I probably did all of these in less than an hour and a half (except the front porch) and I had such fun.  It is all so simple to do and perhaps I've given you an idea that you can use in your home.
I hope each of you have a full filled week-end and will "top it off" by worshiping our Lord on Sunday. We'll keep our Grandson overnight tonight and our Granddaughter overnight Saturday night. It will be a great time for their parents to just enjoy each other and a great time for us to just enjoy the "grans." That works!

Thanks Rachel for hosting us each week.  You are tops for sure!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Random Dozen Wednesday


1. Do you do garage sales? If so, tell me about one great find. If not, tell me why not.
I have had more than my share of garage sales, but I've never really gone to them. I do not want to get up early enough to be one of the "first" arrivals and most are so unorganized that it drives me insane .

 2. Name the last thing you fixed. 
Not sure what I last fixed, but I did put this activity table together for the "grans" all by myself. ~smile~

 3. Name your A) Favorite item of makeup OR B) Favorite tool

Well, truth be known, all makeup is my favorite! I cannot imagine life without it but lipstick is the "icing on the cake" for me.  It is the last item of makeup that I put on and it seems that it truly brightens up my whole face. I have told my children that they had better not forget to put lipstick on me when they bury me. ~chuckle~

 4. Which room in your home needs organizing more than any other? I am the "organizing queen" so I really can't think of any room that needs anything other than a little straightening. I certainly do not mean to sound as though I am bragging, but it is just a fact.  My Mom and Dad were both highly organized, so I came by it honest on both sides.  Heaven help us!

5. Which room could use re-decorating? We just did some major redecorating a year ago throughout our home, so don't need to do any redecorating at this time.

6. Share something unique about your town. A mere 25 years ago our town was home to two paper mills, it is now home to none.  The last one, International Paper, closed just a little over a year ago. The effects of this loss has been devastating to our small rural town.  But, we are hoping to survive!

 7. If you could send a one-sentence message to your great-grandchild, what would it be? Nothing is impossible with God!

 8. Do you Facebook? 
 Oh, my goodness, I think that Facebook is the greatest "tool of connection" since time began. I have reconnected with so many great folks that I would likely have never found any other way. It is also a great way to keep up with folks day to day lives. Of course, there are always those that misuse it, but for me, it is G-R-E-A-T and a whole lot of fun!

9. Describe your favorite shoes. I love Yellow Box
flip flops. They come in just the right height for comfort and the rubber soul is most comfortable too. I can wear them for hours without my feet never hurting me. I miss them terribly in the winter.

10. Do you listen to more talk radio or more music radio?  What kind of station is it? It is XM, Channel 28, Escape, an easy listening music. Love it!
11. How far would you travel for a really good (favorite) meal? We often go about 20 miles to dine out and that's plenty far for me.  If we have a group and are just going on a fun outing then a few more miles would be okay ~smile~

 12. If you were totally honest with yourself (and us) what should you probably be doing right now instead of blogging?  Ouch! reading and studying the Word. I have fallen short in my Bible Study recently and there's really no excuse for it.

For more Random Dozen reading check out Linda's 2nd Cup of Coffee. You'll be glad you did!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I always look forward to Miscellany Monday with Marissa. It's a great way to get the week started off.  Thanks Marissa for taking time out of your busy schedule to host us each week.

1. Hubby and I went to see his sister and her husband last Tuesday and got back home Saturday afternoon.  We had a delightful time, but I always have such a hard time getting "back on track" when I've been gone.  I don't get it, I mean we were only gone for 5 days and there's just the two of us. It shouldn't be that hard. Perhaps I just make a bigger deal out of it than I should. ~wink~  
My sister in law and I

2. There is so much to do in the area of Atlanta where they live and they always have the most fun things lined out for us.  On Thursday, my sister in law and I went to the Yellow Daisy Festival at Stone Mountain.  The festival opened Thursday morning at 10:00 and remained opened until yesterday afternoon.  One would think that Thursday morning would probably be a good time to go.  Well, let me tell you, we arrived at the spot around 9:50 and waited in a line of cars about 20 minutes just to get inside the gates.  Guess all the other attendees had the same idea as us. ~smile!~  We saw a lot of crafts and artistic items and walked away with a few.  It takes place in the park area of Stone Mountain and it was a rather warm day, so we made our way through rather quickly and were gone shortly after lunch.  
At one of the booths..... cute, cute handcrafted magnets
3.  I am planning to do my outdoor fall decorating this week. I'm thinking if I go ahead and do it that fall will just go ahead and "show it's face" big time. ~laugh!~ I have the inside touches done, but nothing "announces" the seasons like the outside decor.  Pictures will be forth coming.

4.  Our little Grandson just got his first cowboy hat and boots.  Now, if the following pictures don't put a smile on your face, nothing will. Isn't he just the cutest little cowboy you ever did see!

A happy, happy week to each of you and remember, "Life isn't about waiting for the storm to pass. It's about learning to dance in the rain."

Monday, September 6, 2010

Miscellany Monday

Okay, just ask me if I'm excited about this gorgeous  "fall like" weather and my answer will be a very loud YES!  The past few mornings have been in the low 60's. Yep, I do believe that fall is just around the corner. 
1. This is my 150th blog entry. Yea! for me!  I began blogging on March 21, 2009 and little did I know that it would become one of my most pleasurable pastimes. And, I'm working to get to 50 followers, just 4 more to go!  Hint! Hint! I never knew there were so many wonderful folks out in "blogland" and what a joy it has been to get to know them.  I really think we need to have a huge blog convention (perhaps there is already something like that) where we could all meet each other. I have to remind myself at times that there really is more to life than blogging. ~smile~ In case you are interested, you can click here and read my very first entry. ~wink~And, one more tidbit about my blog - it is called CiCi's Corner because CiCi is what my "grans" call me. (I know all of you were interested in knowing that) ~giggle~

2.  We had a ladies event the other night at our church and I was so impressed with how the ladies decorated. It was not

fancy but it could not have been cuter! And, it was so happy looking too. I'm always looking for cute, quick and easy ways to do tablescapes.  Of course, it's hard for pink and green to

be anything but cute. Who would have thought that gift bags, balloons, tissue paper and iridescent Easter grass could make such cute decorations. And, grab some ferns and a couple of pot plants to "top off" either the head table or the food table and you've got it.  The decorations definitely added to the fun of the evening.

3. Am I the only person that desires to "fix"  situations? Is it the Mother in me?  I think perhaps it is. I especially want to "fix" any issues regarding  my family. After all, isn't that what a Mother is suppose to do?  But, anytime I get in that "fix it" mode, the Lord's still voice reminds me that HE is the only one capable of fixing and in His time and in His own way, He will.  He is the great "fixer!" What a comfort!

4. Yesterday I went on my "annual" trip to the woods with my Hubby.  We loaded up the Bad Boy Buggy and off we went.
I am not much of a "woods girl" but do enjoy going once or twice a year. It's an opportunity for me to enjoy nature and see where Hubby spends some of his most enjoyable times. Today was my first time to ride or drive 

the Bad Boy Buggy. It's a neat vehicle. It is considered a street vehicle so I may have to start running my errands on it. ~smile~  It was a perfectly beautiful day to be out in the woods. I guess I really should buy some camouflage clothes as I do like to "look the part" and I definitely did not today.  But, I'm such a "girly girl" that I somehow just cannot see myself in camouflage. ~giggle~

The woods road in front of us

Hubby checking his trail camera

One of Hubby's "woods hotels"

Yours truly at the end of a 2 1/2 hour ride

As always, Carissa shows up each week to host our Miscellany Monday and if you would like to check out more entries, click right here and it will take you straight to Carissa's beautiful site.  A happy week to all! We'll be heading out to Flowery Branch, Georgia early this afternoon and I'll have lots of fun stuff to blog about when we return the end of the week.

Friday, September 3, 2010

The "Flicker" of Fall

 Good Morning Ladies! Coffee is the drink being offered around here today. The weather is actually much, much cooler and thoughts of fall are in the air, so think you would enjoy a "cup of Java" today.  The best part about the weather in addition to the lower temps is the lack of humidity. We've actually stayed in the upper 80's this  past week. N-i-c-e!

Because of this drop in the temps and some really pretty days, Hubby is back to enjoying some time outside.  He will take a chaise lawn chair to the back part of our backyard and sit, with Diet Coke in hand and just enjoy "being."  He really does know how to just "be."  That's something that I have always struggled with, so his influence these past 39 years has been good for me.  (This picture should have been much better, but my lens fogged up when I took my 
camera outside in the warmer temps) He enjoys watching and listening to the birds and of course, there is always Rosco and Rhett to provide entertainment for him.  They have been rather 

"frisky" since the weather has cooled off some. My view of enjoyment is not taking a lawn chair to the far back yard and sitting, but I do have a deep admiration for him and his ability to just "chill out" in his own backyard. He says there's nothing like getting "up close and personal" with God and nature while sitting there.  Perhaps I should try it sometime. ~smile~

We will be heading off to Flowery Branch, Georgia (closest larger town is Gainsville) on Monday afternoon.  Hubby's sister and her husband live there and we'll spend a few fun days with them.  They are such precious folks and are just the "host and hostess" with the mostess. My sister in law and I will be going to the Yellow Daisy Festival on Thursday and from all I hear, I have a treat in store. I will have lots of photos and tales to share I'm sure. We're looking forward to a fun getaway.

I was just reading Beth Moore's blog and she was stating how we all have limited time, resources and ability. So, how would we complete this sentence, "I would, if I could."  She said for us to name three and they have to be wishes, not regrets. I've been thinking about how I would complete that sentence and I think these would be my three:
1) be a nurse
2) be a professional organizer
3) sit down and visit with Billy Graham
So, you say, what's keeping me from doing these things. Well, obviously, at this time in Billy Graham's life I'm not going to get to sit down and visit with him.  But, I have such deep admiration for the man and think it would be so neat to just sit and chat with him and glean from his wisdom. As far as a nurse goes, there was a time that I truly thought about pursuing this wish, but it  didn't appear to be the right time and I'm just not sure it is worth the commitment it would take at this time in my life. Now, if we lived in a much larger city, I would definitely pursue being a professional organizer. I absolutely love organization in every area and feel that I am truly gifted in it.  But, I'm plenty satisfied just keeping my own life and home organized, but it's often that I see and meet folks that I really think could use my help. ~giggle~  But, I'm quite sure they would not likely be interested in paying for my services. ~smile~ I rarely hear of a successful professional organizer that is not in what I call a large, large town, such as Dallas, Texas.  Of course, I always think about what those folks do after the organizer is gone and they are left to "go it" alone.  One has to keep it organized in order to stay organized. ~deep breath~ It's not just some "magical" happening.  Okay, I've worn that horse out, let me move on.........

Tonight is our local high school's first home football game, so our little town will be "romping" with folks supporting the Rams.  I will be supporting them, but not likely in the stands, but more likely from the comfort of my recliner right here at my house. I hope all of you have a wonderful long week-end and will make a lot of great memories over this holiday week-end. Check out more Coffee Girl Coffee! It's always fun to visit around and Rachel is such a gracious hostess.