Friday, July 29, 2016

Bonus Room Tour

And, the tour Kelly is featuring our Bonus Rooms.  Our "so called" bonus room was not in our original house plans.  About 4 months into our building process I mentioned to Hubby that we should make the area above his shop a Guest Suite.  He thought that was a good idea as well and talked to the builder and he said it would be no problem and we could easily get plumbing up there.  So, our bonus room is our Guest Suite and it is not a part of the main house.  So, it is very private.

This is the picture taken by the architectural photographer.  It gives you an idea of how the room is laid out.   The remaining photos were taken by "yours truly." ~grin~
These are the stairs that lead up to the suite and I ordered this wall decal to go at the top of the stairs just before you enter.  I thought it was quite welcoming! We really don't like that it had to be upstairs but it was just the way it had to be.  We have NO stairs in the main house.  We lived in a two story house for 35 years and that cured us of ever wanting stairs again in our lives.

There is a king size bed and twin beds and it's the perfect arrangement for our daughter and her family.  And, we've had others stay up there and they thoroughly enjoyed themselves.
There is a setting area with two recliners and a TV.
A large closet
A kitchenette with a microwave, coffee pot and refrigerator.
A vanity area
A game table and chairs
And, of course a bathroom.  It is small but we made it as big as was possible.  It does the job so I guess that's all that really matters. ~smile~

NOTE: I have been a bit absent in the blogging world the past couple of weeks except for the home tours.  Life has been busy, busy.  We went out of town and have had family visiting last week and this week.  I hope to be back on schedule this Monday and I will have lots to share.

Friday, July 22, 2016

Home Office Tour

We've been busy making a lot of memories with our Oklahoma family this week.  I had prepared this post in advance as I've had way more important things to be doing this week.~smile~

Today's tour hosted by Kelly over at Kelly Korner is Home Offices. Our home office is one of my favorite rooms in our house.

My designer and I gave this room an awful lot of thought as to the placement of all the furniture and my treadmill. The movers kept telling me that all of it was not going to fit and they were pleasantly surprised when it all fit with plenty of room to spare.

This is my desk for my computer.  We bought this office furniture 15+ years ago when we converted a room in our old house to our home office.  Thus, we did not have anything built in here at this house as this room could well serve as a bedroom should any future owner want that.
This is my regular desk where I work on things that do not require the computer.  I take care of the bill payments and payroll for Hubby's insurance business, so I spend several hours a week in this room.
This buffet holds a little bit of everything that I use in the office.  I think it is such a pretty piece and and it matches the desks perfectly.  It serves as great storage.

This is my filing cabinet and it also holds my printer.
This narrow wall holds the TV and I placed this small decorative table underneath.
This could possibly be my favorite part of this room, a storage closet.  It holds lots and lots of containers with business and home files that we need to keep for a specified time.  It is easy to access and behind closed doors. 

So, there you have it, one of my favorite rooms in our new home. 

Have a wonderful weekend!!!! 

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Well, I didn't think I would have time for the HP this week because our daughter and our two precious Grandsons arrived yesterday late afternoon.  But, I had some time on my hand as I waited and I'd rather be busy as I wait rather than just sitting and waiting.  So, what better way to wait than answering the HP questions.  Helps keep this Momma's mind occupied instead of thinking about all the "what ifs" of her daughter traveling.  I know you other Moms understand exactly what I'm saying. 

1. Pokemon Go...your thoughts? Are you playing? Do you even know what it is?
Well, I plead ignorance.  I've definitely heard of Pokemon but only heard of Pokemon Go last week and heard on the news about some terrible accident involving some folks playing it.  But, that's all I know and truth be known, all I care to know.

2. What was something you collected as a child? Do you still have that collection? If you're a parent what's something your own children collected? Have you ever camped out, stood in a crazy long queue, or paid a ridiculous sum for a 'collectible'?

I had no collections as a child.  Money was very, very tight when I was growing up and frivolous spending was not an option. Our daughter loved the Cabbage Patch Dolls and had probably 7-8 of them but I don't know that she has any of them now.  And, she collected the American Girl dolls and she has either 3-4 of them and still has them and they are in stellar condition. But, her biggest collection was Beanie Babies.  Oh, my goodness, she must have had close to 100.  But, during college she decided to rid herself of them and we found another collector that bought almost all of them from us for very close to what we had paid for them. So, that was a good deal all the way around.   Our son collected Hot Wheels and while, he has cut way back on his collecting, he will still fall to the temptation for "just one more" sometimes.  I can't remember how old he was but he was very young and he will be 40 in October. ~chuckle~ I can't remember ever camping out, standing in line or any of the above for a collectible.

3. "Collect moments, not things"...tell us about a moment you've added to your collection this summer.

Our family time in Branson was special moments and this past weekend we attended the wedding of the daughter of some dear friends.  Our friendship goes back some 42 years and even though a lot of miles have separated us the past 25 years, we can always pick right up where we left off.  Sharing this past weekend with them was definitely a collectible moment.

4.  What's something collecting dust in your home right now? Any plans to do something about it?
I guess you could say that most of the decorative items I have sitting throughout our home are "dust collectors."  But, I enjoy them and think they add a nice touch to our home and I have no plans to remove any of them at this time.~sorry~

5. A favorite song relating to time?
Love, love Jim Croce's Time In A Bottle made popular in 1973.

6. What's been your most frightening or your most interesting encounter with wildlife?

In 2011 Hubby and I went with 5 other couples on an Alaskan Cruise.  We were on a bus tour seeing different areas of one of the ports of call.  One was of this stream of water where bears often hang out.  Well, those that wanted to could get off the bus and walk around the area so I did.  And, lo and behold the bear in the above picture meandered up.  I was so taken by him that I forgot that I was suppose to be afraid and should definitely get my hiney back on the bus.  Instead I'm focusing my camera and taking his picture as he stares me down.  Yes, it was definitely my most interesting encounter with wildlife and Hubby was NOT one bit happy with me over it. ~big chuckle~

7.  On July 20, 1969 Apollo 11 Commander Neil Armstrong set his foot down on the moon. If you could travel to the moon would you go? Why or why not?
I don't think so.  Nothing about space holds a real interest to me.  I guess it should but.........

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Bridget and the boys arrived safely and the gears went in motion soon afterwards. ~smile~ She had a most capable traveling partner for which we were grateful.  Her neighbors 15 year old granddaughter came with her.  She hangs out at their house a lot when she is visiting her Grandmother and Bridget thought she might enjoy coming with her. And, she is a tremendous help with the boys, an extra set of hands can be invaluable to a Mom of little ones.   We're hoping that when they leave that she will have had a good time on her first visit to NE Louisiana.

Friday, July 15, 2016

Guest Bedroom Tour with Kelly

I'm linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner today for her Home Tour.  Today she is featuring guest bedrooms.  We have two guest bedrooms in the main house, one with a queen bed and one with a king. Both of these rooms hold special pieces of furniture and decor that relate to family.

This is what we call the Queen Room (since it has a queen size bed).  My Dad made the bed, the step stools and the nightstands some 25+ years ago.  It is made of solid mahogany and was made to perfection.  When my Dad moved into assisted living, this set came to live with me and I cherish it.

This built in corner cabinet and shelves hold family memorabilia, old family photos, some of my Mom's figurines and bronzed shoes of mine and our children.

One small wall holds this collection of crosses that were hand made by my Dad as well.

This chest is over 100 years old and was made by my paternal Grandfather.  My Dad refinished it many years ago to match the bedroom suite.  The carving of the man and woman you see sitting on the chest was hand carved by my Dad as well.  He was a very, very talented craftsman. 
This piece of tatting that was done by my maternal Grandmother hangs over the bed.  I do not know if there is anyone who tats anymore or not.  I'm afraid it has become a lost art, but I'm so glad I have this lovely piece, along with her tatting shuttle.
AND, you guessed it, this is yours truly on our wedding day.  I just had to show this as it hangs on the wall in this bedroom as well.  A mere 19 year old child!
Our second guest room we call the King Room, as it has a king sized bed in it.  And, this bedroom suite belonged to my MIL, so it has special significance as well.  The bed and night stands are of mahogany also.
I love the beautiful highboy that goes with the suite.
 The decorative plate that sets on top of the chest is a piece that my Dad bought in Italy in 1950 when he was in the Navy.  The colors are just gorgeous and I can't believe it has survived as many moves as it has in the last 66 years and has not even a chip. I should probably carry it to one of the Antique Roadshows as it could possibly be very valuable.  But, it's valuable to me regardless. 

We will be headed out of town this morning to attend the wedding of the daughter of some dear friends of ours.  We'll be home on Sunday and then our daughter and the boys will arrive late afternoon on Tuesday.  So, it's going to be busy around here so you likely won't hear from me until next Friday when Kelly is touring Home Offices.  

Have yourself a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Wednesday Hodgepodge

It's Wednesday and that means question answering with Joyce.

1. Do you find yourself influencing your world, or is it more the other way around? 
I would hope that I am influencing my world, for the better, might I add. I'm sure giving it my best shot.  I'm certain it can reverse on me at the drop of a hat but I sure try to stay on top of it.  

2. July 14th is National Tape Measure Day...the device was patented on this date in 1868. When did you last use a tape measure? Do you always know where to find one in your house? Tell us one way in which you feel blessed 'beyond measure'. 
I think it was this past weekend when I was measuring the height of a cabinet.  I ALWAYS have a tape measure within reach.  I have one in my purse, by my computer (so if I'm internet shopping and need to check out the measurement of an item, then I can pull out my trusty tape measure), and one in the kitchen.  I nearly wore all of them out when we were building this house. 

Oh, my, I feel blessed beyond measure in so many ways but the first way that came to my mind was, good health.  Hardly a day goes by that I do not hear of someone else with a life threatening diagnosis or illness and I never want to take my health for granted.

3.The Plaza Hotel (Eloise), The Land of Oz (The Wizard of Oz), Narnia (The Chronicles of Narnia), The Hundred Acre Wood (Winnie the Pooh), Wonderland (Alice's Adventures in Wonderland), or Never Never Land (Peter Pan)...which storybook land (on this list!) would you most like to visit and why? 
Wonderland.......Alice in Wonderland was one of my all time favorite stories when I was a child and I use to dream of being in wonderland. 

4. Where and when do you get your best ideas? 
Hummm.......There's so, so many places to get ideas these days that it really requires very little thought.  But, I would say I get my best ideas from magazines, Pinterest, store displays and other people.

5.  So what have you been watching on TV this summer? Anything good?
I think the 'pickin's are slim' this summer.  Hubby and I watch a lot of Fox News and sometimes I will just watch a movie on my Ipad.  I haven't found anything all that good on TV.  Hallmark starts a new series, Chesapeake Shores, on August 14th. Hopefully it will be good and they will carry it through to completion, unlike the way they did Cedar Cove.  I so enjoyed Cedar Cove and this summer was to be its 3rd or 4th season and they cancelled it.  So, so aggravating!!!!

6. 'Don't swim for an hour after you eat', 'Dog days of summer', 'Knee high by the Fourth of July'...choose a summer saying from the list or share one of your own, then tell us what image or memory comes to mind when you hear it spoken.
'Dog days of summer' - it is exactly what we are in right now here in NE Louisiana.  My goodness, it is so hot and humid that I can hardly stand to be outside for any length of time.  And, since we have zero shade, we have intense sun pretty much all day long.  Hopefully some of our landscape trees will grow quickly and provide a little bit of shade for us. ~hope, hope~

7. In a single sentence, sum up one life lesson you've learned. 

God's timing is always perfect and mine is not!~swallow big~

8. Insert your own random thought here.
Speaking of random.......I was behind a truck yesterday afternoon and a sticker across the back window said, "Dirty truck, Lonely women, Happy dog."  Okay, I had to chuckle because I had no idea what in the world that was supposed to mean.  Perhaps it doesn't mean a blessed thing but I've sure pondered it for a while and wondered if I was supposed to "get it."  ~ only in the South~

Monday, July 11, 2016

The Landscape Reveal

Are you ready?  I mean it seems that I've been talking about and showing bits and pieces of our impending landscape for long enough.  It is now done and ready to be revealed.  And, you can scroll through these at your own pace as there are quite a few pictures with a small description underneath.  You can view as few or as many as your little heart desires. ~you have my permission~

Front view and as you will see there is plenty of room for growth in all of the beds, so they may not look full enough to you right now.  But, each one was placed with future growth in mind so there will be plenty of room for all the little guys to grow and flourish and not run over the plant next to them.

Each side of the front steps is flanked with Colorado rock

The left hand side of the front

These are both of the right hand, garage end, of house.  We used oak mulch in the beds instead of pine straw.

This is the back view of the house.

This is one of the beds to the left of the porch and patio.  It's also a bed that we can enjoy through the big windows in our living area.

This is our rose bed that adjoins the patio

This bed is outside our Master Bedroom window.  The Redbud tree will hopefully provide some shade for those windows in the next 2-3 years.

Hubby even had the area around his fish feeder landscaped with rock and grass.

This bed is just to the left of the back porch and has one of the flagstone and rock walkways.

The patio view

 These walk ways go down to the pond and around to the garage

 Hubby had this area of the pond done with tiny gravel, edged in flagstone and then the Colorado rock beyond it.  A great area to fish.

The landscaper did this neat water scape with huge rocks and flagstone.  Those are Louisiana Iris' planted in the pond that will make quite a showing next year.
And, there you have it.  We are so glad to have this project behind us and now to sit back and enjoy it's beauty.  As I said before, it's like icing on the cake!