Wednesday, July 29, 2020

A Moving Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond

1. Last time you moved house? Something you've learned in moving house?
Well, we are about to celebrate our 5 year anniversary of moving into this house.  It was August 11, 2015.
We had lived in our last house 36 years and that's way to long to live in the same house in my opinion. ~smile~  Stuff somehow seems to accumulate and I cannot tell you how much stuff I got rid of when we moved.  And, I'm really good at getting rid of stuff all the time but you would have never guessed that when we moved.  I've tried really hard to not let stuff accumulate in our new house but it remains to be seen how good of a job I've done.  I've learned "stuff just accumulates quickly."

2. Move mountains, move along, make a wrong move, moved to tears, get a move on, move up, move over, move out of the way, move the deck chairs on the Titanic, move it!...pick one and tell us how it fits your recent circumstances.
I have two and the first would be "move along."  I think that's what I've done and many others, during these pandemic days.  Just keep moving and hopefully it will end SOON.

Second would be "moved to tears."  That is the way that I often feel in these past weeks when I watch the news and see the hatred, disrespect, meanness, and destruction happening in our great nation.

3. What have you been doing to make yourself move (aka stay fit-active) during these strange times?
Really nothing any different than what I normally do.  I ride the elliptical every morning, M-F, for 30 minutes.  It's not a lot but I figure it's a whole lot better than nothing and I've been either walking or doing the elliptical for about 35 years.  I could and probably should do more, but............

4. This week's calendar includes celebrations for the following foods-

National Coffee Milkshake Day (Sunday), National Creme Brûlée Day (Monday), National Milk Chocolate Day (Tuesday), National Chicken Wing Day (Wednesday), National Lasagne Day (Wednesday), National Cheesecake Day (Thursday), and National Avocado Day (Friday)

Which one on the list would you be most inclined to celebrate? Which would you be most inclined to skip?

I had no idea about these but it just so happens that Lasagne is on our menu for tomorrow's dinner.  I know, it will be a day late, but, hey, it's close.  We'll have family here and Lasagne is always a good meal for a bigger group.  
I would have no trouble skipping National Chicken Wing Day. I've never had one so guess I might not know what I'm missing but I really don't care to find out. 

5. Next week's Hodgepodge lands in August! I know!! Raise your hand if you feel like July flew by in the blink of an eye? Now bid farewell to your July acrostic style. If you don't know what that means click here.

J - jeering by lots of very discontented folks
U -ugliness across our nation 
L - Lea's birthday month
Y - youth, a thing of the past for Lea ~chuckle~ 

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

These dear folks, my brother, his wife and daughter will be arriving this afternoon for a few days from Arizona and Iowa.  I'm so excited that they decided to arrive on my birthday and know that they did that intentionally. ~chuckle~ The only sad part of this visit will be that my brother, who has not seen our Daddy since last Nov., will only be able to have window visits with him.  But, other than that, we're going to try and have a good, good  time of being together.  The very best birthday present I could ask for!

Monday, July 27, 2020

What's Up?

Well, my dear readers have probably wondered if I fell off the face of the earth. But, I haven't, just haven't  been inspired to blog in recent weeks.  I've been busy with other things that I enjoy but didn't want you to completely forget about me, so thought an update was in order.

The Best Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies - The Wholesome Dish

I LOVE to bake and I've baked more cookies than the law allows since the Covid pandemic.  I guess it has served as a type of therapy for me.  Week before last I made Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and Pecan cookies plus a batch of Brownies.  My freezer is stocked and I've shared them with family and  friends and still have plenty more to share.  A dear friend gave me the cutest cookie platter for my upcoming birthday and I look forward to using it real soon.

We had dear friends come for a visit last week and it was such a nice break from all that surrounds us these days.

I hosted a dinner one evening while they were here for some of their friends from high school.  Both Diane and Dwight are from here and enjoyed visiting with these long time friends.  I had the men sit at one table and the gals at another and I had so much fun creating the table scape for the gals.

Remember seeing these on my Prime Purchases last month?  The vases come empty and I had my favorite local floral designer do these arrangements in them.  They were a big hit with the ladies and really cute and perfect for an informal setting.  It was also a fun diversion from all that surrounds us.

I received a call from the assisted living facility where my Dad lives one morning this past week.  They wanted to inform me that my sweet Dad's apartment had flooded and a lot of his ceiling had fallen in. A workman was in the attic doing some kind of work and accidently stepped on the sprinkler (a part of the sprinkler system) above my Dad's room.  It burst and a big MESS happened.  Daddy was fine and thankfully none of the ceiling fell on him.  It wasn't heavy ceiling but a lot of wet insulation fell with it and I'm afraid it might have literally scared him to death if it had fallen on him.  The administrator told me he would have to move to another room immediately as his room would have to be totally remodeled.  So, to make a real long story short, they granted me and my sweet daughter in law special permission to go in and assist with his move.  Goodness, it was overwhelming but we managed to get it done and they allowed me to go back in the next day and put the finishing touches on things.  He had to move across the hall so everything in his new apartment is opposite of what it was in his old room.  Bless his heart, he's handled it like a trooper and while it was a tough way to get to spend some time with him, we both enjoyed our time together.  I did nearly have a heat stroke with the mask, the plastic overlay and gloves on, but I survived.  It was a tad bit sad when I left as we both had no idea when we would get to be together again.  ~did I mention that I'm sick of this pandemic~

And, these precious girls,

and these cute boys are preparing to return to school.  And, no one knows exactly what that is going to look like.  Both of their schools have plans and we can only hope that their plans go as planned.  And, both our daughter and DIL are a bit anxious about their school year  as teachers.  There's still so much unknown.  Just one more reason for me to be much in prayer for this coming school year. 

As I mentioned above, I have an upcoming birthday, as in this Wednesday.  Diane started my birthday week with this beautifully wrapped gift.   She knows I love birds and this was the most beautiful bird gift wrap and inside was the cutest cookie platter.  She knows me well!

youtube: Zakia Chanell pinterest: elchocolategirl instagram ...

Another precious friend gave me a Charcuterie Board and I can hardly wait to "try my hand" with it.  I think the sky is the limit as to what you can create with them so I'll be sure and share with you my first creation.  I ordered a book of ideas  from Amazon and will let you know how it goes.

I already feel so celebrated and my birthday isn't until Wednesday.  At this stage of life I'm just thankful to be here and celebrating.  

These pandemic days have been so disheartening and my heart had been saddened by all of the ugliness, anger, and disrepect in addition to the Covid.  So, I am not attached to the news, trying to stay connected with those I love and remembering that God is still on His throne and none of this has caught Him by surprise. 

Woodland Grace A Special Prayer For You Textual Art on Wood

May you have a blessed week!

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

A Secret Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond
Another Wednesday, another Hodgepodge, I love having this consistency in a world that is anything but consistent.  Well, guess it is consistently insane, come to think about it.  But, for now, I'll enjoy answering the questions for the week.

1. The Hodgepodge lands this year on National Secret Keeping Day...on a scale of 1-10 (with 1 being I'm a blabbermouth and 10 being I'm a vault) how good are you at keeping secrets?
I am very good at keeping secrets and am thankful for having a few folks in my life that know the value of keeping secrets as well. 

I read here nine jobs for people who can keep a secret-cybersecurity worker, executive assistant, housekeeper, lawyer, nuclear plant technician, physician, private investigator, psychologist, security guard  Of the jobs listed, which one most interests you and why?
I have always thought that being a private investigator would be the MOST interesting job and have said, "in my next life I'm going to be a private investigator."  But, thankfully in my next life no one there will need PI's and we'll be enjoying a peace unlike anything we have ever known. PTL!!

2. What's the secret of life (or one of them anyway)?
Remember this acrostic everyday
J - Jesus first
                                                                        O - Others second
                                                                        Y - Yourself last
What a wonderful world it would be if we all lived with JOY!

3. Off the record, best-kept secret, a fly on the wall, top secret, my lips are sealed, secret shopper, as quiet as a mouse, poker face, spill the beans, open secret, bite your tongue...which secret idiom can you best relate to right now? Explain.
Oh, for sure, "bite my tongue."  There have been several instances in recent weeks where I have overheard conversations that I so wanted to get involved in.  But, it just wasn't worth it and I have bitten my tongue.  A very wise decision for sure! 

4. Spill here the secret ingredient in one of your favorite recipes?
Well, I had never heard of Garlic Pepper until about 5 years.  I've heard of Garlic Salt all my life but for some reason, had no idea about Garlic Pepper.  I was eating a Chicken Salad made by a friend of mine and I knew the minute I tasted it that there was something in it that was just extra good.  I ask her what she put in it and all the ingredients were familiar to me until she said, Garlic Pepper.  Needless to say, I've never made Chicken Salad again without the addition of Garlic Pepper and it can always be found in my spice drawer.

5. My mama celebrates a big birthday tomorrow. Share a favorite quote, song lyric, saying, or verse of scripture that will add some sunshine to her day (ours too!)
Cast all your anxiety on Him because He cares for you. 1Peter 5:7

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Okay, all together say, "Aweeeee."  Aren't they just the cutest little patriotic boys.  I thought their Momma did a super good job of dressing them on the 4th  and their just such happy fellas.

Put a smile on your face and be kind!!!

Prime Purchases

And, here we are, the first Tuesday of July.  I mean, how did that happen?  Of course, we pretty much lost 2 entire months of this year but, nonetheless, time is flying by.  So, that means it's time to share a few of my Prime Purchases with you.

Scrub Singles
I found these about 3 years ago and have been using them to clean our porcelain kitchen sink ever since.  I recently ran out and they were no where to be found but on Amazon.  They have a sponge like side and a scrubber type side.  They are a one time use for me.  

Buff and Shine
My husband uses these like there is no tomorrow and since our Salley's closed a few months ago, he's had to resort to Amazon to find them.  They are fingernail buffers and he probably uses them everyday.  He has the most well kept hands of any man I know.  So, if you have natural nails and want to buff them to a nice shine, then you need to order these.

6.8 Ounce Spray Bottle

These are the neatest spray bottles and you just may need them in your life.  I was looking for a smaller spray bottle and found exactly what I wanted in these.  They are easy to handle, a very hard plastic and the sprayer is terrific.  I have some after bath splash moisturizer that has a pour spout and I do not like that and  now I have poured it into one of these and can mist my body with it.  They come 3 to a pack and I'm sure I'll find a good use for the other two.  If you need smaller spray bottles then I recommend these.

Stainless Steel Straws with Silicone Tips

If you've been reading my blog very long then you know that I am a "straw girl."  I do NOT drink without a straw.  I am NOT a fan of the metal straws but these stainless straws with the silicone tips are "A Okay."  And, they come in the greatest colors and they come with these cute little brushes to clean them.

Capri Leggings

I was looking for a certain color capri leggings and found these.  Their rating was 4 our of 5 stars and they come in a lot of great colors.  They have a denim look to them and the fit is great.  I recommend sizing up one size.  I do not like my leggings skin tight, for me I prefer a little "give" in the fit. These fit perfectly and the price is very reasonable for the quality.

False Eyelashes
Okay ladies, have you been wanting to try false eyelashes?  Well, order these and give them a try. You get 3 pair for under $10.  These are very natural looking, not overly thick and are easy peasy to apply.  I decided to give them a try since it seems eyelashes are so "in" right now.  I wore them for 2 days and haven't worn them since.  I just did not think they were worth the effort and I feel like, for me, that my natural lashes look better.  But, you might feel differently.  

Ladies Head Vases

Ladies, these may be the CUTEST item that I have ever posted on my Prime Purchases.  These are vases and they were EMPTY when I purchased them but I took them to my trusty floral designer and she put these cute arrangements in them.  I remember my Grandmother having a couple of the vintage ones when I was a little girl.  Amazon also has the vintage looking ones as well but when I saw these I couldn't resist.  I think they would be so cute as the table scape for a ladies luncheon, or how about for someone's office desk.  I'm even thinking they might be what I give our office girls for Administrative Professional Day next April.  And, if my house lent itself to this type decor, I'd sure use them.  But, they would look very out of place.  All these cute ladies need is a name. ~giggle~

Cell Phone Stand/Holder

And, these are pretty cute too and they are very handy!  These are adjustable cell phone holders and in such "happy" colors.  AND, their less than $7 for all 6.  They would make great "happies" for your family or friends, which is what I'm going to do with them.  I mean, who does not need one.  I have 2 and I keep my phone on mine when I am at home.  I have one in our kitchen and one in my home office. They had a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.  I think you may need to order some. 

Have a great Tuesday don't forget to be a blessing to someone today.

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

A Blueberry Hodgepodge

From this Side of the Pond
As we are living in ever changing days there's this one constant in my life, the Wednesday Hodgepodge.  Hey, it's the little things folks.

1. Are you currently making plans of any kind? What kind? What emotions are associated with the planning process? Tell us about one plan you had to cancel due to the current situation which shall remain nameless. Ha!
No big plans being made but we do have two sets of company coming in July and we're sure excited about that.  One set is dear friends and the other is my brother, his wife and their daughter.  We will be going to Oklahoma the first of August to help out with the boys when our daughter has to return to work but the boys do not go back until a later date. ~it takes a village sometimes~  Then we plan to go to the Atlanta area in Sept. to see Hubby's two sisters.  So, we do have a few things to look forward to and that is a very good thing.  But, we can only hope and pray that nothing happens with the Covid restrictions, to change these plans.  We had to cancel our trip to Oklahoma back in March because of all the Covid mess.  Hopefully that will NEVER happen again but time will tell.

2. Last time you saw stars, either literally or figuratively?
Most days if I even turn the news on for 5 minutes, I start to see stars.  Oh, my, goodness, it is so disconcerting and depressing and I'm much better off not watching it.  That's all I'll say about that.

3. Blueberries yay or nay? Blueberry pie, blueberry muffins, blueberry yogurt, blueberries by the handful...what's your pleasure?
Oh, I LOVE me some blueberries, but always in something, not by the handful.  I'd say blueberry muffins are my favorite and I have some fresh blueberries in our freezer that I'll be making some muffins with very shortly.

4. swim against the tide, swimming upstream, in the swim, sink or swim, makes your head swim...choose one of the 'swim' idioms listed and tell us how/why you relate?
And, once again I refer to the national news.........I often think that I am swimming against the tide when I watch the news.

5. Sum up your June in a single sentence.
We had our Oklahoma family come for a visit and that "made" our June worth happening.

6.  Insert your own random thought here.

Okay, I told you when our pergola was finished, I would share a picture with you.  Well, here it is!  We are thrilled with it and the addition of the lights and decorative wrought iron pieces gave it such a nice touch.  I believe I remember Hubby saying it is 10' X 18'.  It's rather large.  And, while we may not use it everyday, it sure does make a lovely addition to our landscape.

We took our wrought iron table and chairs that were on our back porch and put it under the pergola as it was more suited for weather.  We do have the middle of the pergola covered but in severe weather, whatever is under it, will definitely get pretty wet.  And, the firepit table and chairs are perfect on our porch and make our porch look like an extension of the house.  Talk about comfortable!  The chairs are swivel rockers and the middle piece on the table lifts off to reveal the firepit.  We look forward to trying it out when we are not fighting some of the hottest and most humid weather on record.  

And, I leave you with this.............yes, there is still good in EVERY day.

Every Day May Not Be Good Wood Plaque Wall Décor