Monday, July 27, 2020

What's Up?

Well, my dear readers have probably wondered if I fell off the face of the earth. But, I haven't, just haven't  been inspired to blog in recent weeks.  I've been busy with other things that I enjoy but didn't want you to completely forget about me, so thought an update was in order.

The Best Easy Chocolate Chip Cookies - The Wholesome Dish

I LOVE to bake and I've baked more cookies than the law allows since the Covid pandemic.  I guess it has served as a type of therapy for me.  Week before last I made Chocolate Chip, Peanut Butter, Sugar, and Pecan cookies plus a batch of Brownies.  My freezer is stocked and I've shared them with family and  friends and still have plenty more to share.  A dear friend gave me the cutest cookie platter for my upcoming birthday and I look forward to using it real soon.

We had dear friends come for a visit last week and it was such a nice break from all that surrounds us these days.

I hosted a dinner one evening while they were here for some of their friends from high school.  Both Diane and Dwight are from here and enjoyed visiting with these long time friends.  I had the men sit at one table and the gals at another and I had so much fun creating the table scape for the gals.

Remember seeing these on my Prime Purchases last month?  The vases come empty and I had my favorite local floral designer do these arrangements in them.  They were a big hit with the ladies and really cute and perfect for an informal setting.  It was also a fun diversion from all that surrounds us.

I received a call from the assisted living facility where my Dad lives one morning this past week.  They wanted to inform me that my sweet Dad's apartment had flooded and a lot of his ceiling had fallen in. A workman was in the attic doing some kind of work and accidently stepped on the sprinkler (a part of the sprinkler system) above my Dad's room.  It burst and a big MESS happened.  Daddy was fine and thankfully none of the ceiling fell on him.  It wasn't heavy ceiling but a lot of wet insulation fell with it and I'm afraid it might have literally scared him to death if it had fallen on him.  The administrator told me he would have to move to another room immediately as his room would have to be totally remodeled.  So, to make a real long story short, they granted me and my sweet daughter in law special permission to go in and assist with his move.  Goodness, it was overwhelming but we managed to get it done and they allowed me to go back in the next day and put the finishing touches on things.  He had to move across the hall so everything in his new apartment is opposite of what it was in his old room.  Bless his heart, he's handled it like a trooper and while it was a tough way to get to spend some time with him, we both enjoyed our time together.  I did nearly have a heat stroke with the mask, the plastic overlay and gloves on, but I survived.  It was a tad bit sad when I left as we both had no idea when we would get to be together again.  ~did I mention that I'm sick of this pandemic~

And, these precious girls,

and these cute boys are preparing to return to school.  And, no one knows exactly what that is going to look like.  Both of their schools have plans and we can only hope that their plans go as planned.  And, both our daughter and DIL are a bit anxious about their school year  as teachers.  There's still so much unknown.  Just one more reason for me to be much in prayer for this coming school year. 

As I mentioned above, I have an upcoming birthday, as in this Wednesday.  Diane started my birthday week with this beautifully wrapped gift.   She knows I love birds and this was the most beautiful bird gift wrap and inside was the cutest cookie platter.  She knows me well!

youtube: Zakia Chanell pinterest: elchocolategirl instagram ...

Another precious friend gave me a Charcuterie Board and I can hardly wait to "try my hand" with it.  I think the sky is the limit as to what you can create with them so I'll be sure and share with you my first creation.  I ordered a book of ideas  from Amazon and will let you know how it goes.

I already feel so celebrated and my birthday isn't until Wednesday.  At this stage of life I'm just thankful to be here and celebrating.  

These pandemic days have been so disheartening and my heart had been saddened by all of the ugliness, anger, and disrepect in addition to the Covid.  So, I am not attached to the news, trying to stay connected with those I love and remembering that God is still on His throne and none of this has caught Him by surprise. 

Woodland Grace A Special Prayer For You Textual Art on Wood

May you have a blessed week!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

Hi there! My name is Lea. I've been wife to the best Hubby for 44 years....Mom to a son and daughter....CiCi to 4 precious Grans....lover of family and friends....enjoy laughter and a good time....shopper....picture taking maniac....maker of delicious fudge....organizational enthusiast....memory maker....Southern Belle...and most importantly.....a Child of the King! Welcome to my little corner!


  1. WOW, how did I miss those cute vases! I will go back and check that post. Anyway, HOW cute filled with flowers! Happy Early Birthday, looks like you are enjoying some early celebrations. What a mess at your Dad's place but I know he is happy to be in a new place AND you got to spend some time with him:) Enjoy your day dear friend, post when you can... I'll be here to read! HUGS!

  2. Happy early birthday dear Lea. I absolutely love that sentence you made "I am not attached to the news, trying to stay connected with those I love and remembering that God is still on His throne and none of this has caught Him by surprise.". YES, lets stay attached to those we love and not the news! Loving that board! I need me one! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  3. Thankful your dad is okay and they allowed you to go see him. Wishing you a happy birthday week!!

  4. Happy birthday week! What a beautifully wrapped gift. I'm so sorry to hear about your dad's apartment. I'm glad you were able to help, although it must have been HOT in that gear! Have a good week of celebrating!

  5. Although there is much going on around us that could keep us disturbed and anxious, there is also so much good for which to be grateful. Your post has reminded us of several of those blessings - beauty, friendships, joys both large and small, grandchildren, and always God's intervention and protection. Thanks for sharing.

  6. Those are some great gifts and I look forward to seeing your creations!! Happy birthday week, dear friend!! Keep us posted on how the rest of your week goes!! Your get-together sounds like great fun and I love those vases you got. Such fun! Loved your post!

  7. It's good to see your post, Lea! That disaster in your dad's room is quite a sight to see! The Lord sure had an interesting way of giving you opportunity to spend time with you dad! Volunteering to help with the clean-up was very selfless and smart of you!!!!

    Like you, iI find it hard to know just what to put on the blog these days; but all your cheery pictures here help a lot!

    Happy birthday, early! You're off to a wonderful start!

  8. You definitely have "the touch". Some people have it, and some (like me) don't! Love the little head vases...just too too cute. The pandemic and the politics have just become almost unbearable (for me). I don't listen to the news very much anymore. I believe we are being told so many lies. And one thing I am really, really having a hard time dealing with are a few family members and friends who have bought into abortion rights, tearing down and destroying public property, etc...and yet they call themselves Christian. I'd better stop right there before I say more than I should. I just hold it in so long and then get so frustrated!!! I have been praying all summer for our kids and teachers. A part of me wishes I was still teaching so I could help, but a part of me is also thankful I'm not. My grandchildren are so excited about returning to school. I will just pray, pray, pray that all goes well. I know the administrators making the tough decisions are doing the best they can. So glad you posted again:)

  9. Oh, I forgot to wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Mine was earlier this month and my mother turned 92 yesterday! So we share a birthday month:) Hope your day is lovely and I'm sure it will be because you are such a lovely person.

  10. I’m glad you’ve had many happy distractions. We need them! So sorry about your dad’s room, but grateful they allowed you in to make his new one feel like home. What an exhausting year this has been. Take care and have a wonderful birthday week!

  11. I recognized those adorable vases immediately. The flower arrangements are just precious in them. What conversation pieces. And that Charcuterie board. Mouth-watering as are those cookies. I am so sorry your father's apartment flooded but thankful you gals were able to go in and help move him to dryer ground.

  12. I Love those sweet vases! I remember Sue at Collectin' In Texas had a beautiful collection of them. She was my idol (heeheeeheehee) I am sorry about your dad's apartment. I hope all will be well. You are blessed he is with you. I lost mine 35 years ago and I never get over it. What a great gathering you had. We need fun in these times don't we? Our youngest daughter & her hubby are coming cross country in their camper to visit.We are so happy. Thank you for the shares today. HUGS

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