Wednesday, May 29, 2024

The Wednesday Hodgepodge

I am so thrilled to be participating in the HP today. Joyce always comes up with such thought provoking questions that are fun to answer.  I have gotten so slack in blogging and often think that I'll get back with it.  But, life gets in the way and the weeks turn to months and the months to years.  I have a lot of thoughts and subjects rolling around in my mind for good blog fodder.  So, perhaps I'll surprise you and get back with it.  Time will tell.

1. Growing up, at what age did you think you'd become an adult? At what age did you actually become an adult? 
Oh, my goodness, that was a VERY long time ago but I'm pretty sure I thought I would be an adult when I celebrated my 18th birthday.  I can remember thinking, "if I were only 18."  I was 2 months shy of my 19th birthday when I got married.  Yes, scares me too death to think about that now.  But, thankfully, Hubby was 5 years older and had plenty of patience and I can assure you that I tested it in our early years (and he might say I still do). ~ chuckle~  I probably didn't actually take on an adult mindset until  I became a Mother at the age of 23

2.  What's a favorite item you've bought this year?

This little cherry wood accent table.  Did I need it, NO! Did I want it, YES! This is one of our guest bathrooms and one that company uses and Hubby and I use it if we don't want to go all the way to our bathroom.  I have been in this bathroom a bunch of times and putting an accent table in it has never crossed my mind.  But, a couple of weeks ago I walked in and I thought the bird picture would look so nice with a small table under it.  So, the hunt began.  I found this on Wayfair and it arrived 2 days later and it could not be more perfect.  I have two arrangements being created right now to go on it, one on the top and one on the bottom shelf. It will be complete and I think a nice addition.  And, yes, it is just one more thing that our kids will likely have to add to an estate sale one day.  But, until then, I will enjoy it. ~smile~

3. May 28th is National Hamburger Day...are you a fan? If so, how do you like yours? When was the last time you had a hamburger? Besides the backyard grill, what's your favorite place to go for a burger? 

It's been a couple of weeks and yes, I am a fan.  But, I do not like thick patties and I want them completely done.  I really prefer to eat my own hamburgers as so many places make them so thick.  I like mine with a chipolte mayo, lettuce, onion and dill pickles, NO tomatoes.  I rarely, if ever, eat a hamburger when we go out to eat.

4.  How have your priorities changed over time? 

I think for most, as we age, our priorities change for the better. We realize what is really important and don't sweat the small things nearly as much.  I place more priority on meaningful relationships (family and friends), my own self improvement, my walk with the Lord  and making a positive difference in the lives of others. And, I'm sure I still have more work to do in this area. And, way back when, I'm pretty sure I didn't even have any idea what priority meant and certainly had none. 

5. What's one thing on your June calendar you're really looking forward to? 

In about 3 weeks these 2 "monkeys" and their Momma will be coming for a short visit. Their big brother and Daddy will stay behind to mind the dogs, horses and sheep. They have a super busy summer and the #1 priority at their house is to give Momma all the time she needs to finish up her dissertation.  Yes, she's almost to the end and "if the Lord's willing and the creeks don't rise" she will defend her dissertation towards the end of Oct. And, at that time will be "crowned" with her Doctorate in Math Education.  All in 3 1/2 years.  It has taken the boys and her husbands full support to accomplish such.  Anyway, we look forward to seeing her and the two littles for 2-3 days.  

6. Insert your own random thought here

This guy right here, my sweet Daddy, has kept me hopping in recent months.  As you can tell from the picture, he has no teeth.  That's right, it was decided last summer that the teeth he had left needed to come out.  That took about 4 months and then after some time to heal, we started in on the process of getting dentures.  Good grief, what a process! I've taken him for 4 visits and we have 2 more and he will finally get them.  Now, is he going to wear them, that remains to be seen.  It will be a huge adjustment for him as he hasn't had a full mouth of teeth in many, many years. 

And, he has another Squamous Cell cancer on his left hand.  I say another because he had one last year, on the same hand,  and it was a huge ordeal because it was misdiagnosed for months and he almost lost his little finger.  But, this one just came up and we will begin the removal process in 2 weeks and hopefully it will be a much simpler and quicker process.  Might I add, these Drs. are all 25 miles away, so it takes some time and some of the visits are rather long.

It can be overwhelming to me at times and yes, I am blessed to still have my Daddy but it doesn't mean that his care doesn't get heavy at times.  I have someone who assists me in the overseeing of his day to day care but when it comes to Drs. visits, that needs to be my responsibility. And, trying to work in my own routine Dr. appointments along with his, well, it gets challenging at best.

On a lighter note, as you can see in the above picture, he is on a scooter.  Can I tell you that he has been like a kid with a new toy since getting that.  I really tried to talk him out of it as I feel like his walking is very important to keeping the use of his legs.  He has used a cane and a walker for the past several years and manages just fine with those.  But, he got it in his head that he "needed" a scooter to go down to the dining room.  My bother and I discussed it and decided that he has very few bright spots in his life and if he wanted a scooter that badly then he could have one.  It is truly  the neatest means of transportation for such a reasonable price and far, far better than an electric wheelchair.  It will turn on a dime, it's rechargeable, has some great features and above all, he's so cute on it. ~wink~  I worried, at first, about his very limited vision and how that would work.  But, thankfully, he has managed just fine and tells me daily how much he enjoys it. I made a bargin with him and told him he "had" to walk to one meal a day just for the exercise.  Not sure he's holding up to his end of the bargin but...............

Monday, May 6, 2024

May - Prime Purchases

And, here we are, in the month of May.  We, here in NE Louisiana, are glad to see April go.  It rained, rained and rained some more and we are weary of it.  We do hope it leaves us with gorgeous blooming flowers bursting forth soon.  In the meantime, let's check out my Prime Purchases.


Ladies, this is the best looking cardigan!  If you've hung around here very long then you know I am attracted to pearl embellishments on sweaters.  This is such a cute cardigan and can be dressed up or down.  It's not a heavy sweater and perfect for spring.


These are called the Martha Stewart Bobs and they are so cute and comfortable.  I have a narrow foot and these only come in a medium width, so I put an insole and a heel pad in to help with the fit. I love the elevated sole a whole lot and they come in a natural color that I also got.


I am a fan of lightweight sweaters in the spring and this one "fits the bill." Yes, I'm cold natured and I'd much rather be a tad warm than a tad cool.  It is well made and fits well.  It comes in about 10 different colors, made of 100% cotton and very affordable.  Go grab you one!


 Yes, I do love handbags, in case you have not noticed that.  And, I like ones that easily hold all my "stuff" and this one fits the bill.  It's leather, good price point and comes in 6 colors.  It is a requirement for me that all my handbags have an outside pocket and this one does.  As I've said before, I have a small shopping purse that stays in my vehicle as I do not carry a heavy handbag on my shoulder anymore.  


I'm betting most of you reading this have played Uno but have you played Uno flip?  Well, if you haven't then you need to.  Our daughter taught us to play while we were there a few weeks ago and we had so much fun.  It should almost be called "frustration" as it can certainly be frustrating while playing but that's part of the fun.


Flat top brushes are my new favorite makeup brushes.  They come in various sizes but this is the one I use most.  I use this to put the neutral colored eyeshadow all over my eyelid before applying any color.  It works great!  I also have a much larger version for my loose powder application.


I have taken a liking to olive leaf vine and this one is so realistic.  I ordered the set of two and am using them on our mantle with the automatic twinkle lights intertwined.  I have them set to come on at dusk and I love the ambiance it gives to the room.


I love gazing balls and enjoy using them in a few of our flower beds.  This is my newest one and it is so pretty, especially when the sun hits it.

This is the stand I ordered to place it on.  You can get stands of various heights.  I usually place them a bit under the dirt for stability and all 4 of the ones we have survive the often strong winds we have here on "the hill."  They comes in all sorts of colors and patterns and, for me, are a nice touch.


Who knew there was a battery operated flosser!  Not me, at least not until the other day when my dentist's hygienist told me about this one.  I ordered it immediately and I loved it the minute I used it.  I hate flossing and anything I can do to improve it, makes me happy.  Flossing is so important and this little gadget is making it a tad bit more enjoyable for me.


We needed some new chairs to carry to the ballpark.  We had ones with the woven webbing and it was about worn out.  I wasn't even sure those were made anymore as everyone now has the mumbo jumbo chairs with rockers, lift out drink holders and all the bells and whistles.  Well, those only weight about 25+ pounds and we aren't into carrying that much weight and we aren't into pulling a wagon either.  So, while looking to replace our chairs I ran across these.  AND, they have a shoulder strap that works like a charm and they weigh a mere 7 pounds.  They did have the webbed chairs with straps as well but I like these with the solid seat and back better.  And, they are cute as can be and as we know, cute is always an added bonus. ~chuckle~


I've had a Nix digital frame for about 10 years and was very happy with it but it had about served it's purpose. And digital frames have come a LONG ways in the last 10 years.  So, a couple of weeks I did my research and the Aura is one of the most highly rated digital frames.  I immediately went to Amazon to see if they carried it, and, of course, they did.  It might have taken me 5 minutes to set it up and now I send photos to it thru the Aura app on my phone.  And, the pictures are beautiful when they come across the frame.  I couldn't be happier.  It has way more bells and whistles than my older one.

That wraps up this months Prime Purchases.  Perhaps something peeked your interest either for yourself or for a gift.

Have a wonderful new week!!!