Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Halloween Style

Joyce makes up the questions and we "make up" the answers and together they make for a most interesting blog post on Wednesdays. As always, today's questions were most fun and gave my brain some exercise for sure.  Enjoy!
1. What's something you're dealing with that might be described as tricky?
Well, I don't mean to sound trite when I say this, but LIFE! We never know what it's going to throw our way and to say it can sometimes be very tricky, well, that would be an understatement.  I sometimes feel like I've had more than my share of trickiness in recent years.~smile~  But, hey, I somehow manage to keep "rising above."

~thank the Lord~

2.  What's your treat of choice?
Humm.........I assume we are talking about food and if so, it would be a warm piece of Pecan Pie.  I'm not tempted by much in the sweet department, but if Pecan Pie is an option, then I'm probably going to indulge in a at least a bite or two.

3. Did you/will you carve a jack-o-lantern this month? Which real (living or dead) or fictional 'Jack' would you most like to meet in person? Why?
Oh, it has been years since I carved a pumpkin, guess since my now, 34 and 37 year old children were little.  And, even then it was not something that I took a lot of pleasure in doing. Loved what it looked like when  a candle was put in, but the carving was work!

The first Jack that came to my mind was Jack Lord, star of Hawaii-Five-O.  I loved that show and I guess if he were nearby and I could meet him , that would be nice but I've certainly never given meeting him a thought until this very moment. ~grin! And, since he's dead, not much chance I'm going to meet him in this life. ~smile~

4.  In your opinion, what's the grossest sounding word in the English language?
I absolutely cannot stand to hear someone use the word "sucks." I not only think it is gross but nasty as well.  As far as I'm concerned it has no place in anyone's vocabulary!!!

5. When did your heart last skip a beat?
About two weeks ago a lizard got in our house.  I didn't know it until I was walking down the hallway that night and he was slithering by.  I screamed bloody murder and not only did my heart skip a beat, but my dear Hubby's heart skipped a beat because he was certain that someone had attack me.  When he found out it was "only" a lizard he was NOT happy with me. ~need I say more~

6. Monster Mash by Bobby 'Boris' Picket, Michael Jackson's Thriller, Werewolves of London by Warren Zevon, or Ray Parker Jr.'s Ghostbusters...your favorite 'scary' tune?
It would have to be Ghostbusters as our son was 8 and our daughter was 5 when the first Ghostbuster movie came out and that song was all we heard for months and months to come.  Shucks, I even found myself singing it, it was such a cute and catchy tune.  Now, I'll probably sing it the rest of today since I've got it on my mind.  

7.   It was a dark and stormy night when..... From Snoopy quotes:
“It was a dark and stormy night. Suddenly, a shot rang out! A door slammed. The maid screamed. Suddenly, a pirate ship appeared on the horizon! While millions of people were starving, the king lived in luxury. Meanwhile, on a small farm in Kansas, a boy was growing up.” ~only Snoopy~

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I just recently purchased some of the new battery operated candles with timers.  What will they think of next???  I mean, I am thrilled too death with them and now every evening at 5:30, Hubby and I get to enjoy candles burning. I have them set to burn for 5 hours and then they go off and come on again the next day at 5:30.  And, the candles flicker, which makes them even more realistic.  I get plum excited when they come on each evening and thoroughly enjoy their calming presence. ~ I know, it doesn't take much for some folks.~  But, in case you are interested in purchasing some, here's the site -  And, the price is very reasonable compared to some I've seen and the candles are waxy and uneven at the top.  Can you tell, I'm proud of these "smart" candles. 

Happy mid-week!!!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Miscellany Monday - A Southern Celebration

It's a beautiful fall Monday and time to share some Monday love with you.  And, love it is, all about we Southern gals hosting another pre-wedding affair.  Sit back, grab a cup of your favorite drink and enjoy!
lowercase letters

Come on in......
 We can just about do these things with our eyes closed.  We have years and years of experience!  This was the entrance to the lovely home hosting the event.  Doesn't it look welcoming?

And, are they the cutest?  This is Vick and Sophia, a sweet, sweet couple and I've known Vick since the day he was born.  Their wedding will be Dec.14 in Baton Rouge, Louisiana.

The couple to the left were the host and hostess and the couple on the right is the groom's parents.

This is 4 of the hostesses, there were 38 others.  Yes, you read that right, 38.  And, of course, we met a few weeks back and came up with a delicious menu and it was served in grand style and enjoyed by all who attended.

There were sweets of all descriptions, grilled beef tenders, marinated salad, hot wing dip, crab dip,  and lots of other tempting dishes.  There was certainly no reason for anyone to leave hungry.

And, between the hostesses there are some very talented women when it comes to floral design.  There was a beautiful fresh flower arrangement in every nook and cranny and all with a nice "fall flair."  Let me assure you that I contributed nothing to the floral decor, my talent was in the food department and what better for them to ask me to prepare than fudge.  Yes, I can  do that with my eyes closed too.

It's always fun to celebrate these young folks as they prepare to begin their lives together and it's especially nice when you  know that they are headed in the right direction.  Vick is one of the Associate Pastors of the Chapel on the Campus in Baton Rouge and he is working to finish up his seminary degree right now.  I'm sure the Lord has great things in store for he and Sophia.  And, no one celebrates better than we Southerners! ~smile~  

Blessings for this new week!

Friday, October 25, 2013

Lea's Daybook - Friday, October 25, 2013


Outside my is still very, very dark but in just over a week, it will be wonderful daylight at this time.  But, that's not all good in my book, because we exchange the light of the evening to the light of the morning and then it is dark at 5:15PM.  It takes me 2-3 weeks to adjust because my body thinks it's bedtime shortly thereafter.  Ugh!  I really want light in the early morning and light until at least 7:00 in the evenings.  Guess you might say, "I want my cake and eat it too."

I am thinking...that age often  intensifies our negative personality traits.  Ugh! I don't even like saying that, but I do believe it's the truth from my observation. 

I am thankful...for a good eye check up with my Ophthalmologist this week.  Serious eye sight issues run in my family and as of yet, I show no signs of retina problems or Macular Degeneration.  I have watched the demise of my Dad's sight and the sadness that it has brought into his life
In the kitchen...I'm still making up fudge for the holidays and I made a big pot of chili the other night and froze a couple of containers.  I'm so excited for soup, stew and chili weather!  Add some cornbread and we're some happy folks!

I am wearing...well, still in my "walking clothes" at the moment which consist of grey knit capris and a faded tshirt.  But, I'll be changing shortly into more presentable clothes.

I am creating...nothing at this time but still working on my Christmas card that I mentioned in my last daybook.

I am Physical Therapy in a little while.  I have 12 sessions and am hopeful with the PT and the cortisone shots I got in my left shoulder that I will "good to go."  This will just be my 2nd session so that means 10 more to go. Ugh! not really enjoying having this added to my weekly schedule, but, it is what it is! 
I am wondering...about all kinds of things that are near and dear to my heart.

I am hoping...that I have come up with a few surprise gifts for my kiddos for Christmas.  It is so, so hard to come up with surprises.  I always ask them what they want but I always enjoy throwing something(s) in that is totally my idea.  I pretty much know their likes and dislikes and while money and gift cards are at their top of their list, I like to give them a few gifts outside of that.

I am looking forward to...
seeing our daughter and Grandson at Christmas.  Oh, how I wish she lived a "doable distance."  13 hours is just not doable!  I'm thinking 4 would just about be perfect.  Oh, well, perhaps the Federal Government will see fit to transfer them to a place that would be more "doable."  I can always hope! ~smile~

I am learning...
that some things are just NOT my responsibility.

Around the house...
not much going on, or at least, nothing you would be interesting in knowing. ~laugh~

I am pondering...
the words to Laura Story's song, "Blessings."  I love, love the chorus and these words....

"What if your blessings come through rain drops
What if Your healing comes through tears
What if a thousand sleepless nights are what it takes to know You're near
What if trails of this life are Your mercies in disguise."

And, what if the trials of this life really are HIS mercies in disguise. ~and there's no doubt, they often are~ And, what if we never understand until we meet Him face to face? ~and no doubt there will always be things here on this earth that we will never understand until we enter heaven's gates~ and guess what, it will not matter then~  Hallelujah!
A favorite quote for today...
"Only if you have been in the deepest valley can you ever know how magnificent it is to be on the highest mountain."

One of my favorite seeing the smile on my Princess' face when I go in to pick her up from Mother's Day Out (she calls it "school").  She is 4 years old and thinks I'm pretty much the greatest and I pray she will always think that.~smile~

A few plans for the rest of the week...I will be helping to host a bridal affair for a lovely young couple tomorrow evening.  And, as you know, here in the deep South we can throw an affair like no other.  And, this one promises to  be quite an event with lots of good, good food.  Not to worry, it will be blog fodder shortly.

A picture worth sharing...
Last weekend "the Princess" and her Momma craved out a pumpkin, filled him with electric string lights and then placed him on their front porch.  I think they did an outstanding job and he certainly does have a "welcoming smile."

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Joyce came up with some really random questions today.  I'm wondering if she lays awake at night coming up with the Hodgepodge.  I'm just always amazed that she manages to come up with interesting questions, week in and week out.  We appreciate you Joyce!

1. When it comes to good manners, what two top your list of most important?
Oh, good manners are such a rarity today by most accounts, but I still enjoy a gentleman holding a door for me or allowing me to go ahead of him.  And, in this day of cell phone mania, there truly is a time and place for them to be left behind or completely ignored, but few folks realize this.  Have mercy, it was really just a few short years ago that we did not even have them and somehow we seemed to survive! 

2. Let's open a proverbial can of worms...Common Core.  Are you familiar with the term (talking education reform in the USA)?  If so, care to share your thoughts? In your opinion, what is one of the biggest issues schools (in your home country) face today?

Okay, I do not know enough about Common Core to discuss it,but since both my daughter and DIL are both educators, I do hear them talk about it.  My daughter said that she really likes it, except for the government involvement, and she works in a school district that offers their teachers a lot of support in CC.
I asked both my daughter and DIL what would be the biggest issues they face......they both said lack of funding or inappropriate use of funding and lack of parental involvement.

3. Name a celebrity whose fashion sense you admire and share why.

I admire Kate Middleton's fashion sense.  She has such feminine taste with class, much like her late MIL, Diana.  In my dressier clothes I always tend to go with a feminine, classy look. I would have so enjoyed the styles of the 1920's.~big smile~

4. How are you affected by the changing seasons?Well, the changing seasons certainly have no big affects on me, but I do love the Spring and Fall best of all.  What does have ill affects on me is the time change that is about to take place on November 3 and it will be slap dab dark by 5:15PM everyday. ~ugh, ugh~~

5. Scariest book you've ever read?Humm.....of all the books I have read, I cannot think of one that was scary.  I'm not drawn to scary in any shape, form or fashion.  The world is scary enough for me. ~wink~

6. What time of day are you most hungry? What's your go-to snack? 

Usually mid afternoon finds me in a "snacky" mood.  I never think about snacking in the morning but the afternoon is another story.  I usually always have dry roasted peanuts and I also keep the little milk chocolate Dove squares around.  A few peanuts and one or two of those and I'm a happy gal.

7. Do you lean more towards being too needy or too independent? Which do you find harder to deal with in others?

I would definitely lean towards being too independent but not to the point that I don't realize that there are definitely things I need assistance with or things I just simply cannot do.
They can both be hard to deal with in others but I think I'd probably rather deal with someone too independent than too needy.  I do not tolerate neediness too well, unless someone is indeed in need.  Did that make sense?  I sure hope so!

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I decided today that life has become entirely too automated.  I needed the phone number of a relatively new Doctor in our area.  I looked on the internet and the number listed there was incorrect.  I did everything I knew to do to try and keep from calling information but finally had to give in and call for assistance (see I'm not over the top independent).  A real person answered but ask me if I needed a phone number and I responded yes and in a flash I was connected with this automated system.~ugh!~  I was to say the name of the person whose number I needed.  Well, I spoke very, very plainly and they interpeted it very, very WRONG and began telling me they had no listing for that name.  I called back trying to get the real person to stay on the line long enough to let me say something and failed again.  Finally the third time I was quick enough and they said, "Oh, I'll have to connect you with my supervisor."  I'm thinking, "really, all I need is a phone number, surely you can handle that request."  Anyway, the supervisor got on the line and first I told her that I certainly hoped that I would not be charged $2 for each of these calls and she assured me that she would take care of that.  But, she did not have a listing for the Dr. either and I spelled the name for her.  I was about to "blow a gasket" and finally called the hospital he is affiliated with and got the number.  This whole ordeal took around 15 minutes.  Crazy!!! And, I'm wondering if this Dr. has any idea how difficult it is to get the number for his office. I'm thinking I'm going to inform him. ~grin~

Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellany Monday

lowercase letters

Goodness, this past week flew by, guess time really does fly by when you are having fun. We've had a lot of fun this past week with family and friends.  So, glad to slow down a minute and link up with sweet Carissa this morning and share some random thoughts. 

An early Christmas present.....
Hubby's sister and her husband have been here the past few days and since they will not be back for Christmas, they decided to give Hanna Beth her Christmas present a bit early.  I do not think I even realized that they made Ugg boots this small, but are they not the cutest!!  Hanna Beth was more than thrilled and ran around in them until her feet got to hot and then she decided to shed them until  the weather gets a bit cooler. 

His new black hat.....
Clancy has just become the proud owner of his first black hat.  His parents thought it was time he had a black felt hat, so they found him one last weekend.  And, is it not most fitting for our little cowboy?  I could pinch those cute cheeks!

Bustin' forth....
   These are mums that Hubby planted last year at this time.  When they finished blooming, he cut them back.  Well, they bloomed this spring and were beautiful, but when they came back this fall they were a site to see.  They are the biggest mums I have ever seen.  That flower bed is solid mums and makes quite the statement in our backyard.

Simply done.......
We attended an event this past Saturday evening where this type arrangement was on each table.  They were so eye catching and looked to be easily done.  They used various size cobalt blue jars at varying heights and then colorful zinnias, goldenrod and asparagus fern werebadded.  I love seeing table scapes of this kind because it gives me ideas for my own use.  I am certainly far from a floral designer, but I think I could definitely take this idea and run with it.  How pretty would red jars be for the Christmas holidays?  And, amber colored jars for Thanksgiving?  

Thinking of you....
The doorbell rang last Friday afternoon and when I opened the door, these were awaiting me.  Aren't they gorgeous?  They were from someone very special and were simply sent to let me know they were thinking of me.  Wow! you know, sometimes it is just the "pick me up" you need.


Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

And, it's Wednesday and Joyce continues to come up with these thought provoking questions each week.  And, I'm so jealous that she got to meet two of her blogging friends in "real life" this past weekend.  What fun!  Thanks Joyce for always showing up for us!
  1. What was your biggest worry five years ago?  Is it still a worry?
I was worried that my Mom might not fully recover from a fall that injured her shoulder.  She and my Dad were on, what would be their last trip together, when Mom "said" she got tangled up in the bathmat in their hotel bathroom and fell against the bathtub and broke her shoulder.  No, it is no longer a worry because about 6 weeks later she had a massive stroke and died.  As we looked back and thought about that fall in the hotel, we are pretty sure she probably had a stroke at that time too, but it was such that we didn't really notice any stroke symptoms. 

2. Yesterday (October 15th) was National Grouch Day...what makes you grouchy? What cheers you up when you're feeling grouchy?

Goodness, there must be a day for everything.  I don't know that I would call myself grouchy but more out of sorts when there is lots going on in my life and I simply cannot stay on top of it all.  And, that has happened a lot the past 5 years.  But, as soon as things level out, I'm "good to go" until life slaps me again. ~smile~

3.  In one word, how does it feel to be photographed?

Well, since I absolutely love photography, being photographed doesn't bother me in the least.  Now, if someone else is taking my picture for their use, I always hope that if the picture isn't becoming that they will choose not to use it.  I always try to pay the same respect to anyone that I photograph but I also try to take more than one picture so that chances are I'll get a good one.  Oh, I just reread the question and see that it says, "in one word."  Oh, well, not sure I can think of just one word. 

4. Besides your parents, who would you say had the greatest influence on you in choosing your life path?  Explain.

Well, I sometimes wonder if I have yet chosen my life path.  I think my life just more or less happened and thank goodness, the dear Lord was the overseer of it and led me down some really good paths with some wonderful folks to help guide me along the way.  For the first 18 years of my life, my parents were without a doubt the greatest influence and I can't think of anyone else.  Since I married at 18 (and moved 1000 miles away from home), there were  precious older ladies that took me under their wing, mentored me, ministered to me, loved me and prayed for me.  I definitely would not be the woman I am today if it were not for them.

5. The crisp days of autumn are here ...what's something you like to eat, but only if it's crisp?

Hummm....the first thing that came to my mind was fried okra and it has absolutely nothing to do with fall, but I eat it anytime, anywhere, anyplace!  But, it MUST be crisp!

6. What's the most useless object you own?

Oh, my, I would say that I likely have more useless items than useful but I imagine I'm not the only one that could say that.  I absolutely could not think of just one item.  And, the definition of useless likely varies from individual to individual.  I have a lot of decorative items throughout our home, they serve no real purpose other than to decorate my home, so to me they are useful. Anyway, will just leave it at that. ~grin~

  7.  Share a favorite fall memory.
This was taken on the deck outside our condo
A couple of years ago Hubby and I went to Northwest Arkansas just  as the colors had finished changing and the weather was cool and crisp.  It was the fall after my Dad had been diagnosed with GBS and I had been up to my eyeballs with his care and this trip was much needed and much enjoyed.

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

I don't know how many of you know about the great deals at and
but you can save some big time bucks at both of these sites for name brand items.  Zulily has everything, from home accessories to any clothing item you can imagine and lots and lots of little girl clothes.  One Kings Lane is more home items.  I would hate for you not to know about these sites and felt it my duty to inform you because I would expect the same from you. ~chuckle~ 

I will be busy enjoying family the next few days, so will not blog again until Monday.  I might or might not get to visit around during that time. But, never fear, I will return!!! ~aren't you glad~

Monday, October 14, 2013

Miscellany Monday

lowercase letters

The second Monday of October and we are definitely experiencing fall-like weather here in NE, Louisiana.  Yea, for us! But, for now I'll just share my miscellaneous thoughts with you and sweet Carissa.

A boy and his pumpkin.....
When my daughter sent this, my heart just almost stopped for a minute.  Clancy looks so grown up in this picture and every day of his 5 years.  Oh, my goodness, he really is growing up!  Love this! 

The Bunco Babes...
We have a group of 12 gals that play the "mindless" game of Bunco once a month and we have the best time.  A lot of us seldom see each other any other time.  We have a  nice meal, lots of laughs and enjoy our time together.  This past Thursday evening was our night to play and the gal that did the meal outdid herself.  We had hot ham sandwiches, potato soup and then cupcakes all fixed fancy in the little goblets.  She found the idea off Pinterest and it was so, so cute!  Whatever did we do before Pinterest???  

Football fun....
First, let me say, I know little to nothing about the game of football.  Our son never played and that's probably a part of the reason and the other, it all just looks like a jumbled mess to me. ~chuckle~ But, I'm married to a man and we have a son and we run with a group of folks that all LOVE football and especially when our Tigers are playing.  So, we are often a part of a gathering that includes watching the game, enjoying fellowship and eating good food.  And, I'm all about that part for sure.  Such was the case this past Saturday evening.  We all wore our purple and gold and cheered the Tigers on to victory and enjoyed a delicious celebration meal.  Any excuse to get together, be it football or otherwise, I'm in!!!

The birthday gal.....
Speaking of a celebration.........a group of friends gathered yesterday at lunch to celebrate Gerri (pictured above).  Her birthday is tomorrow.  She had no idea that we were doing this and when she walked in, several of her friends were there and she was surprised.  I had found this cute tiny vase at the thrift store and I took it to a local florist and had her make a  fresh arrangement for it and we placed it at her plate.  I think she felt very special and very celebrated.

May you have a wonderful new week!

Friday, October 11, 2013

Lea's Daybook - Friday, Oct. 11th


Outside my window...
another beautiful fall morning and our labs are loving these cooler days.  The poor guys are getting older and the heat of summer just about does them in.

I am thinking...
that life is so, so uncertain. We just have no idea what each new days holds.  Thank goodness we do know who holds our future!

I am thankful...
for good reports from my annual checkups thus far.  I had gotten a couple of months behind but by the end of this month I will have gone to my "lady Dr", my Cardiologist, my Ophthalmologist, had my mammogram and bone density and a whole host of bloodwork.  Have mercy, that is a whole bunch of medical stuff for one month but I am all about annual checkups and have been faithful to mine for as long as I can remember.  I do not take my excellent health for granted and am thankful for each year that I keep getting good reports.

Then, yesterday, I went to a shoulder specialist with an aggravating pain in my left shoulder. He diagnosed it as an impingement  in my Rotator Cuff. Hummm.......he put two shots of cortisone in it and then I will go to PT, twice a week for 3 weeks and we will see if that takes care of the issue.  If not, well, just can't think about surgery.  I've already had shoulder surgery on my right shoulder and the recovery is just awful.  Well worth it in the end, but awful going through it.  Okay, now that I've bored you to tears with my "doctor goings," I'll move on...........~smile~ Oh, and I got my flu shot this week. ~okay, I am moving on now~
In the kitchen...
I made my first pot of homemade soup this week and have lots more "pots of" ideas to do in the coming days.  I love cooking in the fall and winter because we enjoy soups, stews, gumbo and chili.  And, when I make a pot, I make a BIG pot and put the remaining in the freezer for at least two more meals. 
I am wearing...
you know, right this minute I'm in my wonderful Soma lounging PJ's, enjoying a cup of coffee.  Not sure what will go on this body of mine before I actually leave the house.

I am creating...our Christmas card.  I so enjoy Christmas cards and always begin thinking about them w-a-y in advance.  I put a whole lot of thought into them and while I know that the folks that receive them have no idea of the time that went into them, I'm hopeful they enjoy receiving them. I have ordered my envelopes and Christmas return address labels and have done the address labels for the folks receiving them.  As soon as the envelopes arrive I will begin putting the address labels, return labels and stamps on them. Then when I get the cards in, I'll just have to stuff them and seal them.  It's quite the project for sure!

I am going...
to the funeral of my husband's office receptionist tomorrow.  Our hearts were saddened this week by her untimely death.  She was only 31 years old.

I am hoping...
that our receptionist's husband and 14 year old daughter will be able to find peace in the midst of the storm they have just been through.

I am looking forward to...
my SIL and BIL arrival this next week.  We have some fun things planned and we always enjoy being with them.

I am learning...
that we can plan and plan but God can overrule any plan that we may have and it's almost always in our best interest and far better than any plan we ever dreamed. ~yes, HE does know best~

Around the house...
well, for now, things are caught up.  There's not even any ironing to do and that's just short of a miracle.  Will be changing the sheets today, but hey, that's not a big deal and who doesn't love fresh sheets!
A favorite quote for today...
The future starts today, not tomorrow.
I love this quote and think we all likely need to remind ourselves of this fact.

One of my favorite things...
is occasionally being in my house, by myself, with Pandora playing softly in the background. Sometimes it is just what I need.
A few plans for the rest of the week...
we've been invited to some friends house to watch our LSU Tigers take on the Florida Gators tomorrow afternoon. Geaux Tigers! Then, of course, Sunday will be church and some great Christian fellowship!

A peek into my day...
nothing real exciting but am planning to see a precious friend that is dealing with brain cancer, run a few errands and then attend the funeral visitation for our office receptionist.

A picture worth sharing....
 I was browsing through pictures this week and ran across this one.  This is my Mom and Dad with Clancy, their first Great Grandchild when he was just a month old.  Little did we know that this would be my Mom's first and last time to ever see him.  She passed away 3 weeks later.  It will soon be 5 years that she died and that just doesn't seem possible.  Yes, life truly is uncertain..........

Happy, happy, happy weekend!!!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge

Okay, these questions really stretched my brain past it's ability this week.  I always check the questions out early on Tuesday so that I can ponder them all day.  It's a good thing I did that today because several of these I definitely had to ponder. ~grin~ Thanks Joyce for the brain exercise each Wednesday.

The USA will mark Columbus Day this year on Monday, October 14th. What's something you need or want to explore (literally or metaphorically speaking)?
Hubby and I have been blessed to do a lot of traveling but one place that we have yet to "explore" is Yellowstone National Park.  We have talked about doing that and perhaps we'll put that on our "soon to travel to" list.  And, not really sure that I answered this correctly, but then again, Joyce has told us there are no right or wrong answers to the HP. ~it's a good thing~

2. The Wicked Witch of the West from The Wizard of Oz, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, or Maleficent from Sleeping Beauty...who do you most love to hate?

Oh, The Wicked Witch of the West because that is the one I am definitely the most familiar with and I was most upset when she appeared in The Wizard of Oz.  Of course, she did add some excitement to the movie, especially in the mind of the youngster I was at the time I first saw it. 

3. Is open-mindedness a virtue?

I think it can be if you respectfully listen to others opinions or thoughts but do not necessarily accept them without further inquiry.

4. How often do you weigh yourself?

Generally, only monthly.  I have kept an index card with my weight recorded on it for several years and it keeps me very aware of even gaining a pound and that's exactly why I do it.  I am blessed that I have a pretty high metabolism rate and my Mom raised us by the philosophy that "we eat to live, not live to eat." 
 ~pretty plain and simple~

5. This question comes to you courtesy of Rebecca over at Making Memories, so thanks Rebecca!

Costa Rica was recently named the happiest country in the world on the Happy Planet Index. What's the happiest country in the world to you, and what makes it so?

Well, the dear USA is not even in the top 10 but, for me, it is the happiest.  Why? Because it is my home and I cannot imagine being happy anywhere else.  As they say, "there is no place like home" and I think that goes for your home country as well as your residence.

6. Besides The Bible, what is one book you think should be mandatory reading for high school students? Why?

"Tuesdays with Morrie"- the story and teachings of a dying man as told to one of his former students in his final weeks.  Perhaps reading this book would cause the students to reflect upon what is really important in life and give them a new perspective on everyday happenings.  I'm thinking it may be time for me to reread it.

7. I went shopping at some nearby outlets last week, and while I was there, I picked up a couple of Christmas gifts. How about you? Have you started your holiday shopping yet?

Oh, yes, indeed I have!  I always start early, in fact, I'm always on the look out for potential Christmas gifts.  I rarely Christmas shop, I just see things when I am doing other shopping and grab them.  I generally have all my shopping done well in advance so that I can thoroughly enjoy the season without the stress of shopping.  And, the the bulk of mine is done via the internet. ~love it~

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 

 Okay, our colors are not quite "fallish" (as those pictured above) just yet, but folks, the temps are!!  Monday brought cooler temps and much cooler mornings.  It has been wonderful with a capital W!  Can I just say that I have been happy, happy, happy!!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Miscellany Monday and a Special Birthday

It's Monday again and a very, very special Monday for our family.  I'll share more as I get into my Miscellany Monday thoughts this morning.  Thanks Carissa for this brilliant meme that you created.  You are just short of a genius!

lowercase letters

4 years ago....
 Yes, 4 years ago today the Lord smiled down on our family.  He orchestrated the most perfect adoption of the most perfect baby girl.  Our hearts were overwhelmed when she was placed in the arms of our son and DIL and we have never been the same.  She was named Hanna Beth, but she is affectionately known as "The Princess" around our house. 

The "partee"....

This past Saturday was Hanna Beth's first birthday party that included outsiders.  By that I mean, she has always had "family parties" until this year.  Her party included several of her friends and it was held at The Kidzone of their church.  The perfect place for a kids birthday party for sure.

Happy Birthday to our Princess....I pray God's blessings upon your life everyday.  You are precious!

A "real" cowboy... 
 As you well know, our little Clancy man is definitely a horse-riding cowboy, but he is also an OSU Cowboy (Oklahoma State).  His Dad graduated from OSU and he made sure from a very early age that Clancy bled orange and black.  They took him to the OSU/Kansas game this past Saturday as a part of his 5th birthday celebration.  As you can see, he thoroughly enjoyed himself in the sea of orange.

The first week of October holds 3 birthdays of our immediate family.  Clancy claims the first on the 2nd, our son, Brandon claims the second, on the 3rd and the Princess claims the 3rd on the 7th.  About all we are able to accomplish the first week of October is celebrating birthdays.  

And, I leave you with this...


Friday, October 4, 2013

Friday's Letters

 I haven't written any Friday Letters in a while, but just had a few I needed to write this week.  Some just because and some to do a little "ranting and raving."  Thanks Ashley for hosting this fun meme each Friday!
Dear Apple, did you really need to do this recent operation update?  I've always thought that the rule, "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" was a good one.  It seemed that the previous system was just fine and more bells and whistles is NOT always good. ~just saying~

Dear Government, do you even know what you are doing?
~I think not~

Dear Sherry, what fun it was to have lunch with you yesterday.  You are so gifted and the Lord is using you in so many awesome ways to touch women's lives through your personal life and career.  You are a blessing my dear! I'm so happy for you and your new Itunes app, See Jane Thrive You go girl!!!

Dear Daddy, I am so thrilled that your back has not hurt you since your procedure on Monday.  I am so sorry that it does seem in recent weeks that your vision has gotten even worse and you are having more difficulty with your day to day tasks.  I wish that I could make it all better for you.

Dear Hubby, you have done such a good job in changing your lifestyle this past month.  Your eating and exercise habits are going to be such a benefit to you in the long run.  Hang in there, I'm very proud of you!

Dear Christmas, I have made a dent in you and will start my annual fudge making in the next few days.  I can't believe I'm thinking of Christmas and it is still above 90 degrees most days. ~ugh, surely cooler days are on the way~

Dear Shoe Designers, please make some shoes with mid-heels.  I do NOT do flats and I do not do 4 inch heels.  I'm thinking some selection with 2 inch heels would be to my liking. Thank you in advance!

Dear Amazon, is there anything that cannot be bought on your website?  I love you and I love my Prime membership.  It's sort of like blinking my eyes when I place an order and presto, the item arrives within 48 hours.  It's like magic! 

 Dear Grocery Stores, I have no problem with coupons, in fact, I think folks that use them are so thrifty.  But, when a shopper brings in about 50 of them and gets ahead of me in line.  Well, it is crazy!  You need to provide a special lane for "coupon users" and not make non-coupon users have to wait such a long time behind them. Thank you in advance!

Dear Weather, I am really, really ready for this hot and humid weather to be outta here.  P-l-e-a-s-e send us some "real" fall weather NOW!

Dear Lord, thank you so, so much for the peace that you have given me in recent days.  I know that it's always available, I just don't always avail myself to it.  I cannot imagine life without you!

Dear Readers of My Blog, thank you so much for stopping by and your sweet comments and encouragement.  You are the "icing on the cake" for me!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Wednesday Hodgepodge - Welcome October

It's Wednesday and that means that Joyce has wracked her brain coming up with more questions for us.  Sometimes I wonder where and how she comes up with the questions. They always cause me to think harder than I sometimes care to think. ~smile~  But, what fun it is to participate in the Hodgepodge.  Thanks Joyce!

1. What's one thing you learned in September?
Hum.......that in spite of great anti-virus protection one's computer can still be hacked.  I had a virus attack my entire Outlook file this past month and it was a big mess.  Thank goodness I have a very, very capable computer man that I hired to take care of the matter.   Then  he  put even more protection on my computer.  This particular virus came from China. ~imagine that~

2. Acorn squash, butternut squash, spaghetti squash, yellow squash, zucchini squash, or blech! hold the squash... what's your favorite squash? What's your favorite way to prepare your favorite squash?

Just plain ole yellow squash would be my favorite and I usually just slice the squash and add a little chopped onion, salt, pepper and some water and boil it until it is very mushy.  I can eat it until the cows come home. ~no joke~

3. The older I get the more I realize that some things are just not worth fretting over.  But, does that mean that I never fret?  Absolutely not!  I have to keep reminding myself that it's just not worth it.

4. What's your favorite television theme song ever?

Oh, it's a toss up between "Welcome Back Kotter" and "Movin' On Up" from the Jeffersons.  These were both so "singable" but there were many "singable" themes "back in the day." ~what memories~

5. What do you wish you'd spent more time doing five years ago?

Goodness, I've scratched my head on this one and still have not come up with an answer.  But, I'm quite sure there is something, just not sure what it is right at this moment. ~sorry~

 6. What item do you most need (or want) to add to your wardrobe this fall? Well, I have to be honest and say that I probably do not need to add one thing to my wardrobe and can't even think of anything I want to add. But, just give me a day or two and that could change.

7. On October 2, 1950 the Peanuts cartoon was introduced to the world. What was your favorite cartoon when you were a kid?

I loved Popeye!!  And, I can still sing every word of the song that went along with every episode.  And, Olive Oil was fun too!  Oh, that our kids today had such great cartoons! 

8.  Insert your own random thought here. 
 Our little Clancy man is 5 years old today.  How can that be? He truly is a precious little boy and I pray every day that he will grow up seeking to become the man God would have him to be. He has brought such delight to our lives these past 5 years and I am so thankful that he made me a "CiCi."