Monday, June 3, 2024

June Prime Purchases

And, here we are, almost half way through 2024. What???? How can it be???  So, perhaps you are already thinking about Christmas presents.  If so, there may be something here that "fits the bill."  Thanks to Tanya for this monthly link up.


My hair dresser uses this type of brush when drying my hair.  I watch how quickly she dries it and how well it styles.  I finally ask her on my last visit what the name was and I went straight to Amazon and there it was.  They come 2 to a package and it is a game changer.


I've been wanting one of these jewelry cleaners for some time and finally ordered one. It works like a charm and your jewels will shine brightly after going through a cycle.


I have a moderate size closet, or at least I think it's moderate.  Some might think it is big.  I do have the pull down rods  which double the hanging  space.  But, I need more hanging room and these are the greatest tools to give more hanging space.  I've never seen anything like them but happened across them while looking for something else.  They are definitely not inexpensive but, for me, they are worth the cost.   If you are looking to increase the hanging space in your closet, you need these.


I love these as shawls.  I carry one with me every Sunday, no matter the month or the temperature.  It can get so cool in our worship center and I am always prepared with  one of these.  I did not have a white one but I do now.  They are so affordable and are such an attractive wrap and provide just the right amount of warmth.  And, it comes in about 20 colors.


I have seen these around folks necks at the ball park in recent years and this year I decided I needed/wanted one.  Well, they are the "cats meow" as some would say. It has 3 speeds and when on the highest speed, it really feels good.  And, it's rechargeable and would be great for working in the yard, walking and any other time you need cooling.



This is a most attractive wax burner and I loved that it came in an antique bronze. I am amazed at how well melted wax fills a room with such a nice fragrance.  And, there are a bazillion different melts of all fragrances.  And, when this is not in use, it's an attractive lamp light.


I have two ovens but there are still rare occasions  that I could use an additional means to keep an item warm.  This is the neatest warming  pad I've ever seen.  It rolls up so it is very easy to store and it is a very nice size.  I can't believe  I haven't had this long before now.


Pickleball has swept the country in recent years and continues to gain in popularity.  Our son and granddaughters love it and play any chance they can.  Our circle drive is a perfect place to play.

And, this portable nets fits across the driveway perfectly.  It comes with a very nice bag but we found that it is really too small and too hard to use.  So, I ordered a larger one.  It is portable but does take a few minutes to set up but, well worth it, if you are going to play a while and it can be left up if rain isn't in the forecast.  


I'm not going to lie, I love a label maker!  I can find more uses for it.  I use it often in labeling my cookie containers.  I have another Niimbot label maker but this one makes much bigger labels and has the ability to add graphics to the labels as well.  It operates from an app on your smart phone.  I find it a "handy dandy" item to have on hand.

And, that's it for this go around.  Have a great new week !

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Hi Lea! I loved seeing what you got, that neck cooler sounds fabulous, would be great when I walk outside!

  2. I love those shawls too. Oh my, I might have to buy the retro light bulb wax warmer. Thanks so much for linking up!

  3. I always love your Prime Purchases. I use that same hairbrush and LOVE it!! I'm going to Amazon to look at the closet accessories. Our closet is a small walk-in that we share. It is too small. I know I need one of those neck fans!! I'm also going to check out the label maker. I LOVE labels!!

  4. My co-workers gave me one the neck fans 2 weeks ago to help with my hot flashes & now I don't know how I lived without it! It has come in so handy many times already. Great purchases!

  5. How interesting that you would feature the neck fan. I ordered two just last week from Amazon and they arrived on Monday. One is for my husband as an early Father's Day gift, and the other for me. We will use them on our walks.

  6. Thank you as always for sharing your purchases. I really need the hanger thingy and the warming mat (one for me and one as a gift!) Thanks again, enjoy your day dear friend. HUGS!


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