Monday, January 31, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

{1} Oh, my goodness, we had the most gorgeous Saturday here in N.E. Louisiana. It was in the mid 70's and gave us such a "tease" of Spring that I could hardly stand it. Hubby and I worked on an outside project and so enjoyed ourselves.  THEN, the rains moved back in yesterday. Ugh!! It is dreary, rainy, muggy and very foggy this morning, and cold weather will move in tomorrow.   Now, I'm praying the Groundhog will NOT see his shadow on Wednesday. ~smile~

{2}Okay, if you young Moms do not know about this neat little item, you need to know.  As I've mentioned in a couple of other entries, our 27 month old Grandson is in the midst of Potty Training. Did you know that they make a Potty Training Watch?  

Yes, my dears, it is the cutest thing you have ever seen and you can set it for 30, 60 or 90 minutes and at the set time it plays a cute little song and the child knows that means it's "potty time."  It comes in both blue and pink and it can be found at One Step Ahead
for $10.95.  What will they think of next????? 

{3}Hubby and I were eating dinner the other night while watching the national news on TV. It was so distressing seeing all the unrest in Egypt and pretty much the entire world.  Hubby said, "you know, if folks would just simply abide by these three things,

1-Love the Lord our God with all our heart and soul.
2-Love they neighbor as thyself.
3-Do unto others as you have others do unto you.

the world would be free of all this turmoil and we could all live in harmony."  I sat there thinking about what he said, and it sounded so simple, until I was reminded that so many have no idea that these scriptural truths even exist.  It is such a sad state of affairs and the task for God's children grows greater with every passing day.
{4} I will be facilitating the One In A Million Bible Study by Priscilla Shirer in a couple of weeks.  I am really looking forward to this study and I seem to always get  more out of a study when I am the facilitator. Priscilla is such an awesome woman of God and this will be my first one of her studies.

Many thanks to Carissa for this fun Monday meme. If you want to read more randomness, click the button above and enjoy the read.

Each day is an entirely new creation,
Enjoy it!

Friday, January 28, 2011

A Son and A Daughter

Good Morning Company Girls!  I'm "pleased as a peach" to report that the sun is shining brightly this morning.  Now, it's not as warm as I would like for it to be, but as long as the sun is shining, I can handle it. ~smile~  And, how can I really complain since we have certainly not had the heavy snows that so many of you have experienced this year. 

My week took an unexpected turn Wednesday and I have had my running shoes on.  The son of the lady that keeps our two Grans came down with the flu on Tuesday.  Being the very cautious person that she is, she called and talked to the girls about the situation and they came to the conclusion that our babies (or family) did not need to risk being exposed to it, so the backup was called in.  Of course, the backup is me. ~chuckle~ We're are so blessed that they are the happiest babies and really very easy.  But, they are one year old and two years old and that spells "busy."  And, of course, the two year old is a boy and the one year old is a girl.  Hubby has been a great help and I'm grateful that he can be available if I need him.  Add to the mix that our Grandson is in the midst of potty training and you can see that it has been non-stop filled days.  But, what precious memories we have made and I am so glad that I can step up for the girls during times like these.

I was watching the Grans play this week and noticing the differences in the two of them and it brought back a lot of memories of our son and daughter.  

When I got pregnant with our first child, I secretly wanted a little boy so badly.  I was the first born in my family and had two younger brothers.  It seemed all my girl friends had older brothers and they always seemed to have such fun with them. I longed for an older brother so I really wanted to have a boy first, and of course, I wanted a girl second. ~chuckle~  Back 34 years ago there was no sure way to predict the sex of a baby. Doctors would often make predictions according to the heart rate and my Doctor told me that he felt like I was having a boy the first time.  And, he was right.  Second time around he predicted a girl and he was right again.  But, I never made any nursery plans based on his predictions.  I just had a very generic nursery in yellow and greens and it served it's purpose very well.  

Since Hubby and I  had one of each sex in two tries, we decided that was "good."  I mean, we had a boy, a girl, a cat and a dog. How much better can it get? ~chuckle~

Son and daughter a few months ago
 Having a son and a daughter has been so much fun. There's nothing like a daughter and there's nothing like a son. I have felt so blessed to be a Mother to both and now I'm getting to enjoy being a Grandmother to both.

Over the years my eye has caught several collectibles that have reminded me of having a son and a daughter and I thought you Company Girls might enjoy seeing them.~wink~

I found these cute little clowns in Las Vegas several years ago.  I took one look at them and I had to have them.

 I found these at a place locally and got them for 75% off. They are some "famous" pottery type figurines and something about them lured me and reminded me of my boy and girl.

 I cannot for the life of me remember where these came from or when I got them. They've been with me for many years and again, I love the fact that they are a little boy and a little girl.

Yes, having a son and daughter has brought so much joy, lots of fun and a a boat load of memories.  And, it's just too much fun having the privilege of being Grandmother to their son and daughter.  

For more Company Girl Coffee, click on the button above and read more great entries. Rachel Anne is our gracious hostess each week and we love our Rachel.

Children are a reward of life.......  An old Proverb

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. Will you watch the Super Bowl? If so who will you root for? If you are outside the USA what is the 'big deal sporting event' in your own country?  Sometimes we gather with friends and some watch the Super Bowl and some of "us" just enjoy the fun and fellowship. I'm NOT into football at all and barely even know who is playing and I certainly don't care who wins,but guess I'll pull for whoever my Hubby is pulling for.  However, he's not all that excited about this year's Super Bowl.  Now, last year, when our Saints were in it, even I managed to get pretty excited about that.  We have no plans at this time, so it may just be the two of us, chillin' in our recliners and Hubby keeping me current on the score.

2. Is ignorance bliss?  On a whole lot of issues it is and saves a whole lot of worry and concern.  In other issues, not so much.  So, guess it depends on what we're ignorant of at the time. 

3. Which of the seven dwarfs are you? (and just in case your Disney is a little bit rusty, here they are-Bashful, Doc, Dopey, Grumpy, Happy, Sleepy, and Sneezy)
 I would have to say HAPPY.  Now, not that I am like some super happy person all the time, but it is my general nature to be happy.  I smile a lot and I love, love to laugh and might I add, I have a very loud laugh. ~chuckle~  I just feel better all over when I'm happy.

4. When you are riding in the car with another couple how do you organize the seating? (Men up front? Women up front? Couples sit together?)  Yes, men in front, women in back and when we have more than 2 couples, we have the "women's table and the men's table" at the restaurant. Does that say something about our age?  I'm not sure, but it just makes for better conversation as far as we're concerned.  I mean, let's face it, men and women do enjoy talking about totally different subjects. 

5. What is beauty? One of the many definitions I found on the internet stated: Beauty is that which is attractive, pleasing, fine or good looking.  And, as we all know, beauty is definitely in the "eye of the beholder." This is a "loaded" question for sure! ~smile~I'll leave it at that.

6. If someone asks you to bring an appetizer or a dessert to a party in their home, which would you choose?Hands down, a dessert!  I'm a lot more confident in my dessert making ability than my appetizer making ability.

7. What is your crowd pleasing go-to appetizer?If  you are talking about one that I make, I guess it would be "Cocktail Weiners."  You can't really mess them up and folks around here love them. Just put a jar of apple jelly, a small jar of mustard and a couple of packages of Little Smokies in a crock pot and  a couple of hours later, they're ready to enjoy.

8. Insert your own random thought here.This is my 207th blog entry.  I started my blog on March 21, 2009 and never did I realize the enjoyment that it would bring to me. I had heard the word "blog" for several years before I ever became a blogger, but I really didn't have an understanding of what a blog was until about a year before I started my own.  It's so interesting the different formats folks take with their blogs. I sometimes feel so intimidated with the depth and wisdom of some folks entries but depth and wisdom is really not words one would use to describe mine for sure.~smile~  But, that's okay , think mine would be described as merely heartfelt, warm and friendly.(now, understand, I do not mean to insinuate that blogs that are full of wisdom and depth are not heartfelt, warm and friendly, they certainly are)  I've been blessed by so many of the blogs I follow and look forward to the times I sit down to read them.  I often have to remind myself that the world will really not come to an end if I miss reading some entries a few times. ~smile~ Thanks to all of you who have become a follower and encourager of mine. You bring a smile to my heart and face.  "Blogging Buddies" are just the BEST! (hey, that would make a cute bumper sticker, except that my Hubby doesn't allow bumper stickers on our vehicles.) Shucks!

A big thank you to Joyce for coming up with our questions each Wed.  It's just another great way to get to know the folks in Blogsphere!  For more enjoyable Hodgepodge reading, just click the link above.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Miscellany Monday

Miscellany Monday @ lowercase letters

I always look forward to our random musings on Monday. I don't know how long Carissa has been hosting this wonderful meme but I know I've been participating for about 9-10 months and I sure hope she will always have time to continue being our hostess. She's the bomb!!!


I was so excited when the mail arrived this past Tuesday! In it was my Blog2Print book. It has all of my last years blog entries and is so professionally done and I am sure hoping that my children will think it is a real treasure after I've gone to my eternal home. Now, I'm hoping that the pages will be dried out and yellowed before that happens. ~chuckle~  


Our daughter decided last week that the time had come for our little Grandson to be potty trained.  He is 2 years and 4 months old and will come and tell you that he has either wet his diaper or poo pooed his diaper. Daughter said that from all she had read that was sure indication that he was "ready."  So, "potty training boot camp" began yesterday.  To make

it more fun she bought him Micky Mouse underwear and made a huge deal out of him wearing "big boy" underwear.  At last check in with her, things were going pretty well, but only time will tell.  When she asked me how I did it, I could not even remember.  It was only 29 years ago that I had that privilege. I do remember that it was a very easy process with both her and her brother. I'm hoping it will be an easy process for little Clancy.  


If you have been reading my blog very long, you know that I have an adopted Vietnamese family.~smile~ It is the couple that owns the nail salon that I go to. They are so dear to me and Saturday they were blessed with a new baby boy. They have a 14 year old daughter and an 11 year old son and now this precious little fella. He weighed in at 7 lb.8oz.

  Isn't he just adorable!

Being held by his big sister
And, let me tell you that his Mom barely made it to the hospital before he was born. She worked at the salon Saturday and at 2:30 PM she said she knew that she was in labor.  She told her husband that she was going home and get her things ready and for him to come on to the house and pick her up.  He got there about 3:00, picked her up and they headed off to the hospital (about 25 miles away). She told me that they barely got her in the bed and wheeled into delivery before he was born. He arrived at 4:45 PM and just 2 hours and 15 minutes earlier she was sitting at the salon doing some lady's nails.  Good grief, that just doesn't sound right, but both she and the baby are doing great.  And, I might add, she only weighed about 90 pounds before she got pregnant with this little guy. 

It sure seems that I should have more random thoughts this morning, but I seem to be "fresh out" for now.  May you each be blessed with a wonderful week and always remember to share a smile with those you pass. 

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sunshine and Happy Hearts

Good morning Company Girls!  The forecast is calling for a mostly sunny day today and I'm just hoping that the forecast is correct. At this moment, it is 24 degrees and there's not a glimmer of sunshine. Oh, me!  The forecast is also calling for mostly sunny days for about the next week except for Monday and they are saying we may have a wintry mix."Well, I'm hoping the wintry mix will head another direction and that the sun will fill the sky for the next few weeks.  I'm completely depleted of sunshine and it will take at least a couple of weeks for me to get enough to get me going again.  I have checked into the Sun Boxes on the internet and am thinking that I may have to order one if something doesn't give soon. ~smile~ 

I am pleased to report that I am pretty much over my bout with pneumonia except for a lingering cough.  I haven't been out and about as I normally would this past week due to the wet and cold.  Just didn't think it wise and my Dr. encouraged me to take care of myself and I've tried to do just that.  I've missed my morning walks on my treadmill too and will be back with that come Monday morning.  I can't say that walking on the treadmill is all that much fun but when I'm not able to do it, I find that I really miss it.  And, I always listen to some great sermon or Bible Study on my Ipod while I walk and I've sure missed  that daily inspiration.

Once Christmas is over my thoughts immediately turn to Valentines. I have always loved Valentine's Day and do just a little bit of Valentine decorating on our kitchen island and the dining room table.
I always enjoy using my Mark Roberts fairies to decorate and then I found this pretty dried heart wreath at Williams Sonoma . 

A more detailed look at the wreath

I recently saw some Mercury Glass pieces in one of the many catalogs I get and immediately thought  how nice some pieces would look on my mirrored runner on our dining table.  I am pleased and it looks even better when the candles are lite.

I remember Mercury Glass from when I was a child and I cannot believe the big "  comeback"   that it is making today.  I'm sure some of you young gals had never even heard of Mercury Glass before it's popularity in the past year or two.  How funny!  
Speaking of when I was a of my most fond memories of Valentine's Day was making my box for our exchange of Valentine cards at school.  I never won the award for the prettiest box, but I had more fun creating it and getting my Valentine's all signed and ready to exchange.  I don't  know if school age kids even do such things today, but I hope they do.  I want my Grans to have the experience one day.

This reminds me very much of what my boxes looked like
It's always such fun to link up with the Company Girls on Friday. Rachel is such a faithful hostess and we so appreciate her and her inspiration in our lives.  Click on the button above to enjoy more  Company Girl Coffee.

We are all born with the need to be loved and never outgrow it.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. Do you like your name? Were you named after someone? If you have children how did you settle on their names? Yes, I like my name very much, but I do wish that my parents had put an H on the end of it.  I am named after Leah in the Bible, so it was my parents intention that my name be spelled with an H.  They said they got so excited when I was born that they plum forgot about the H. ~smile~ As a result, I have often been called Lee.

Well, I wanted our children to have " cute"   names, not something weird that they would grow up disliking. ~smile~  And, Hubby and I wanted them to have a family name too.  So, it seemed that Brandon was a suitable fit with Thomas (Hubby's middle name), so the name Brandon Thomas was decided upon for our son.  When our daughter was born my Hubby really wanted her to have some part of my name as a part of her name.  We had decided on Bridget for the "  cute"  part and my maiden name, Duncan, seemed to fit nicely with it, so we named her Bridget Duncan.  I was most happy because they both had cute family names and they both started with B's.(I know, just so silly)  And, I might add, we added to the family a dog named Bengal and a cat named Baxter.  We were B'd out for sure, but it all sure did sound cute. ~big laugh~

2. How do you define success? Being happy with who you are and what you are doing (no matter how unimportant it may seem to someone else.)

3. Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy? Wheel of Fortune, it doesn't tax my brain nearly as much as Jeopardy. ~grin~

4. If you could own any single object that you don't have now, what would that object be?  Well, I almost hate to say this, but I really would like to have an IPad. Not that I need another technical gadget, but..........................

5. What is something that inspires you? Oh, lot of things inspire me, but someone who has overcome past baggage or physical disabilities is probably tops.  One example would be the story of Michael Oher as told in the movie Blindside.

And,most importantly,  I am inspired everyday of my life by a God that loves me unconditionally and never gives up on me.

6. Meatloaf-yea or nay? If its a yay how do you make yours? You know, there are few food items that I just simply DO NOT like but meatloaf happens to be one of them. I can't help it, I just don't!

7. Which is more admirable-the ability to organize and be methodical or the ability to adapt and make do? Well, I am the 
"  queen of organizing and scheduling"   and I definitely feel it has served me well in my life, but I do think that there is a "  happy medium"   in all things. As I've gotten older (and wiser) I have learned to adapt somewhat and to make do, probably not nearly as much as some folks nor nearly as much as I need to, but likely all I'm going to. ~giggle~

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
 I am a "  Sunshine Gal"  and I am in very deep need of some of that yellow stuff right now.  We have been having dreary, gray, cloudy days for about 10 days now and it's wearing on me.  So, if you have some extra where you are, would you please, please send it my way.  I will be most grateful and so will those around me.

Thanks Joyce for another week of great questions. It's such a great way to get to know each other a little better.  If you want more good Hodgepodge reading, click on the button above and enjoy yourself.

Remember........we must be the change we want to see.

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Home Tour Tuesday

This is my first time to link up with Home Tour Tuesday but it looks like such a fun meme and I've so enjoyed following Daphne the past couple of months.  And, I found today's subject, night stands, so interesting.  So here goes...........

I really hated to show our nightstands because compared to a lot, they just do NOT have a lot of Pizazz!  But, guess that's what makes this "show and tell" so interesting.

Now, just how "blah" can a nightstand be, think ours would probably get the award for sure.  But, now functional, they are certainly that. ~chuckle~  As you can see, mine houses my latest read, lotions of every scent and description for the hands and feet, lip balm for the drying lips, my daily eye drops, clock radio and my trusty flashlight for those nightly runs. Oh, and I almost forgot, the box of Kleenex.  Yep, just as I said, pretty blah and not very interesting.  But, hey, the lamp is attractive.

Hubby's is just as blah, but he would say houses everything he wants it to house. ~smile~  Number one is the TV remote controls, his back scratcher, his lotions, clock radio and those little white dots are Tic Tacs. Oh, my goodness, I'm thinking this is getting way too personal. ~laugh~

But, there you have it and just so you will not think that our entire bedroom is that blah, I snapped these other two pictures that have a little more charm to them and really are a lovely addition to our abode.

I display my collection of Willow Tree here along with some plants.

This  graces  one of the corners and holds some of my favorite treasures

Now, this was just too much fun and I just may have to become a regular participant. Wishing for each of you a day full of joy and happiness!

Friday, January 14, 2011

Crud turned to Pneumonia

I have been battling the "crud" for two weeks and got two shots and 3 different medications 9 days ago.  This past Tuesday I began hearing a rattle in my chest and knew that I needed to get back to the Dr.  I returned to the Dr. on Wednesday to be informed that I now have pneumonia. I was told to stay in, lay low and return to be rechecked this morning.  So, I have been doing just that, not an easy task for me, but I do know the seriousness of pneumonia and want to hopefully prevent it from getting out of hand.   I am fully expecting a good report this morning.  The breathing treatment and new meds seem to definitely be working.  I can no longer hear myself wheezing.  I'm thinking in another couple of days that I will be able to ease back into a "normal routine."  

 I decided today to link with both Linda and Rachel Anne. My brain is not thinking too clearly with all the drugs and I thought the prompt of questions would be most helpful. ~smile~  

How strict were teachers when you were in school? I don't know that I ever thought of any of my teachers as strict. I just knew they expected certain things from me, and I usually did my best to fulfill those expectations.

What were common methods of discipline? No recess? Writing sentences? Being sent to the principal's office?
In "my day" you were in big time trouble if you got sent to the principal's office. I'm pleased to report that I was never sent to the principals office.  I was kept in line by having my recess taken away or writing sentences.  Missing recess was awful in my estimation and it served as a good cure for whatever was ailing me.  I did write my share of sentences but that never bothered me all that much.  I was a very fast writer and knocked those out pretty quickly.~grin~
Were "pops" or "swats" allowed? Did you ever get in "big" trouble at school? If so, what was it for and what happened to you? Were you ever suspended from school?If you got in trouble at school, what happened at home? Oh, definitely "pops" and "swats" were allowed and I do remember one time I got two swats for talking. I was called up in front of the class and the teacher took care of her business and I sat back down. It hurt my pride more than my behind. ~chuckle~  No, it would have all been over but the shouting if I had ever gotten suspended from school.  My parents were in complete agreement with school discipline and even though all of my discipline issues surrounded too much talking, my parents took it very seriously and addressed it with me when I got home.

Was school lunch a pretty relaxed environment or was discipline maintained in the cafeteria as well?  Lunch was very much relaxed time and I have no recollection of there ever being any discipline issues.  It was a time of visiting with friends and a time that I always looked forward to.  Plus, I remember they always served the BEST hot rolls with honey that I'd ever put my "smackers" on. ~grin~

If you are a teacher, what have you vowed never to do as a result of your experiences growing up? n/a

I look forward to stopping by and visiting with many of you today as I continue to "lay low."  I am just amazed at what awesome gals I've linked up to through the blogging world  What a blessing you have been to me!

May the Lord fill you with love that knows no boundaries.

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1.What word or phrase would you like to see banished from our everyday vocabulary in 2011? You can choose one from the 'official list' or you can get creative and come up with your own. Oh, I didn't even have to think on this one.  I would love to see the word SUCK banished from the way some folks are using it these days.  It just makes my skin crawl when I hear someone say "this or that sucks."  It just has such a nasty connotation to me. 

2. Do you consider opportunity something that comes to you or something you create for yourself? Probably both. Often folks are just in the "right place at the right time" for a great opportunity.  Other times folks avail themselves in such a way as to create opportunity for themselves.  I think we often miss opportunities that are practically staring us in the face.

 3. Since we're all eating healthy this month, ahem, what's included in your favorite salad? Is there dressing?
Oh,I love, love spinach, craisins, walnuts, purple onion, fresh mushrooms and feta cheese tossed with Red Wine Vinaigrette.  Yummy!
4. The fourth Monday in January is said to be Blue Monday...aka the most depressing day of the year. The date was calculated using many factors including weather, debt level, time since Christmas, time since we've failed at our new year resolutions, low motivation and feeling a need to take action. Do you get the blues this time of year and if so what is something you do to lift your spirits? I do feel a  let down following the holidays.  I always use January as a "cleaning out and getting rid of stuff" month.  That keeps me very busy and I love the feeling I get when I get drawers, closets and cabinets all back in order.  It keeps my spirits lifted and seems to help me forget the doldrums. 

5. Do you wear a watch? Any other everyday jewelry essentials? I ALWAYS wear a watch, I'm lost without one.  It doesn't matter that there is a clock in my car, and 45 throughout my house, I still have got to have a watch on my wrist.  Guess you might say that I am very time conscious. ~chuckle~

And, I always put on my wedding rings when  I leave the house.  I do not wear them inside the house.  I always, always have on earrings too and probably a bracelet or two.  I enjoy accessorizing. ~smile~

6. What is something useful you learned in high school? 
I was not allowed to dance when I was in high school and dancing was a pretty big deal at that time.  I learned that it really was okay , and I could still have a good time and to this day, I don't really think that I missed all that much by not dancing.  I still had a lot of fun and that was the bottom line!

7. Do you use an accountant when completing and filing your income tax returns or do you attempt to muddle through all by yourself?  Oh, my, we would be "hard pressed" if it were not for our Financial Adviser!  He totally takes care of our income tax and all things concerned.  Since my husband is self employed, it can be very tricky and we've never wanted to take care of it ourselves.  I am the queen of Quick Books though and I do my husband's staff payroll and I make sure that Quick Books is always "up to snuff" for our Financial Advisor.

8. Insert your own random thought here. I've heard so many comments on the Arizona shooting suspect the past couple of days.  Some are arguing that he is a terrorist, some say a sick and deranged individual.  Well, I'm thinking they are "one in the same."  Sometimes the media just "babbles" on and on unnecessarily.  It makes my ears tired!

Joyce is a wonderful hostess each Wed. and I look forward to Hodgepodge.  I thought this week's Hodgepodge was especially fun. For more Hodgepodge, click the button above and enjoy yourself!

Happy mid-week to each of you!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Miscellany Monday

We have awakened to a dusting of snow and ice this morning. Not anything serious, but enough that all the schools and several businesses are closed.  We waited around for it most of yesterday and it didn't really do much.  Our area sees this type of weather so infrequently that everyone gets all in a "  tizzy"   when we do.  Everyone heads to the grocery store emptying the shelves and acting like we're going to be housebound for days on end.  The truth of the matter is that it will likely be gone by noon today and we'll be back into our normal routine.  But, my daughter and DIL were sure excited to have this surprise day off to spend with their babies.


I tried my hand at making Gumbo this week-end.  That is a Louisiana food that I have never had the courage to try and make.  I just wasn't sure about making a roux.  Well, there are packages of roux that are made for those of us that are afraid of trying to make it.  I had heard that they were good, so I dove off to give it a try.  Most folks here think that the more that goes into Gumbo the better it is.  So, I put shrimp, tasso pork, sausage, chicken and okra.  And, even I do say so, it was scrumptious!  I was quite proud of myself and am well on my way of becoming a good ole Cajun cook. ~smile~
While Hubby and I were waiting on the "  wintry mix"  to arrive yesterday afternoon, he started channel surfing.  We were bored and needed something to liven things up a bit.  He ran across Sarah Palin's Alaska and we began watching it.  Regardless of your political view of her, I think if you ever watched this show, you would say that she is one more amazing woman.  She was man handling a chain saw, Carabou hunting, repelling, gold mining, fishing and all the while, looking like a million dollars.  Oh, the magic of television! ~smile~ 

I had my entire post done and out of the clear it just suddenly disappeared.  Urggggggggggg! so, so aggravating.  So, let me just say that I do always love linking up with our sweet Carissa at Lowercase Letters  and  if you would enjoy more random thoughts this Monday, then just go check her out. 

A beautiful week is wished to each of you!  Can you believe we're already 10 whole days into the new year. WOW!