Friday, January 14, 2011

Crud turned to Pneumonia

I have been battling the "crud" for two weeks and got two shots and 3 different medications 9 days ago.  This past Tuesday I began hearing a rattle in my chest and knew that I needed to get back to the Dr.  I returned to the Dr. on Wednesday to be informed that I now have pneumonia. I was told to stay in, lay low and return to be rechecked this morning.  So, I have been doing just that, not an easy task for me, but I do know the seriousness of pneumonia and want to hopefully prevent it from getting out of hand.   I am fully expecting a good report this morning.  The breathing treatment and new meds seem to definitely be working.  I can no longer hear myself wheezing.  I'm thinking in another couple of days that I will be able to ease back into a "normal routine."  

 I decided today to link with both Linda and Rachel Anne. My brain is not thinking too clearly with all the drugs and I thought the prompt of questions would be most helpful. ~smile~  

How strict were teachers when you were in school? I don't know that I ever thought of any of my teachers as strict. I just knew they expected certain things from me, and I usually did my best to fulfill those expectations.

What were common methods of discipline? No recess? Writing sentences? Being sent to the principal's office?
In "my day" you were in big time trouble if you got sent to the principal's office. I'm pleased to report that I was never sent to the principals office.  I was kept in line by having my recess taken away or writing sentences.  Missing recess was awful in my estimation and it served as a good cure for whatever was ailing me.  I did write my share of sentences but that never bothered me all that much.  I was a very fast writer and knocked those out pretty quickly.~grin~
Were "pops" or "swats" allowed? Did you ever get in "big" trouble at school? If so, what was it for and what happened to you? Were you ever suspended from school?If you got in trouble at school, what happened at home? Oh, definitely "pops" and "swats" were allowed and I do remember one time I got two swats for talking. I was called up in front of the class and the teacher took care of her business and I sat back down. It hurt my pride more than my behind. ~chuckle~  No, it would have all been over but the shouting if I had ever gotten suspended from school.  My parents were in complete agreement with school discipline and even though all of my discipline issues surrounded too much talking, my parents took it very seriously and addressed it with me when I got home.

Was school lunch a pretty relaxed environment or was discipline maintained in the cafeteria as well?  Lunch was very much relaxed time and I have no recollection of there ever being any discipline issues.  It was a time of visiting with friends and a time that I always looked forward to.  Plus, I remember they always served the BEST hot rolls with honey that I'd ever put my "smackers" on. ~grin~

If you are a teacher, what have you vowed never to do as a result of your experiences growing up? n/a

I look forward to stopping by and visiting with many of you today as I continue to "lay low."  I am just amazed at what awesome gals I've linked up to through the blogging world  What a blessing you have been to me!

May the Lord fill you with love that knows no boundaries.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Glad you're feeling better Lea and that you've been behaving yourself. Pneumonia can really knock you off your feet for awhile..take care and have a lovely wknd!

  2. Sorry to read that you've been sick. I'm home today with the crud too and I can't even speak. But I can read. :)

    Interesting answers to these questions about school In my day, the teachers were allowed to swat the kids too. I never got hit but I remember my fourth grade teacher used to twist the boys' ears. I felt so bad for them. Big difference in today's schools ...

    Praying for a speedy recovery for you.

  3. I enjoyed reading this. And I shudder to think what my parents' reaction would have been if I had ever been suspended!

    I hope you do get a good report from the doctor today. Being sick is no fun! Stay warm!

  4. You KEEP resting. Pneumonia is nothing to mess with, my sweet friend. I've had little ones that have battled it and it really takes a toll on the body.

    I'll be praying for you today.



  5. Make sure you keep laying low, even when you start to feel better. Pnemonia hangs on and can come back with a vengance! Have a restful weekend,

  6. We had 'pink slips' at school and I almost got one once. Now I want some hot rolls with honey. =p We never had anything like that offered on our school lunch menu. Glad to hear you are doing better.

  7. I so hope you get to feeling better very soon. I know this is rough on you!

    I was never one to be disciplined at school. I can remember two times. One because I was talking and one because I had read ahead to far in my History book and didn't know where we were when I got called on to read. I was definitely a goody goody!

    Hope you have a lovely weekend. Take is easy and don't try to do too much too soon! Blessings!

  8. Oh I hate you've been so sick! Sounds like you are doing a good job of taking care of yourself and following the doc's orders. I do hope you have a good report today and shake this thing for good. Praying you lay low just a bit longer. I imagine it will take a week or so to get all your energy back. Take care of yourself!

    Growing up an Army Brat you can imagine I went to a lot of schools. I think 6 or 7 different elementary schools and 3 high schools. I remember the principal's office being a big deal. Detention and study hall were also ones I remember. I can't remember ever getting in that much trouble. I think my worst infraction was talking to much in class.

    Have a blessed weekend sweet friend!

  9. I'm so glad you are finally on the mend! So glad you didn't have to go to the hospital or anything serious. Those breathing treatments are so great -- both my girls were on them last year for bronchitius.

    As for the school stuff, I think we were both rule followers. I never went to the principal's office either, but one time I almost got a detention in 6th grade for chewing gum!

  10. I'm sorry that you've had "the crud". I had mine the week before Christmas, and it lasted over 2 weeks. Take care. I enjoyed reading your memories :)

  11. Lea, I'm so sorry you've been so sick! Goodness! I'm praying for you sweet friend~ HUGS

  12. Aww, hope you are feeling better soon! I just added myself as a follower...I thought I already was but I saw you comment on another blog and realized I wasn't seeing your posts in my feed. Oh well, better late than never, right?

    Take care!

  13. Sorry that you haven't been feeling well.

    It still surprises me that it was okay to pop or swat someone in school! That was not at all part of my schooling. Lack of recess, sentences and the principal's office were all good threats. And like you, I was never sent to the principal's office but always got in trouble for too much talking!

    I don't remember anything that was yummy that I still think about to eat from the school cafeteria. But I always enjoyed the friend time, too. I don't remember many adults being around at the lunch time but it was still orderly.

  14. Take care of yourself, a backset of pneumonia is terrible! I was in bed for 3 weeks one time. So don't do to much when you start feeling better. Praying for you!
    Enjoyed your answers. I was always a rule follower too. I would not want to of faced my parents if I got in trouble. This is my first time here, I like what I see.
    until next time... nel

  15. Lea, hope you continue to feel better and that quickly you're back to full speed. As a teacher, I found your answers so interesting and fun!

  16. Glad you feel better and pray for a good drs. report.

    I don't remember anyone getting into trouble during lunch either!

  17. I hope you feel better soon! I will pray for you. Get lots of rest (and enjoy that while you can!!!). Hugs to you!!!

  18. I hope you recover soon Lea. I had pneumonia once and I realized what my grandmother must of felt like in her later years. I enjoyed your answers because I am also a teacher. Get well soon!

  19. It is so interesting to read the different experiences and the child perspective on each one.
    Take care. Get well and don't get in any big trouble. :)

  20. So so sorry you aren't feeling well...I wish I could bring you some soup...sending blogsphere hugs!!!

    Love reading these questions and your has been so long since I thought of these things...and until last Wednesday I haven't been in a school in years!! My home school kids played sports in schools, but didn't go there...who knows the youngest one might.
    Now how will my kids answer questions like these?

    Take it easy and get well fast!!!

  21. I can't believe it turned to pneumonia! So sorry!! I hope today you really feel like you have turned a corner!

  22. I'm sorry to hear that you got that sick, but glad that you know how important it is to lay low and get better! I'll be praying for full recovery for you as you ease back into your schedule.


  23. Bless your heart!! I hope that you had a restful weekend and are on the mend. Wow, you really got it good :( I'm glad that you went to the doctor and didn't let that diagnosis linger. Hugs to you and praying you're already recovered!

    Love, Kelly


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