Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. Do you like your name? Were you named after someone? If you have children how did you settle on their names? Yes, I like my name very much, but I do wish that my parents had put an H on the end of it.  I am named after Leah in the Bible, so it was my parents intention that my name be spelled with an H.  They said they got so excited when I was born that they plum forgot about the H. ~smile~ As a result, I have often been called Lee.

Well, I wanted our children to have " cute"   names, not something weird that they would grow up disliking. ~smile~  And, Hubby and I wanted them to have a family name too.  So, it seemed that Brandon was a suitable fit with Thomas (Hubby's middle name), so the name Brandon Thomas was decided upon for our son.  When our daughter was born my Hubby really wanted her to have some part of my name as a part of her name.  We had decided on Bridget for the "  cute"  part and my maiden name, Duncan, seemed to fit nicely with it, so we named her Bridget Duncan.  I was most happy because they both had cute family names and they both started with B's.(I know, just so silly)  And, I might add, we added to the family a dog named Bengal and a cat named Baxter.  We were B'd out for sure, but it all sure did sound cute. ~big laugh~

2. How do you define success? Being happy with who you are and what you are doing (no matter how unimportant it may seem to someone else.)

3. Wheel of Fortune or Jeopardy? Wheel of Fortune, it doesn't tax my brain nearly as much as Jeopardy. ~grin~

4. If you could own any single object that you don't have now, what would that object be?  Well, I almost hate to say this, but I really would like to have an IPad. Not that I need another technical gadget, but..........................

5. What is something that inspires you? Oh, lot of things inspire me, but someone who has overcome past baggage or physical disabilities is probably tops.  One example would be the story of Michael Oher as told in the movie Blindside.

And,most importantly,  I am inspired everyday of my life by a God that loves me unconditionally and never gives up on me.

6. Meatloaf-yea or nay? If its a yay how do you make yours? You know, there are few food items that I just simply DO NOT like but meatloaf happens to be one of them. I can't help it, I just don't!

7. Which is more admirable-the ability to organize and be methodical or the ability to adapt and make do? Well, I am the 
"  queen of organizing and scheduling"   and I definitely feel it has served me well in my life, but I do think that there is a "  happy medium"   in all things. As I've gotten older (and wiser) I have learned to adapt somewhat and to make do, probably not nearly as much as some folks nor nearly as much as I need to, but likely all I'm going to. ~giggle~

8. Insert your own random thought here. 
 I am a "  Sunshine Gal"  and I am in very deep need of some of that yellow stuff right now.  We have been having dreary, gray, cloudy days for about 10 days now and it's wearing on me.  So, if you have some extra where you are, would you please, please send it my way.  I will be most grateful and so will those around me.

Thanks Joyce for another week of great questions. It's such a great way to get to know each other a little better.  If you want more good Hodgepodge reading, click on the button above and enjoy yourself.

Remember........we must be the change we want to see.
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

Hi there! My name is Lea. I've been wife to the best Hubby for 44 years....Mom to a son and daughter....CiCi to 4 precious Grans....lover of family and friends....enjoy laughter and a good time....shopper....picture taking maniac....maker of delicious fudge....organizational enthusiast....memory maker....Southern Belle...and most importantly.....a Child of the King! Welcome to my little corner!


  1. I've been calling you Lee in my head...I'll correct that : )

    I cannot help you with the sunshine and was just thinking that a vacation somewhere warm and tropical would be really nice right now. We were iced in yesterday and are supposed to have more snow tomorrow into Friday. I know its January but if I could just have some blue sky I'd cope better with the cold and snow.

  2. We have had glum weather for several weeks as well...I need some sunshine! Chris has been dreaming of a trip to Alaska since watching Sarah Palin's show. I cannot imagine going somewhere that is that cold or that dark during so much of the year.

    I am not a meat loaf gal either. I have tried to like it. I have tried to fix it a million different ways. The fact is, it is just a big ole hunk of icky meat...yuck!

    As for organizing...I definitely respect those of you who are. I so much want to be but it is just not natural to me!


  3. I got an Ipad for Christmas, Lea! Still trying to figure it out. No sun here so I can't send any your way! They are saying more snow tomorrow night. Its icy out this morning.

  4. First of all, what an honor to be named after one of the great women of the Bible!!!

    I love your children's names! Both of my children have "A" names. heehee

    BTW, I live in Florida where it's very sunny, but still cold, today. Here's a bit headed your way...

  5. I wasn't sure how to say your name.
    Thank you for that tidbit of information.

    Blindside is an awesome movie.
    A tear jerker for sure and what an inspiration.

  6. I like Wheel of Fortune and I do pretty good at it. I wish I was the queen of organizing, I want to be a Queen so someone else can do it. Enjoy the rest of your week.

  7. Hi Lea! I'd share my sunshine, but it's also single-digit cold. I think you're better off with a plane ticket for AZ =)

    I am M#5 in my family - Michael, Mark, Marcia, Matthew, me ;-) I wasn't impressed in elementary school when we looked up name meanings and I learned Melanie means 'black.' (not much melanin in my skin!) But I'm over it now =)
    My mom thought she was having yet another boy, so they had planned to name me Martin after my mom's dad - Surprise!
    My sister had great fun making up nicknames for me; I was unable to return the favor. ha ha

    Our kids are K-A-D-E-T-M. We did think about an "S" name for Baby 6, which would have made them our "kadets" Instead I say "kadet - M" to help people keep them in order.

  8. I had a co-worker who was named Lea. I pronounced her name as Leah, but she pronounces her name as Lee. ;-)

  9. Lea, thanks for stopping by my blog today. I love getting to know such wonderful ladies better through this hodgepodge. It's a blessing. Oh, and you and all of the other ladies that commented on not having enough sunshine are welcome to come visit me in sunny Central Florida. The highs are in the mid 70's this week and it is beautiful!

  10. Fun, fun post...with you on not making meat the names of your kids, we too thought it out very well, Sun...we are having some here!!, post!
    Oh I would like an ipad was so much fun at the store, but I don't think I could type on it for blogging

  11. Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday. I enjoyed reading yours!

    We desperately need some sunshine in southeast Idaho too!

  12. that is the cutest story about your name! i like it just as it is! : )

    i want an ipad, too. they're way too cool.

  13. Lea-a. You know, that fits you way better. So glad you corrected me. What if I showed up at your house and called you Lee (because you know, one day I will meet you!)

    Praying you get a little sunshine SOON! And, my grandmother and I used to have Wheel of Fortune competitions!

  14. Thanks for sharing the story behind your name. I knew there had to be a reason that there was no "h."

    Hope you get some sunshine soon. I find winter depressing sometimes too. The years we had in Baton Rouge spoiled me. In January, my dafodils started coming up. We've had snow as late as April here.

  15. This was fun! I do like the cute names you chose. Bridget Duncan is a great girl's name!

    I wish I had more sunshine to send. I could use some myself. I am seriously Vit D deficient and have the lab report to prove it.

    BTW I borrowed this Hodgepodge today:)


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