Tuesday, October 4, 2022

September Prime Purchases

And, here we are on the 4th of October. I love the fall of the year but it sure did get here quick. Time marches on for sure!  And, here's another "issue" of Prime Purchases..........


As most of you know, I will be going to Israel next month.  I've been busy making sure I have everything I need for the trip.  AND, I have to have a dual voltage hair dryer.  I have an awesome hair dryer but it is not dual voltage, so I got this one.  It has good recommendations and I'm sure it will work just fine for the few times that I have to use it while I'm there.  So, if you are going to have a need for a dual voltage hair dryer, this might be a good one to get.  I can't imagine that I will ever need it again but perhaps I'll know someone that could use it and can pass it along to them.


Another item I've had to purchase is a good sock to wear with my tennis shoes that will be my shoe of choice while I am there.  I am NOT a tennis shoe wearer BUT, on this type of trip, comfortable shoes are an absolute must.  These socks were recommended by the place where I bought my Brooks tennis shoes and I do find them very comfortable and they fit without any lumps or bumps.  I have a few of the medium weight and a few of the lightweight.  They are terribly expensive as far as I'm concerned and I tried some inexpensive ones from Wal-Mart and they just did not work.  They slipped down into the shoe and were very aggravating.  These are great and come in all kinds of colors but all of mine are this color.  I'm into as neutral as I can find.  I've been breaking in my tennis shoes the past couple of months wearing them around the house and while I do the elliptical each morning.  If you are in need of a really good sock, these might be just what you need.


Not sure if this will go with me to Israel or not, but it is a cute, lightweight tunic sweater.  It looks great with black leggings and there are several other colors/patterns in it and it's very affordable.


I have never been a fan of regular dental floss that you wrap around your fingers to use.  I have been using these type "floss pickers" for a long time and just reach in the ziptop bag and get one.  Well, someone came up with this neat dispenser.  It is the neatest gadget and one push of the button on top and one of the flossers is dispensed out of the bottom.  My daughter in law shared this with me because she knows I'm a lover of all things neat.


I love hoop earrings and these are so pretty.  They may look dressy and I suppose they could be but they make a great throw on earring for everyday wear.  I got the clear rhinestone and the black.  They are about the size of a quarter.  Earrings are like lipstick to me, I wear them everyday of my life.


And, more for travel.  My dear friend and my Israel traveling partner, gave me some of this for my birthday in July.  I love it and had to order more and it comes with the cute little travel size that will go in my carry on.  If you are looking to try a new mascara, give this a try.


Okay, coffee lovers!!!!  I am becoming quite the "coffee snob."  I was visiting a friend a few weeks ago and she served me a cup of coffee made by this machine and, oh, my goodness!!!!  She told me it made the best coffee she had ever had in her life.  AND, I was pretty smitten myself, so smitten that I decided I needed it to complete my coffee bar.  I had never heard of it but all I can say is that it makes a rich, smooth, and creamy coffee.  All I add is Stevia and I'm in coffee heaven.  I am using the medium roast pods  but they make all sorts of flavors and strengths and even a decaf.  It is only 5 1/2" wide so it takes up such a little space and slid right in beside my Cuinsart coffee machine.  The makers are real proud of this machine and they are more than proud of their pods.  But, I bit the bullet and get plum excited each time I make a cup and drink it.  I mean, it's the little things folks! ~chuckle~


I do not drink my coffee out of anything except insulated mugs.  I've never had any glass insulated mugs but I do now and I use them with my Nespresso machine and  they make it just a little more special and keep it hotter longer.  These come in various sizes too.



I like to have a couple of outfits like this in the fall and winter for those times when I'm going to be around the house.  A great Sunday afternoon, and end of day outfit.  It is the softest and the fit is great.  It could easily be worn out and about too. It comes in several colors/patterns.

Well, that's it for this edition.  Maybe you saw something that you can't live without. ~chuckle~ Until next time, abundant blessings!