Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Simple Woman's Daybook - June 29, 2010

 Outside my window....it's a bit stormy looking and we're hopeful that rain is on it's way.  We need it desperately!
I am thinking....my Dad, step Mom, my brother and his family and Hubby and I are going to have so much fun in Branson in a  week and a half.  Surely it will be cooler there!
I am thankful for....the Holy Spirit's conviction in my life and pray that I will always be sensitive to His leading.
From the kitchen....it was bacon, lettuce and fresh tomato sandwich for dinner tonight.  Since I don't eat tomatoes, mine was just bacon and lettuce.  I added some chips and we were "happy clams."  I love the ease of summertime meals! ~smile~
I am wearing....a pair of navy blue lounging pj's, my "uniform" for evenings at home.
I am going....not anywhere special this week, just the usual errands and over to friends on Sunday to celebrate the 4th. 
I am reading...."Take One" by Karen Kingsbury. It is the first in a series of four and I'm just getting started and it has already peeked my interest.

 I am hoping....that the speeding ticket I got this morning will not cost me a small fortune.  I had just entered a construction zone on a major highway and the speed dropped from 65 to 45 very suddenly and I didn't slow down soon enough and was ticketed going 58 MPH in a 45MPH zone. Just really hurt my feelings. ~sigh~
I am hearing.... the rumble of thunder and the NCAA College World Series on the TV.
Around the house.....the usual clothes to be folded but other than that, things are really in good order. Makes me very happy!
One of my favorite things...is a small bowl of vanilla ice cream in the evenings. Yummy!
 Something I'm looking forward to....I'm having the gals in my Sunday School class over for dessert Thursday afternoon to visit with one of our class teachers.  Her husband passed away two weeks ago after a long battle with cancer.  I thought this might be a nice gathering for her and we'll all certainly enjoy being with her.
A picture thought I'm sharing....my Grandson as he watches Wonder Pets. ~cute~

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Monday, June 28, 2010

Miscellany Monday

1. I'm "wanting" an IPad but am wondering if something similar with even more features may be "just around the corner." Seems there always some new "technical gadget" on the horizon.

2. I'm a big fan of American Family Radio (AFR) but this week have found myself listening to Back to the Bible (BBN) and the old hymns of the faith are just hard to beat.  I bet some of you "younger" readers have not even ever heard of BBN. ~smile~

3. It makes me sad that many of the young adults today will never know the great hymns.

4. I decided this week that brown eyeliner has a better look on me than black (despite what a "makeup expert" told me)

5. I stepped out of my "box" this weekend and wore a wild printed skirt, with a handkerchief hem, to my 40th year class reunion. 95% of the time I wear nothing but solid colors. Not sure what this says.......

6. There's something to be said for a friendship that has spanned 43 years.  We could write several books. ~chuckle~

7. I'm praying I will be able to find just the right ladies to fill the responsibilities of the Women's Ministry Council of our church for the upcoming new church year.

8. I've just about totally quit watching the national news. I don't want to be ignorant of what's going on in the world, but I've grown tired of all the distressing news.  
 9. I've just discovered that the "real" bacon bits sprinkled over cheese toast is yummy, yummy.  

10. I am just sure that the Lord never intended for the humidity to be as high as it is in Louisiana, just like a steam sauna. ~chuckle~

11. Our family is rejoicing that our daughter and son-in-law's house in Oklahoma sold on Saturday. This was truly an answer to prayer. And, an added bonus was that they got more than they ever expected to for it. God is so good!

A special thank you to Carissa for hosting Miscellany Monday each week.  You really need to check out Carrissa's blog, click here to do so. You will be glad you did!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberry Cake and Lucky Bamboo

Good Morning Girls!  If you want to put your "chompers" in something really good, then come on in.  I have the most delicious Strawberry Pound Cake  on the cabinet and I'd love to cut you a slice.  I've made this particular cake 5 times since the first of May.  I've had  various occasions that needed a cake and this one has just proven to be a favorite and I urge you to try it. 

It's been a fun and busy week around our household and this week-end promises to be "the icing on the cake." (no pun intended)  I will be enjoying my 40th high school reunion.  Tomorrow night is a "Girls Gathering" and then Saturday evening will be the reunion.  So, be on the lookout for more to follow about this.

I am not very "artsy" but I do enjoy letting my "creative juices" flow.  This week I had some fun with "Lucky Bamboo."  I've had some growing in 2-3 different containers inside our home for several years.  It's what you might call "maintenance free."  I put together some small glass containers of it and then used it as the tablescape on our dining table for now.

First, I purchased the needed items, clear glass containers, colored stones and of course, the Lucky Bamboo.  I purchased the stones and containers at Michael's for about $16.  The Lucky Bamboo came from a discounted store  here  and it was $5.50 for the bunch.
There's not much to putting them together.  Take the bamboo apart, put a few stones in the bottom of the container, place the bamboo on top and then hold it tightly while you place stones around it to hold it in place.  I like using the clear containers because I think it adds to the beauty when you can see the colored stones.  But, I did put one bunch of bamboo in a decorative container and used a pea gravel type stone in it.

I made enough to give a couple of the containers away as little "happies." (what we call gifts in the South) ~chuckle~The others I placed on a mirrored runner on my dining table and thought it had a nice "summer look" to it.  If I use my dining room to entertain, I can add some fresh flowers in small containers to go between the containers of bamboo for an added touch.

  It is a great decorating idea, but it is also a very inexpensive way to make several gifts.  I made 6 containers and spent $21, so that comes out to around $3.50 each.  What great gifts and remembrances at a very affordable price.  So, if you need several "happies" at one time, you might want to get some Lucky Bamboo and let your "creative juices" flow.

Happy week-end to each of you and be sure and find the time to check out  Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary for more good "blog hopping."

Monday, June 21, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I am so excited about participating in Carissa's "miscellany monday's."  It's always fun to occasionally be random, especially for me, since I'm seldom random.  I'm what you might call, highly organized and structured in most everything I do,so this gets me "out of my box" and that is good for me. Enjoy!

1. I was so pleased with the flowers that a local floral designer did for me.  They were placed in our church this morning in honor of my Dad and in memory of my husband's Dad. I even thought they had a "masculine" look to them.

2. I will never understand as long as I live why folks see the need to use ugly four lettered words in their conversation or writing.  Just a sign to me of a very "shallow mind."

3. I am so thankful for women, such as the two pictured below, that the Lord has given me the privilege and honor to know. I want to be just like them when I grow up. ~big chuckle~

4. I'm just "plum excited" about my sweet potato vines and the way they have grown up the trellis'. I've never tried this before and didn't really know if they would grow up them, but as you can see, they did.  They make such a dynamic showing!

5. I'm so thankful to be married to a man that has truly been the greatest Father to our two children and is now a great Poppa to our two Grandchildren.

6. I'm grateful to serve a God that has never given up on me, forgives me, loves me unconditionally and is ALWAYS there for me!

7. I can hardly wait for this next week-end. My classmates and I will be celebrating our 40th class reunion.  I just do not feel old enough to have been out of high school 40 years. Yikes!!

Haven't Senior Pictures changed in the past 40 years??????
A happy, happy week to every one and a big thank you to Carissa for hosting Miscellany Monday among her many other duties.  What a gal!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

My Dad

Born, November 9, 1929, in Mansfield, AR.

In elementary school

Dad on his LaSalle Bicycle - notice puppy in the bag on the back
Senior Picture

Gulf Juan, France - while in the US Navy
Ordained to the Ministry - June 1, 1960
He retired in 2000 but still enjoys preaching any and every opportunity given him.
And, might I add, he IS one of the BEST!

1976 - Dressed in colonial costume for a church celebration

 Dad has always been a gifted wood worker and here he is pictured with the Hound Dog he carved out of Dedora Cedar. He then mounted it on a tree stump near the road for all to see.

 Pictured above is some of Dad's more recent woodwork, a cross and candle sticks for our local Episcopal Church.  Even if I do say so, it is perfectly beautiful.

This is his shop where his beautiful wood crafting takes place.  He spends many happy hours here.

In 2008 Dad wrote his autobiography, "The Fields of Yesterday." It was truly a "labor of love" and what a treasure it is to me and my brothers.  It was published professionally and is available through Amazon and other major book companies on the internet.  He gave me his first signed copy.

 Last November Daddy celebrated his 80th birthday and I made sure it was done in "grand style." What a blessing he is in my life and I would not be the person I am today if it were not for him. I thank the Lord for him and pray that he will be blessed with many more years of good health and vitality.

I delight in calling him "Daddy."

Friday, June 18, 2010

The Bra Fitting

Good Morning Ladies, seems I'm having a difficult time being "a regular" the past few weeks.  Things have just gotten in the way of my blogging, but do know how much I miss you when I'm not able to participate in Company Girls on Friday.
 I just have to share with you an experience that my daughter and I had today when I went to buy a bra. I feel sure it will bring a smile to your face and perhaps a chuckle or two.  By the way, this is definitely a "woman's read!" ~wink!~

I had to run some errands today in nearby Monroe and my daughter decided that she wanted to tag along.  On my list of errands was to go and buy myself a couple of new bras.  I had been fitted by a bra specialist about 2 years ago and she decided that I should wear a 34 C (I know this is way more info that you really want to know). ~smile~  So, for the past 2 years that is what I have been wearing, they often felt like they were loose on me, but I just went on.

So, today when daughter and I arrived in the bra section of Dillard's, I was met by the lady that had fit me two years ago.  She is just a delightful lady and she had been so nice to work with.  While visiting with her, this other lady that worked in the department joined in our conversation.  In talking with me, she said, "well, I can tell by looking at you that you do not have on the correct size bra."  "Oh, really," I said.  She said she would love to fit me with a bra.  I didn't know what made her any more qualified to fit me with a bra than the other lady that had fit me two years ago.  Well, come to find out she is an "expert fitter" with Dillard's and was just at this particular Dillard's for the day.  I decided that being fit by an "expert" might just be the "bees knees" so I agreed to an "expert fit."  And, I thought that my daughter would likely benefit from one too, so off we went.  

The "expert fitter" went off gathering various bras while daughter and I went to the dressing room (separate ones) The lady came in with the bras, closed the door behind her and I'm thinking "surely she does not think that I'm going to "bear it all" right here in front of her. ~laugh~  Well, she stepped behind me, had me remove my bra and then she very discreetly assisted me in putting on the new bra.  (I could not believe that I had just taken my bra off in front (well, I really wasn't in front of that lady). When I got the bra on she told me to bend over and position the "girls" in the bra.  Well, of course, my daughter could hear everything that the lady was saying and when she heard that, it was all over.  She started laughing, I started laughing and we were almost out of control.  We were hysterical before it was over and the "expert fitter" was laughing just as hard as we were.  If you happen to know my daughter and me, then you know that we laugh loud!!

We finally got back to "the business at hand" and the "expert fitter" checked the fit and began explaining why a good fit was so important.  Everything she said made perfect sense until she told me the size she had just fit me with.  I was wearing a 32DD. Oh, my goodness! I had gone from a 34C to a 32DD!  And, it really did fit and it was totally comfortable. She told me to put my top back on and let her look at it.  So, I did just as she said and she looked at me and said, "now the girls are where they are suppose to be and not sagging." Oh, my goodness! Sometimes the truth hurts! ~chuckle~ Now, you might be thinking I'm some "big bosomed" gal but such is not the case.  As in other clothing items, I do believe that bra sizes have drastically changed over the years and a "double D" is NOT what it once was.  It is probably more of a "C" but............

Well, I definitely bought myself two of the new "expertly fitted" bras and I felt very "lifted and separated" as I walked out of the store. (yes, I wore one of my new bras straight out of the store).

I can almost guarantee you that "Miss Expert Fitter" has probably not had near so much fun fitting two ladies with a bra as she did my daughter and me today.  It was indeed a memory we'll not soon forget!

And, if you have never been "expertly fitted," I highly encourage you to do so.  It will definitely be an experience you will not soon forget.  Smiles to you!

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Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I came across Carissa's Miscellany Monday through another blog and was so impressed with her blog and decided to participate in her Miscellany Monday this week. (You should check out Carissa's blog, it has some of the most gorgeous photos you have ever seen.)  And, it certainly gave me an idea to blog about.  Love the random thoughts idea!

1. It's about to finally "sink in" that our daughter and her family really do live here.  They've lived in Oklahoma for most of their 8 years of marriage and now they live about 3 miles from us. 

2. I'm dealing with some real conviction about my walk with the Lord.  It's so easy for HIM to be pushed off the throne of our lives without us even being aware.  I'm making a deliberate effort to give him "first place" in my life once again.

3. It's when these precious eyes look up at me that my heart just almost melts.

4. A serious conversation between our daughter and Grandson about potty training. ~chuckle~

5. We celebrated with a dear friend this afternoon the "home going" service for her precious husband. Cancer is horrible and what a testimony this family has been to the strength and peace that only HE can provide during such a tough journey.
6. I'm thinking of our son, his wife and their 8 month old daughter as they take her on her first "road trip." So far the reports have been good.
7. It is entirely toooooooooooo hot to only be June 13th and the humidity here in Louisiana is at least 1000%. Yuck! This gal does not like sweat!
8. This is the precious Granddaughter of my dear friend. Isn't she a "heart stealer?"

 Again, it's been so much fun to participate in my first Miscellany Monday.  Looking forward to visiting with many of you!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

The Simple Woman's Daybook - June 8, 2010

It is so good to be back this week!  I've been busy helping our daughter and family get moved and settled and missed The Simple Woman's Daybook last week. My week just wasn't the same.

Outside my window.......the sun is setting and the patio twinkle lights have just come on.  I love this time of day!

I am thinking.......that while I love computers and a lot of the high tech gadgets, they can sure bring a lot of frustration into my life when something goes wrong with them. ~yuck~

I am thankful for.......my Mom's 78 years of life.  If she had lived she would be celebrating her 80th birthday today.  Not a day goes by that I don't think of her and appreciate the woman that she was and the impact that she will forever have on my life.

From the kitchen.......I made my first trip to the Farmer's Market today and look forward to enjoying some fresh veggies this week and throughout the summer.  Not a lot of other "kitchen plans" at the moment. Shame on me!!!

I am wearing.........silky lounging pj's

I am going.........for my Bone Density test tomorrow morning and for my annual eye exam tomorrow afternoon.  It seems it is always some Drs. appointment for a checkup.

I am reading........"Her Mother's Hope" by Francine Rivers. I am about 3/4 of the way through it and am hopeful that things are going to turn around in the plot shortly.  It's been a little distressing to me, but I love Francine River's writings and feel sure that it will have a great spiritual lesson in the end.

I am hoping........that my daughter will get a teaching job that she will really enjoy this year.  

I am hearing.......the a/c running and Fox News.

Around the house........things are in good shape. I finished the ironing just a few minutes ago and that's always a good feeling.  

One of my favorite things.......is hearing the belly laughs of our 8 mo. old Granddaughter and our 20 mo. old Grandson. Instantly brings a smile!

A picture I'm sharing.........I found this flower arrangement and cards on the kitchen island when I got up yesterday morning. It was our 39th wedding anniversary and Hubby had this waiting on me.  He had bought the miniature Calla Lillies at the grocery store, cut the fern out of the flower beds and found this bud vase in the cabinet and put it all together. I was so impressed!
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Sunday, June 6, 2010

39 Years Ago Today

Where have the years gone? I can hardly believe that I'm old enough to have been married 39 years!  Well, if the truth be known, I'm really not old enough.  But, nonetheless, I began my "marriage journey" at the "ripe old age" of 18 (I was just 7 weeks shy of 19) and Tommy was 24.  I have often said that if he had not been older and more mature than me, our marriage might not have survived.  But, we were both raised by parents that taught us that marriage was forever.  So, we went into our marriage with that mindset and it has served us well.

The kiss that "sealed the deal"
I met Tommy when I was 12 years old and told my parents at that time that one day I would marry him.  Within a year after meeting him, our family moved from Louisiana to Virginia and my heart was crushed.  But, we did travel back to Arkansas annually to see my Dad's parents and we would come through Louisiana and see Tommy's family.  Our families had developed a friendship as well, so that helped in our getting to see each other.

 Tommy was really excited about the cake cutting ~laugh~
I doubt that either of our parents really thought about Tommy and me marrying one day.  After all, he was 5 1/2 years older than me and we were 1000 miles apart.  But, as the next 6 years passed, we managed to see each other about once, twice if we were lucky, a year.  Tommy graduated from college the same year I graduated from high school.  He went on to get his MBA and I began my short lived college career at a Baptist college in Bluefield, West Virginia.

Tasting the cake is the most fun
 We did not have regular communication, but not because I didn't want us too. Tommy was dedicated to finishing up his education before he would allow himself to even think about marriage.  At the end of his next to the last semester of graduate school he decided to give me a call.  We had not talked in well over a year.  But, during that call we discussed marriage and (sparing you all the details) we decided that we would get married the following summer.

Tommy planned a trip to see me during his semester break and stayed about a week.  We finalized our plans with my parents and he headed back to Louisiana.  I flew to Louisiana in March and we set the date for the wedding.  It would be June 6, 1971.

 We've just returned from our honeymoon and about to head towards Louisiana
Tommy graduated one week before the wedding and then drove to Virginia to prepare for our wedding.  Meanwhile, I did not go back to Bluefield College the 2nd semester, but got a job at the Kroger's down from our house and tried to stash away a little money for us and help pay for our wedding.

Let me assure you that there are so many more details about our romance and marriage, but the short version will have to do. ~smile~ There is no doubt that the Lord had His hand over us throughout the entire ordeal.  We hardly ever dated, guess you might say, we hardly knew each other.  But, we certainly both shared the same beliefs, the same ideas of marriage and had our parents support. 

These past 39 years have brought ups and downs, sadness,   frustration, and lots of happiness.  But, neither one of us would trade them for anything. We've grown to accept each other for who we are and quit trying to change one another. We've been blessed beyond measure and we give God the glory and honor for His guidance and watch care.  Without Him we would not have made it.

39 years later
 I've felt loved and cherished from day one and count that such a blessing.  Not only has Tommy been a wonderful husband, but he has been a great Father to our two children. We look forward to continuing on our "marriage journey."