Friday, June 25, 2010

Strawberry Cake and Lucky Bamboo

Good Morning Girls!  If you want to put your "chompers" in something really good, then come on in.  I have the most delicious Strawberry Pound Cake  on the cabinet and I'd love to cut you a slice.  I've made this particular cake 5 times since the first of May.  I've had  various occasions that needed a cake and this one has just proven to be a favorite and I urge you to try it. 

It's been a fun and busy week around our household and this week-end promises to be "the icing on the cake." (no pun intended)  I will be enjoying my 40th high school reunion.  Tomorrow night is a "Girls Gathering" and then Saturday evening will be the reunion.  So, be on the lookout for more to follow about this.

I am not very "artsy" but I do enjoy letting my "creative juices" flow.  This week I had some fun with "Lucky Bamboo."  I've had some growing in 2-3 different containers inside our home for several years.  It's what you might call "maintenance free."  I put together some small glass containers of it and then used it as the tablescape on our dining table for now.

First, I purchased the needed items, clear glass containers, colored stones and of course, the Lucky Bamboo.  I purchased the stones and containers at Michael's for about $16.  The Lucky Bamboo came from a discounted store  here  and it was $5.50 for the bunch.
There's not much to putting them together.  Take the bamboo apart, put a few stones in the bottom of the container, place the bamboo on top and then hold it tightly while you place stones around it to hold it in place.  I like using the clear containers because I think it adds to the beauty when you can see the colored stones.  But, I did put one bunch of bamboo in a decorative container and used a pea gravel type stone in it.

I made enough to give a couple of the containers away as little "happies." (what we call gifts in the South) ~chuckle~The others I placed on a mirrored runner on my dining table and thought it had a nice "summer look" to it.  If I use my dining room to entertain, I can add some fresh flowers in small containers to go between the containers of bamboo for an added touch.

  It is a great decorating idea, but it is also a very inexpensive way to make several gifts.  I made 6 containers and spent $21, so that comes out to around $3.50 each.  What great gifts and remembrances at a very affordable price.  So, if you need several "happies" at one time, you might want to get some Lucky Bamboo and let your "creative juices" flow.

Happy week-end to each of you and be sure and find the time to check out  Rachel Anne's Home Sanctuary for more good "blog hopping."

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  1. So Cute! I love it and your table does look very festive and summery! This is a great gift idea, it would be so cute for an end of the year gift for a teacher! I will definitely keep it in mind! Have a great weekend, enjoy the girl time and the reunion!

  2. I gave my daughter's teachers some Lucky Bamboo for the end of the year presents, but wished I had dressed mine up like yours!

  3. OK - you cannot mention such a delectible cake and not provide the recipe! It sounds scrumtious.

    The bamboo is darling - I've never heard of it before. Does it grow, or just stay that way? I kill plants, just so you know...

    Have a marvelous time at your reunion - I hope you find classmates for whom God has done amazing things, and you come away refreshed, encouraged and amazed!

  4. I can't wait to try that strawberry pound cake! Thank you for that... hope you have a wonderful time at your reunion!

  5. I like that idea!!! It looks festive and just perfect for summer! I love lucky bamboo, but we move everytime someone give me some. :( If I buy it, I'm okay though;)

    Have a great time this weekend!!! :)

  6. I agree with dianne...we need a recipe for that pound cake it sounds amazing! How creative are you! the bamboo looks wonderful. I enjoyed stopping by today~ blessings on your week.

  7. Hello Company Girl! I LOVE your display! The colored stones were a nice touch. Hope you have a fantastic girls night! God Bless...

  8. I think you are very creative. The Lucky Bamboo creations are really neat! ~ I have never been to a high school reunion. In fact, I haven't stepped foot in my high school since I graduated 26 years ago! To be honest, I really don't have a desire to, but it would be fun to know how everyone has "turned out." ~ Have fun and take pictures!

  9. Um, strawberry pound cake sounds sooooooo delightful.
    Love your creativity! :D


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