Monday, June 14, 2010

Miscellany Monday

I came across Carissa's Miscellany Monday through another blog and was so impressed with her blog and decided to participate in her Miscellany Monday this week. (You should check out Carissa's blog, it has some of the most gorgeous photos you have ever seen.)  And, it certainly gave me an idea to blog about.  Love the random thoughts idea!

1. It's about to finally "sink in" that our daughter and her family really do live here.  They've lived in Oklahoma for most of their 8 years of marriage and now they live about 3 miles from us. 

2. I'm dealing with some real conviction about my walk with the Lord.  It's so easy for HIM to be pushed off the throne of our lives without us even being aware.  I'm making a deliberate effort to give him "first place" in my life once again.

3. It's when these precious eyes look up at me that my heart just almost melts.

4. A serious conversation between our daughter and Grandson about potty training. ~chuckle~

5. We celebrated with a dear friend this afternoon the "home going" service for her precious husband. Cancer is horrible and what a testimony this family has been to the strength and peace that only HE can provide during such a tough journey.
6. I'm thinking of our son, his wife and their 8 month old daughter as they take her on her first "road trip." So far the reports have been good.
7. It is entirely toooooooooooo hot to only be June 13th and the humidity here in Louisiana is at least 1000%. Yuck! This gal does not like sweat!
8. This is the precious Granddaughter of my dear friend. Isn't she a "heart stealer?"

 Again, it's been so much fun to participate in my first Miscellany Monday.  Looking forward to visiting with many of you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. CiCi-- I've been blessed by your blog. I really enjoyed the truth about keeping Jesus in the throne -- He's first.

    I'm sorry about your friend and cancer. My husband is 4 years post -diagnosis. I HATE cancer. I'll say a prayer for your friend, and for the peace that only our Father can give.

    Congrats on your daughter living so close. What a blessing that will be!!

    I'm looking forward to reading more. I'll be back!

  2. Loved getting caught up with you! I know you are loving having your daughter so close again...what a blessing!

    I have just finished reading an AMAZING book by Margaret Feinberg called "The Organic God" it is such a good book on getting refocused and just understanding how amazing the God is that we serve, I highly recommend it!

    Hope the road trip goes well. We will be travelling to Idaho in July (about 24 hours driving). It should be interesting...thank goodness for in the car DVD players!

    Have a great week!

  3. I love it that your daughter is close to you! That was the best decision we made to move back close to family! Family if s a true blessing!

    So sorry for your friend! Cancer is tough but with our Lord he helps us through these tough times.

    And yes, being refocused on Jesus! that has been on my mind a whole lot lately. Putting my priorities where they need to be and God being at the top of it!



  4. Enjoyed this new meme today CiCi. I'm glad your daughter is close to you now, even if she did leave Oklahoma! ~ The summer is hot so far isn't it? I had to turn around after leaving for work this morning because extreme flooding in the city. It took me an hour-and-a-half to go what normally takes less than 10 minutes. I got off the highway to turn around and come home and got caught in flood waters twice. My husband was on the phone talking me through it as I cried and prayed and drove slowly past several cars stranded and or washed off the road. I made it through and safe back at home! Praise the Lord! ~ Oklahoma weather is something else! ~ I love all thos baby pictures. Sweet as can be. Have a blessed week with the Lord!

  5. thanks for joining in! i heart your heart! #2 - it's so easy to put things ahead of our Lord; thank goodness for His mercy and patience! #5 - cancer is so devastating (my dad died of cancer when i was 9) but the Lord is faithful to bring comfort!!! so glad your family lives closer - what a treat! have a lovely day.

  6. loved the miscellany and what a cute blog! Loved the pic of the potty training talk! Serious business I tell ya....LOL....reminds me of what Carissa said on the Clorox commercial about the porcelian throne being the oval office LOL....

    Your friends daughter is just presh....

    I am a new follower btw

  7. Cici, I am so glad you joined the Miscellany Monday today. I am so thankful your daughter and her family live so close to you. And I've been dealing with the same conviction. It's a day to day journey for me to crucify my flesh on the alter every day so that He can increase in my life. Praying that you will grow closer to Him every day. So sorry about your friend's husband. I tell my children they are only allowed to hate two things in life - sin and cancer. God's strength and peace during times of illness amazes me.

    Have a great Monday!

  8. what a wonderful post!
    I am completely in agreement with #2---it's so easy to push that relationship aside but so worth it when you don't! I hope the Lord renews your energy to spend lots of time with and for Him!
    Thank you for stopping by my blog : )

  9. #2 is so so true. the pictures are adorable. you have a lovely blog. :)
    Cole visiting from

  10. What a great post!! Good job :)


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