Saturday, May 30, 2009

The World of Blogging and Bloggers

It is the most beautiful day today. I think folks might call it, "a Chamber of Commerce day." Not sure where that saying came from, but I've heard it all my life and it's always said in reference to a beautiful day. So, I think today would qualify.

I've been reading blogs for 2-3 years and have always enjoyed reading them. It is so interesting to read what folks write and it varies so much from "blogger to blogger." Now, that I have joined the "blogging world" I something think that my entries are not as interesting as some I read. But, on the other hand, all bloggers are different individuals and all express themselves differently. That's what makes it so interesting, especially if you read several blogs. I read some that are more reports, some are full of helpful hints, some are simply sharing their hearts, but each has it's own flavor. Few that I read are daily bloggers, more like myself, 2-3 entries a week. It can be very time consuming and somedays just do not allow time to blog. I read one blog where the blogger is up until all hours of the night doing her entries (if need be) and I wonder how on earth she can hold her eyes open to do it. But, I imagine, since she is the mother of 4 small children, that it is likely the only time she has and it is likely very theraputic for her. Regardless of how often, how it is written or what it is about, I enjoy reading blogs and hopefully there are a few folks that look forward to reading mine.

This past week was so busy for me. As I posted in my last blog, I had the Round Table ladies for lunch on Thursday and that was a most time consuming ordeal. But, it came off smoothly and all the ladies enjoyed themselves and that made it worth all my hard work and effort.

I am so frustrated over my digital camera right now. I was going to download some pictures off of it onto my computer Thursday and my computer is not recognizing my camera for some odd reason. This is something that has never happened before and I've done all I know to do to try and remedy the problem to no avail. So, I have a "computer expert" coming tomorrow afternoon to see if he can get it all lined out for me. I had plans for a different entry today, but the pictures to go along with the entry are still on my camera. So, hopefully that will be my next entry. I just hate it when things don't work right. Pure aggravation! (smile, smile)

We're off to Ok. this next Wed. Will visit a few days and then head back the following Sunday and Bridget and Clancy will head this way too. Bridget will drive, but we will travel together and help her with Clancy should she need us. She will make the trip back home by herself, and while I don't like that idea, I guess it has to happen sooner than later. One of the issues you have to deal with when you live 8+ hours away from "home."

I hope all of you are enjoying this gorgeous day and may you all have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Luncheon - Remembering Mom

I am busy preparing for a luncheon for a very special group of ladies this Thursday. It is the book club within our church, better known as Round Table. They meet every month Sept. through May and enjoy a lunch, then a program that includes a mission emphasis and a book review. My Mom was a member of this group and it was a group of ladies that she enjoyed very much. I am having them here for their last meeting this year as a tribute to my Mom and to let them know how much I appreciated them embracing her and welcoming her to their group when she and Dad moved here in 2000.

I am serving a salad plate and will have a fruit cream pie for dessert. Think it is will very nice for the spring time of the year. I am hopeful it will be a pretty day and that it will be a great time of christian fellowship for all the ladies.

I will spend tomorrow putting the finishing touches on my table decorations and making my salads. I enjoy entertaining and always hope that my guests feel very welcomed and special.

I will let you know how everything goes, but for now I'm going to grab the book I'm reading, "Same Kind of Different as Me" and head to the back and read a while. It is a very good story.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

A Happy Boy in a "Do-Rag"

I just could not resist sharing these cute photos of Clancy in his "do rag." I got the bright idea of putting one on him and he didn't mind a bit. He never tried to take it off and we had a fun photo session while he had it on. His expressions are just priceless. He is such a happy little boy and really makes me forget about any cares or concerns that I might have at the time. I look at him and wonder what his little mind is thinking. Does he really have any idea how much he is loved and what great hopes and aspirations we have for him? It is truly a season of my life that I wouldn't trade for anything. God certainly knew what he was doing when he made Grandchildren!

Monday, May 18, 2009

A sleeping baby and a fabulous view.............

Clancy has just gone down for his nap and all is very quiet here in the country. While living in the country has absolutely no appeal to me, the veiw here from Clint and Bridget's house is absolutely breath taking on a beautiful day like today. And, it is so very peaceful out here, away from the "hussell and bussell" of life. Clancy will certainly have a great place to grow up, lots of creatures, animals and no telling what all else to entertain him. :) Their latest addition is guineas. I know, I thought they were getting pigs or something. I didn't know there was a type of chicken called a guinea, but there is and they eat ticks. I know, that's sort of gross, but it sure will be nice for them and for little Clancy when he is old enough to play outside. They got 11 of them and Tommy and Clint put together a coop for them yesterday. I will definitely post pictures in the next few days. I wouldn't want any of you to miss seeing pictures of the guineas. :)

Clancy has been so curious with us on this visit. When he first saw us, he wasn't at all sure who in the world these silly folks were. But, he warmed right up to us and soon decided that he liked us. He is totally aware of his surroundings now and is very mobile. No, he isn't crawling, but is scooting and has gotten on his hands and knees a few times, so I don't imagine it will be long before he figures out how to get his hands and knees moving at the same time to get where he wants to go. Life should get very interesting in the weeks ahead.

We are so privileged to be able to travel and come to Ok. whenever we want to. Not everyone is so fortunate. My parents certainly did not have that privilege when we lived 1000 miles apart. I usually managed to see them at least 2 times a year and ever so often, we could work in a 3rd time. There wasn't email, or cell phones and we certainly didn't just pick up the phone and talk every time we wanted too. I remember when I only talked to my parents every other week for about 20 minutes. At other times, we wrote letters and mailed them by snail mail. My! how times have changed. We do look at it as a real privilege and never want to take it for granted.

I have put an eye round roast in the crock pot and will fix potatoes and blackeyed peas to go with it for dinner. I enjoy cooking when I'm here because I know that it is a tremendous help to Bridget after working all day. I did a few loads of laundry for her as well.

Life is good and it's a joy to sit here and look out and gaze upon God's creation and thank Him for his goodness towards us. We are blessed!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Packing once again...........................

Yes, we are packing our bags once again because of this little fella to the left. We have not seen him in a month and are not scheduled to see him until June 3rd. Well, we decided that was just a bit longer than we wanted to wait. Since we last saw him, he has sit up, starting scooting and has even gotten on his hands and knees. We have missed too much, so we need to go and see for ourselves how much this little sweet guy has grown and changed and let him "do his tricks for us." We will go on Saturday and return on Tuesday or Wednesday. I'm so excited!

Rosco and Rhett won't be exactly happy about our leaving once again, but they will get over it. They love their time in their beds in the evening with us and we enjoy them. They are
really good boys and rarely do they even step their foot out of their beds. I still cannot believe that I have even allowed such to happen. Guess it could have something to do with age. (smile! smile!)

I must confess to you that I have not done well at all with my scripture memorization. I blame it on the fact that we went out of town right after I started this, but truth be known, I have not made it a priority. And, we all know that if something is important enough to us, we DO make it a priority. So, I am going to do better and even type up the verse I'm working on, carry it in my purse and have it with me at all times. I'm still working on Psalm 86:5-7.

I continue to be spiritually blessed by my study on Simple Prayers by Joyce Meyers. I'm reading the book and listening to the CD's. I listened to one today on my way to Monroe and she reminded us of how God wants and desires us to pray about every area of our lives. I think we often assume that He is not interested in the mundane areas, but we are wrong. It is such a comfort and encouragement to me to know that he does care about the not so significant as well as the significant. And, how often do we pray without faith to even believe that He is able and can answer our prayers if it is His will. I know I often struggle in this area. We must pray believing!!!! And, to remember that He is GREATER than any need I have or will ever have. Wow! that is so powerful!

May we all rest upon the promises of His word and pray believing!

Sunday, May 10, 2009 Mom

I was about to head towards bed, but just really wanted to come to the computer and blog. Of course, this has been a very different Mother's Day for me and it just did not seem right not having my Mom here to celebrate. So, my blog this evening will sort of be a tribute to her and I will share some old photos with you. This one was taken when I was around a year old.

This picture was taken on my Mom's 73rd birthday. I had a luncheon for her and some of her friends here at the house. She had such a good time.

This one was taken on Christmas 2003.

This is Mom with her older sister who is the only surviving sibling out of 5 children and she was 87 years old today. Amazing!

Mom and me helping Dad with his booth at the Peach Festival in June 2004.

At Brandon and Windy's wedding in July 2004

Dad and Mom sitting in Dad's booth at the Bastrop Arts and Crafts Festival, Oct. 2005

This was the last photo taken of me and Mom. It was taken at Dad's book signing in Oct. 2009. Thanks for allowing me to reflect through pictures of the most powerful woman in my life, my Mother.

Saturday, May 9, 2009

Greetings from Atlanta.................

We arrived here in Atlanta around 6:00PM on Wed. It is no easy trip from home. The truck traffic is so heavy on I-20 and makes driving much more stressful. There is no room for "mind drifting" when you are at the wheel. And, of course, once you enter Atlanta, it is just "hang on for dear life" and go! Speed limits mean absolutely nothing! :) We are just really glad that our drive to Oklahoma is a much easier drive with very little truck traffic.

We have had such a good time here with Steve and Susan. They are the most gracious host and hostess and always go to the "inth degree" to make sure we have a wonderful time. I really think that they invited us to come this particular week-end because it is Mother's Day week-end. When they asked us to come a couple of months ago, I never even realized it would be Mother's Day. Once I did, I knew it was likely a purposeful act on their part. And, I so appreciate that. It has helped me not to think about the loss of Mom and this first Mother's Day without her. But, the Lord has really blessed me with the ability to thank Him for now allowing her to live a life of suffering and disabilities. Our grief could have been worse. She was one more special woman!

Susan and I have enjoyed checking out some of the home decor shoppes and I have found some art for one of the bedrooms and a gorgeous rug for our Master Bedroom. There is so much to choose from here and so much better than "internet shopping" becuase you can see the actual colors and they can sometimes be diminished via the internet. We're off to a place called "Real Deals" today. Doesn't that sound like fun? Susan has shown me some of the items in their home that she has purchased there for "a real deal" and they are so lovely. I'm excited!

As I close, I can't help but say how thankful I am for my children and their families. They have made me so proud and I am so incredibly grateful for them. No, they aren't perfect, but I do believe it is all of their desires to be the best they can be for the Lord and His will for their lives. He will certainly bless them for their efforts and bless them along life's way. I am honored to be their Mother and love them more than they will ever know. And, I'm so thankful for a husband that has loved me and supported me in my role of Motherhood.

A happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's!!!!

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

A Test

Okay, let's just say that I have been trying to do any entry for way too long and am having difficulty inserting pictures. I think it may have something to do with the new anti-virus program I installed yesterday. So, since I don't even know if it will publish this, I'm not going to make a long entry. I'll just wait and try again tomorrow or when we return from Atlanta. Sorry folks, I had a great entry planned, but will share it later...........

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Simple Prayers and High Blood Pressure

Now, isn't that about the cutest picture you ever saw? Hubby, son, daughter-in-law and myself went fishing yesterday. I really didn't think I had time to go with them, but then I decided that I didn't have time NOT to go. I'm so glad that I decided to go, some wonderful fun memories were made. Windy and Brandon caught fish every time they dropped a line. Tommy was the "perfect guide." All he did was sit in the middle of the boat, take the fish off their line, and bait their hooks. But, it was fun enough for him to just watch them having such a great time. I went along for the ride and to take pictures. I look forward to our next outing.

I have never been a fan or not been a fan of Joyce Meyers. I've heard her a few times over the years, but recently have heard her on XM Family Talk Radio and she has been doing a series on Simple Prayers. What I have heard has ministered to me and gave me the desire to hear the entire series. So, I ordered it and it came a few days ago. I have listened to the first session and was so spiritually enriched by her message. Basically, she speaks of just how simple prayer is, what an integral part of our day it should be, unencumbered by rules, regulations, and obligation. God desires that our prayer lives be natural and enjoyable. I am looking forward to the next 3 messages and pray they will enrich my communication with our Heavenly Father.

Speaking of that reminds me of my scripture memorization that I mentioned to you in an earlier blog. The scripture memorization cards I ordered arrived this past Friday and my verse for this coming week is:
You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to You. Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy. In the day of my trouble I will call to You, for You will answer me. Psalm 86:5-7 I figure if I can learn (or relearn) a verse a week, that will be 52 verses in a year. If I only do half that many, I will be way ahead of where I am right now. Plus, this has to be good for my aging brain. :)

I did see the Nurse Practitioner in with my Cardiologist this past Friday to discuss my blood pressure medication. While my readings, since stopping any medication, have been pretty much normal, they are classified as "At Risk" with the American Heart Association. (I can't help but wonder if the AHA isn't in "cahoots" with the pharmacutical companies on that issue) After a lengthy discussion she suggested that I stay on a low dose , just to be safe. So, I agreed to do so. I don't know that I would have been totally comfortable just stopping it all together. I feel good about this decision and hopefully I will not experience any side effects from it. If I should, she assured me that there were plenty more to choose from and we would try something else. I just started it today, so will be a few more days before I really know how it is going to "settle" with me. I do know that I never want to feel the side effects I felt with the other, much stronger, medication.

I am missing that Clancy so much! I hear his precious little voice over the phone and want to reach out and hug and squeeze him. It will be another month before we see him and that makes me sad. This will be the longest time we've gone without seeing him in his 7 months of life. But, with our schedule and their schedule, it is just the best we can do. We will go the first of June and Bridget and Clancy will come back with us and we look forward to that. Clint has always been so good to share Bridget with us and now he's going to share them both with us.

I want to introduce our "Grand dog" to you. This is Bella, better known as Princess Bella. She belongs to Brandon and Windy and she has no idea that she is a dog. I "fell" for her as soon as I met her. She has the cutest little personality and Windy has some of the most fashionable clothes for her. She goes to the Pet Spa about once a month and they trim her up, paint her nails and put bows in her hair. She is a lot of fun.

We will leave early Wed. to go and visit with Tommy's sister, Susan and her husband, Steve. They live near Atlanta and we always have a good time with them. They are the most gracious host and hostess. Since this is the week of Mother's Day, I'm really glad that I have that to look forward to. It will certainly help to lessen my saddness this first Mother's Day without my Mom.

My you all be "extra blessed" this week!