Saturday, May 30, 2009

The World of Blogging and Bloggers

It is the most beautiful day today. I think folks might call it, "a Chamber of Commerce day." Not sure where that saying came from, but I've heard it all my life and it's always said in reference to a beautiful day. So, I think today would qualify.

I've been reading blogs for 2-3 years and have always enjoyed reading them. It is so interesting to read what folks write and it varies so much from "blogger to blogger." Now, that I have joined the "blogging world" I something think that my entries are not as interesting as some I read. But, on the other hand, all bloggers are different individuals and all express themselves differently. That's what makes it so interesting, especially if you read several blogs. I read some that are more reports, some are full of helpful hints, some are simply sharing their hearts, but each has it's own flavor. Few that I read are daily bloggers, more like myself, 2-3 entries a week. It can be very time consuming and somedays just do not allow time to blog. I read one blog where the blogger is up until all hours of the night doing her entries (if need be) and I wonder how on earth she can hold her eyes open to do it. But, I imagine, since she is the mother of 4 small children, that it is likely the only time she has and it is likely very theraputic for her. Regardless of how often, how it is written or what it is about, I enjoy reading blogs and hopefully there are a few folks that look forward to reading mine.

This past week was so busy for me. As I posted in my last blog, I had the Round Table ladies for lunch on Thursday and that was a most time consuming ordeal. But, it came off smoothly and all the ladies enjoyed themselves and that made it worth all my hard work and effort.

I am so frustrated over my digital camera right now. I was going to download some pictures off of it onto my computer Thursday and my computer is not recognizing my camera for some odd reason. This is something that has never happened before and I've done all I know to do to try and remedy the problem to no avail. So, I have a "computer expert" coming tomorrow afternoon to see if he can get it all lined out for me. I had plans for a different entry today, but the pictures to go along with the entry are still on my camera. So, hopefully that will be my next entry. I just hate it when things don't work right. Pure aggravation! (smile, smile)

We're off to Ok. this next Wed. Will visit a few days and then head back the following Sunday and Bridget and Clancy will head this way too. Bridget will drive, but we will travel together and help her with Clancy should she need us. She will make the trip back home by herself, and while I don't like that idea, I guess it has to happen sooner than later. One of the issues you have to deal with when you live 8+ hours away from "home."

I hope all of you are enjoying this gorgeous day and may you all have a wonderful Lord's Day tomorrow!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. You, and nothing about you, could EVER be "dull and bland"!!!!!!!


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