Sunday, May 10, 2009 Mom

I was about to head towards bed, but just really wanted to come to the computer and blog. Of course, this has been a very different Mother's Day for me and it just did not seem right not having my Mom here to celebrate. So, my blog this evening will sort of be a tribute to her and I will share some old photos with you. This one was taken when I was around a year old.

This picture was taken on my Mom's 73rd birthday. I had a luncheon for her and some of her friends here at the house. She had such a good time.

This one was taken on Christmas 2003.

This is Mom with her older sister who is the only surviving sibling out of 5 children and she was 87 years old today. Amazing!

Mom and me helping Dad with his booth at the Peach Festival in June 2004.

At Brandon and Windy's wedding in July 2004

Dad and Mom sitting in Dad's booth at the Bastrop Arts and Crafts Festival, Oct. 2005

This was the last photo taken of me and Mom. It was taken at Dad's book signing in Oct. 2009. Thanks for allowing me to reflect through pictures of the most powerful woman in my life, my Mother.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. So sweet! What a lovely woman and you inherited so much from her.

    Jamie and I drove up to Mama's and took her to lunch at Copeland's. Had a nice afternoon visit with her. Interstate 10 traffic is just like I 20 and my nerves are shot after I get to my destination. It is the same between Baton Rouge and New Orleans and it just wears me out. If you don't go about 80 mph, you get run over. I wonder if having 6 lanes instead of 4 would make people safer drivers. Probably not.

    Liked the pix of your new furnishings. Everything looks great.

    Love to you,

  2. How neat to see all those pictures of your mom. What a special tribute to her. Praise God for Mamas that love the Lord!


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