Saturday, May 9, 2009

Greetings from Atlanta.................

We arrived here in Atlanta around 6:00PM on Wed. It is no easy trip from home. The truck traffic is so heavy on I-20 and makes driving much more stressful. There is no room for "mind drifting" when you are at the wheel. And, of course, once you enter Atlanta, it is just "hang on for dear life" and go! Speed limits mean absolutely nothing! :) We are just really glad that our drive to Oklahoma is a much easier drive with very little truck traffic.

We have had such a good time here with Steve and Susan. They are the most gracious host and hostess and always go to the "inth degree" to make sure we have a wonderful time. I really think that they invited us to come this particular week-end because it is Mother's Day week-end. When they asked us to come a couple of months ago, I never even realized it would be Mother's Day. Once I did, I knew it was likely a purposeful act on their part. And, I so appreciate that. It has helped me not to think about the loss of Mom and this first Mother's Day without her. But, the Lord has really blessed me with the ability to thank Him for now allowing her to live a life of suffering and disabilities. Our grief could have been worse. She was one more special woman!

Susan and I have enjoyed checking out some of the home decor shoppes and I have found some art for one of the bedrooms and a gorgeous rug for our Master Bedroom. There is so much to choose from here and so much better than "internet shopping" becuase you can see the actual colors and they can sometimes be diminished via the internet. We're off to a place called "Real Deals" today. Doesn't that sound like fun? Susan has shown me some of the items in their home that she has purchased there for "a real deal" and they are so lovely. I'm excited!

As I close, I can't help but say how thankful I am for my children and their families. They have made me so proud and I am so incredibly grateful for them. No, they aren't perfect, but I do believe it is all of their desires to be the best they can be for the Lord and His will for their lives. He will certainly bless them for their efforts and bless them along life's way. I am honored to be their Mother and love them more than they will ever know. And, I'm so thankful for a husband that has loved me and supported me in my role of Motherhood.

A happy Mother's Day to all you Mother's!!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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