Sunday, May 3, 2009

Simple Prayers and High Blood Pressure

Now, isn't that about the cutest picture you ever saw? Hubby, son, daughter-in-law and myself went fishing yesterday. I really didn't think I had time to go with them, but then I decided that I didn't have time NOT to go. I'm so glad that I decided to go, some wonderful fun memories were made. Windy and Brandon caught fish every time they dropped a line. Tommy was the "perfect guide." All he did was sit in the middle of the boat, take the fish off their line, and bait their hooks. But, it was fun enough for him to just watch them having such a great time. I went along for the ride and to take pictures. I look forward to our next outing.

I have never been a fan or not been a fan of Joyce Meyers. I've heard her a few times over the years, but recently have heard her on XM Family Talk Radio and she has been doing a series on Simple Prayers. What I have heard has ministered to me and gave me the desire to hear the entire series. So, I ordered it and it came a few days ago. I have listened to the first session and was so spiritually enriched by her message. Basically, she speaks of just how simple prayer is, what an integral part of our day it should be, unencumbered by rules, regulations, and obligation. God desires that our prayer lives be natural and enjoyable. I am looking forward to the next 3 messages and pray they will enrich my communication with our Heavenly Father.

Speaking of that reminds me of my scripture memorization that I mentioned to you in an earlier blog. The scripture memorization cards I ordered arrived this past Friday and my verse for this coming week is:
You are forgiving and good, O Lord, abounding in love to all who call to You. Hear my prayer, O Lord; listen to my cry for mercy. In the day of my trouble I will call to You, for You will answer me. Psalm 86:5-7 I figure if I can learn (or relearn) a verse a week, that will be 52 verses in a year. If I only do half that many, I will be way ahead of where I am right now. Plus, this has to be good for my aging brain. :)

I did see the Nurse Practitioner in with my Cardiologist this past Friday to discuss my blood pressure medication. While my readings, since stopping any medication, have been pretty much normal, they are classified as "At Risk" with the American Heart Association. (I can't help but wonder if the AHA isn't in "cahoots" with the pharmacutical companies on that issue) After a lengthy discussion she suggested that I stay on a low dose , just to be safe. So, I agreed to do so. I don't know that I would have been totally comfortable just stopping it all together. I feel good about this decision and hopefully I will not experience any side effects from it. If I should, she assured me that there were plenty more to choose from and we would try something else. I just started it today, so will be a few more days before I really know how it is going to "settle" with me. I do know that I never want to feel the side effects I felt with the other, much stronger, medication.

I am missing that Clancy so much! I hear his precious little voice over the phone and want to reach out and hug and squeeze him. It will be another month before we see him and that makes me sad. This will be the longest time we've gone without seeing him in his 7 months of life. But, with our schedule and their schedule, it is just the best we can do. We will go the first of June and Bridget and Clancy will come back with us and we look forward to that. Clint has always been so good to share Bridget with us and now he's going to share them both with us.

I want to introduce our "Grand dog" to you. This is Bella, better known as Princess Bella. She belongs to Brandon and Windy and she has no idea that she is a dog. I "fell" for her as soon as I met her. She has the cutest little personality and Windy has some of the most fashionable clothes for her. She goes to the Pet Spa about once a month and they trim her up, paint her nails and put bows in her hair. She is a lot of fun.

We will leave early Wed. to go and visit with Tommy's sister, Susan and her husband, Steve. They live near Atlanta and we always have a good time with them. They are the most gracious host and hostess. Since this is the week of Mother's Day, I'm really glad that I have that to look forward to. It will certainly help to lessen my saddness this first Mother's Day without my Mom.

My you all be "extra blessed" this week!

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Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Miss Girlie Girl and worms????? or crickets?????? How sweet of you to offer to be the chronicler to take the photos of the fishing expedition. My fishing trips stopped back in the late 70's when we went to Lake Verret and a stump got stuck between the boat and the motor and as Jim reved the engine trying to jump the stump, a moss filled limb was bobbing over the boat and a large black moccasin kept sticking his head out in irritation of his nap interruption and I was about to have cardiac arrest right then and there. Would love to have had a BP reading after that commotion.

    When will we have pix of the new appointments at the house?

    Love you,


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