Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Mom's Monument

Mom’s monument was placed last week and I had been looking forward to that day. I had only been to the cemetery one time since her death and just looking at the ground didn’t bring me any satisfaction at all. I wanted something there to say who this precious lady was, something tangible that I could look at and remember my Mom. My Dad took care of choosing the monument and it was truly a “labor of love” for him. He looked and searched until he found exactly what he wanted. Dad has always had the “gift” of design and the monument is certainly a reflection of that. Of course, he not only designed it for Mom but for himself as well.
I know that folks have different feelings about going to visit the gravesite of their loved ones. I have known of folks that went and sat at the grave many afternoons and found great comfort in doing so. I do not see myself doing that, but I will go as I want to and I imagine it will be a time of reflection for me. Reflecting upon the person she was the influence she had on my life and continues to have.
I am so glad that Dad and Mom had discussed where they would like to be buried before Mom’s death. I didn’t even know that they had discussed it. They had ridden out to Mer Rouge Cemetary a couple of years ago and decided that they really liked the location. It is on the top of what is known as Red Hill. It is very quaint, out of site, and quiet. One can go to visit and likely will never be bothered by anyone else being there.
Tommy and I liked the spot so well that we have bought the plots beside Dad and Mom’s for our final resting place.
On a lighter note, we’re off to Ok. In the morning and will return on Sunday with Clancy and Bridget in tow. We look forward to having them here for several days.
Blessings to all……….
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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