Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Getting back to NORMAL (whatever that is..........)

When I blogged on Sunday, I felt sure that we were on the downhill slide of "the bug" that had hit and Bridget and Clancy would be able to go forth with their plans of leaving yesterday morning. Well, such was not the case.

Bridget got up around 5:30AM yesterday morning, woke Clancy up and brought him to me so I could feed him his breakfast and give him his bottle and he would be "ready for the road." He was pretty fuzzy when he woke up, but afterall, he wasn't ready to get up, so he had every right to be fuzzy. Or, so we thought! He ate his oatmeal very willingly and took about 4-5 ounces of formula. After taking his bottle he just leaned his little head back in my arms and closed his eyes. Certainly not normal for him. Again, we blamed it on the fact that he was probably still sleepy. Bridget came over to feel of him and about that time he began throwing up. I had a cloth diaper in my hand and prompty placed it in front of him and it received the bulk of the mess. Thank goodness! After we got him cleaned up, Bridget and I began to cry. She wanted to get home so badly and I understood how she felt. I told her that we could surely come up with a plan to get her home yesterday. And, we did! Windy drove Bridget's vehicle and Bridget rode in the back with Clancy and I followed them in my vehicle. Clint's Mom, Barbara, met us in Jefferson, Texas around 11:30 and followed Bridget on from there. Even though there was no one in the car with her and Clancy, she had someone that could stop with her and be with her in case anything happened. Clancy threw up 3 more times before we left, but was fine the rest of the day. He took a little Gatorade on and off most of their trip and they finally pulled into their house around 9:00 last night. We were relived to know they were safely home and they were relieved just to be home. Clint was so glad to see them.

Bridget took Clancy to his Pediatrician this morning and he checked out just fine. Clancy has not wanted to eat or drink much today and that has been rather distrubing to Bridget, but I imagine that he'll have his appetite back in another day or so.

It was so good to have Bridget and Clancy with us last week, everyday is a new adventure with an 8 month old and we enjoyed sharing in those adventures. We had some great family times when Daddy, Windy and Brandon joined us. I seemed to be in perpetual motion the entire time, either cooking, doing laundry or keeping up with Clancy. I was reminded once again of why they are called Grandchildren. They are indeed Grand and we can enjoy them for a time but know that they are not our full responsibility. How much "grander" can it get?
Bridget is doing a great job mothering and now completely understands "a Mother's love." It's just something you cannot explain, one has to experience it and she has and it is so sweet to watch.

I spent today cleaning, doing laundry, folding clothes and ironing. Also had to go buy groceries and do a few other errands. I think I'm almost "back on track" and it feels good.

And, the peace and quiet is welcome after a week of awesome family fun spent making precious memories
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Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I always enjoy visiting family, or have family visit us, but it is always so wonderful to get back to our normal routine. I hope Clancy eats a little better today!


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