Monday, June 29, 2009

Posting from Newport News, Virgnia - my Birthplace

Yes, I am sitting in the airport at Newport News, Virginia awaiting my flight back to good ole' Louisiana. I have been here the past 4 days visiting with my Mom's family, mainly, my Aunt. Aunt Wanda was the oldest sibling of my Mom's family and is the only one surviving at the ripe old age of 87. She is really an amazing person, still leads a very active life and I can only hope that I will be as blessed with good health as she has been. It was really good to visit with her and share a lot of memories of Mom. I also got to see several cousins that I have not seen in many years and made some very sweet memories to add to my collections. I will definitely post pictures on a later blog.

I did not know if I was going to be able to make the trip this time last week. I have had my ticket for 2 months, but one week ago Tommy was stricken with a gall bladder attack that almost took him out. It was just awful to see him in such pain and not be able to do something for him immediately. We spent time in the ER, then saw two Drs. and surgery was scheduled for last Tuesday. Since he had gallstones, the Drs. said it definitely needed to come out before it caused him some serious troubles. Well, we knew we didn't want that and moved right on with the Drs. advice. He had the surgery on Tuesday around 1:15, was back in recovery by 2:00 and holding a very good conversation with me and the nurses and was in very little discomfort. It was unbelieveable to me that he could go through such surgery (that not so long ago was a major surgery) and appear as though he had just a minor stratch. We were discharged around 5:00 and headed towards home.

We discussed my trip and Tommy really wanted me to go ahead with my plans. The Drs. told him to just take it easy, but he didn't have any real restrictions. So, since it would be difficult for me to reschedule my trip, I decided that I would go forth with my plans. I've talked with him every day and it appears that he has done wonderfully well.

I have had such a great time but I am definitely ready to be home. As I always say, "it's good to go, but it's even better to get home." There's just no place like it. I have lots to do in preparation for Tommy's 35th anniversary Open House at the office this Thursday. So, I will get with it and pull that together and be on to the next items on my agenda.

A happy week to all of you!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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