Monday, October 21, 2013

Miscellany Monday

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Goodness, this past week flew by, guess time really does fly by when you are having fun. We've had a lot of fun this past week with family and friends.  So, glad to slow down a minute and link up with sweet Carissa this morning and share some random thoughts. 

An early Christmas present.....
Hubby's sister and her husband have been here the past few days and since they will not be back for Christmas, they decided to give Hanna Beth her Christmas present a bit early.  I do not think I even realized that they made Ugg boots this small, but are they not the cutest!!  Hanna Beth was more than thrilled and ran around in them until her feet got to hot and then she decided to shed them until  the weather gets a bit cooler. 

His new black hat.....
Clancy has just become the proud owner of his first black hat.  His parents thought it was time he had a black felt hat, so they found him one last weekend.  And, is it not most fitting for our little cowboy?  I could pinch those cute cheeks!

Bustin' forth....
   These are mums that Hubby planted last year at this time.  When they finished blooming, he cut them back.  Well, they bloomed this spring and were beautiful, but when they came back this fall they were a site to see.  They are the biggest mums I have ever seen.  That flower bed is solid mums and makes quite the statement in our backyard.

Simply done.......
We attended an event this past Saturday evening where this type arrangement was on each table.  They were so eye catching and looked to be easily done.  They used various size cobalt blue jars at varying heights and then colorful zinnias, goldenrod and asparagus fern werebadded.  I love seeing table scapes of this kind because it gives me ideas for my own use.  I am certainly far from a floral designer, but I think I could definitely take this idea and run with it.  How pretty would red jars be for the Christmas holidays?  And, amber colored jars for Thanksgiving?  

Thinking of you....
The doorbell rang last Friday afternoon and when I opened the door, these were awaiting me.  Aren't they gorgeous?  They were from someone very special and were simply sent to let me know they were thinking of me.  Wow! you know, sometimes it is just the "pick me up" you need.

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. What a thoughtful friend you have to send such a gorgeous arrangement! Those mums are breathtaking. I tried growing mums about 30 years ago and had no luck ... in hindsight I blame the poor location I chose. I need to try some mums again. Those Uggs are adorable ... as is sweet Hanna Beth. And Clancy looks so grown up in that hat! What a blessed grandma you are!

  2. my aunt is a florist and i am captivated by the art of arranging! it's tough stuff. i could totally see you having the knack for that.

    look at your sweet grands! such cuties.

    love those mums! they scream festive and fall.

    have a wonderful week, lovely lea!

  3. The little ugg boots are darling and I bet she wears them to pieces eventually. Your little Clancy is soo cute, and that hat on him is just adorable. And the mums, what can I say? Gorgeous!! Enjoy your day Lea!

  4. I love the blue jar arrangements. If you did a blue-silver-white theme they could also be pretty at Christmas. I might go on the hunt for some red jars. Surely they're available online somewhere! Mini uggs-adorable! And the black hat too : )

  5. The gifted Uggs gives me an idea for my own little grand. They are so cute on Miss Hanna Beth. And that Clancy! Is he not the cutest little cowboy. There is no doubt he is all boy! The mums are beautiful and both the arrangements are lovely. And yes, your idea sounds like a seasonal winner. My azaleas and mums are really blooming right now and the Camilla's are full of buds. Getting pretty around here.

  6. Love the black hat on your little grand, and the boots as well. just too cute. Your mums are beautiful, I didn't know they would bloom twice if cut back in the spring. Enjoy your week

  7. Sweet post, loved the cowboy hat more than anything! He is sink'in cute :-)


  8. The pictures of the mums in your yard and the bouquets with zinnias are gorgeous. My zinnias got bit by our cold nights in the Rocky Mountain air several weeks ago.

    Your grandchildren are adorable!


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