Friday, July 15, 2016

Guest Bedroom Tour with Kelly

I'm linking up with Kelly over at Kelly's Korner today for her Home Tour.  Today she is featuring guest bedrooms.  We have two guest bedrooms in the main house, one with a queen bed and one with a king. Both of these rooms hold special pieces of furniture and decor that relate to family.

This is what we call the Queen Room (since it has a queen size bed).  My Dad made the bed, the step stools and the nightstands some 25+ years ago.  It is made of solid mahogany and was made to perfection.  When my Dad moved into assisted living, this set came to live with me and I cherish it.

This built in corner cabinet and shelves hold family memorabilia, old family photos, some of my Mom's figurines and bronzed shoes of mine and our children.

One small wall holds this collection of crosses that were hand made by my Dad as well.

This chest is over 100 years old and was made by my paternal Grandfather.  My Dad refinished it many years ago to match the bedroom suite.  The carving of the man and woman you see sitting on the chest was hand carved by my Dad as well.  He was a very, very talented craftsman. 
This piece of tatting that was done by my maternal Grandmother hangs over the bed.  I do not know if there is anyone who tats anymore or not.  I'm afraid it has become a lost art, but I'm so glad I have this lovely piece, along with her tatting shuttle.
AND, you guessed it, this is yours truly on our wedding day.  I just had to show this as it hangs on the wall in this bedroom as well.  A mere 19 year old child!
Our second guest room we call the King Room, as it has a king sized bed in it.  And, this bedroom suite belonged to my MIL, so it has special significance as well.  The bed and night stands are of mahogany also.
I love the beautiful highboy that goes with the suite.
 The decorative plate that sets on top of the chest is a piece that my Dad bought in Italy in 1950 when he was in the Navy.  The colors are just gorgeous and I can't believe it has survived as many moves as it has in the last 66 years and has not even a chip. I should probably carry it to one of the Antique Roadshows as it could possibly be very valuable.  But, it's valuable to me regardless. 

We will be headed out of town this morning to attend the wedding of the daughter of some dear friends of ours.  We'll be home on Sunday and then our daughter and the boys will arrive late afternoon on Tuesday.  So, it's going to be busy around here so you likely won't hear from me until next Friday when Kelly is touring Home Offices.  

Have yourself a great weekend!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. oooooo's and ahhhh's, Lea...beautiful. We have my parents bed/bedroom suite and it sits quite high off the floor as well and I have to use a step stool.

    Your wedding photo is beautiful. Safe travels, smiles.

  2. So very pretty and I love that they each have their own memories and memorabilia to set them apart. I need one of your Dad's step stools for my bed. They just don't make them like that anymore. I am enjoying your tour. Be safe this weekend. Say "Hello" to B for us, and I look forward to seeing pics of the boys.

  3. I love that your Dad made the beautiful bed - makes it even more special and your portrait...gorgeous! Happy weekend!

  4. I just love BOTH rooms! All of the memories and memorabilia make them sooo special, and those pieces your dad made are truly priceless. I can see why you'd treasure them. Enjoy the wedding, and then the visit with your daughter. Fun, busy days.

  5. Lea,

    Such precious guest bedrooms. I especially like all the memorabilia, and you look precious in your wedding portrait.


  6. Hello, Lea. What beautiful guest rooms that are flooded with natural light and filled with special mementos and cherished furnishings. With a TV in each room as well, I bet your guests are mighty spoiled!

  7. Hello, Lea. What beautiful guest rooms that are flooded with natural light and filled with special mementos and cherished furnishings. With a TV in each room as well, I bet your guests are mighty spoiled!

  8. Beautiful rooms and such treasured heirlooms, exquisite!

  9. I love both rooms and the fact that they hold all those family memories make them even more special. Hope you enjoy the wedding

  10. Love how you've included your dad's pieces and furniture. Beautiful rooms!

  11. So Lea, I'm confused as I thought it was from Kelly's house-either blogger, these are beautiful rooms and pieces. I always love seeing others homes-gives me a sense of who they are. It is fun to see family photos too.
    Hugs today,

  12. It's my job to enjoy discovering people homes-gives us an awareness involving whom these are. It can be exciting to view family members images way too.
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  13. So pretty Lea! I love all the special meaningful touches you've added. That highboy is especially gorgeous!


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