Friday, September 3, 2010

The "Flicker" of Fall

 Good Morning Ladies! Coffee is the drink being offered around here today. The weather is actually much, much cooler and thoughts of fall are in the air, so think you would enjoy a "cup of Java" today.  The best part about the weather in addition to the lower temps is the lack of humidity. We've actually stayed in the upper 80's this  past week. N-i-c-e!

Because of this drop in the temps and some really pretty days, Hubby is back to enjoying some time outside.  He will take a chaise lawn chair to the back part of our backyard and sit, with Diet Coke in hand and just enjoy "being."  He really does know how to just "be."  That's something that I have always struggled with, so his influence these past 39 years has been good for me.  (This picture should have been much better, but my lens fogged up when I took my 
camera outside in the warmer temps) He enjoys watching and listening to the birds and of course, there is always Rosco and Rhett to provide entertainment for him.  They have been rather 

"frisky" since the weather has cooled off some. My view of enjoyment is not taking a lawn chair to the far back yard and sitting, but I do have a deep admiration for him and his ability to just "chill out" in his own backyard. He says there's nothing like getting "up close and personal" with God and nature while sitting there.  Perhaps I should try it sometime. ~smile~

We will be heading off to Flowery Branch, Georgia (closest larger town is Gainsville) on Monday afternoon.  Hubby's sister and her husband live there and we'll spend a few fun days with them.  They are such precious folks and are just the "host and hostess" with the mostess. My sister in law and I will be going to the Yellow Daisy Festival on Thursday and from all I hear, I have a treat in store. I will have lots of photos and tales to share I'm sure. We're looking forward to a fun getaway.

I was just reading Beth Moore's blog and she was stating how we all have limited time, resources and ability. So, how would we complete this sentence, "I would, if I could."  She said for us to name three and they have to be wishes, not regrets. I've been thinking about how I would complete that sentence and I think these would be my three:
1) be a nurse
2) be a professional organizer
3) sit down and visit with Billy Graham
So, you say, what's keeping me from doing these things. Well, obviously, at this time in Billy Graham's life I'm not going to get to sit down and visit with him.  But, I have such deep admiration for the man and think it would be so neat to just sit and chat with him and glean from his wisdom. As far as a nurse goes, there was a time that I truly thought about pursuing this wish, but it  didn't appear to be the right time and I'm just not sure it is worth the commitment it would take at this time in my life. Now, if we lived in a much larger city, I would definitely pursue being a professional organizer. I absolutely love organization in every area and feel that I am truly gifted in it.  But, I'm plenty satisfied just keeping my own life and home organized, but it's often that I see and meet folks that I really think could use my help. ~giggle~  But, I'm quite sure they would not likely be interested in paying for my services. ~smile~ I rarely hear of a successful professional organizer that is not in what I call a large, large town, such as Dallas, Texas.  Of course, I always think about what those folks do after the organizer is gone and they are left to "go it" alone.  One has to keep it organized in order to stay organized. ~deep breath~ It's not just some "magical" happening.  Okay, I've worn that horse out, let me move on.........

Tonight is our local high school's first home football game, so our little town will be "romping" with folks supporting the Rams.  I will be supporting them, but not likely in the stands, but more likely from the comfort of my recliner right here at my house. I hope all of you have a wonderful long week-end and will make a lot of great memories over this holiday week-end. Check out more Coffee Girl Coffee! It's always fun to visit around and Rachel is such a gracious hostess.
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I think it would be fun to read about an organizing tip of the day. Maybe you could blog about this passion once a week or so? I love organizing!

  2. Good for your hubby! (and you, since he helps you slow down)

    Jen has a great idea... And if you want a hands-on project, you can c'mon up to Iowa and tackle this house of mine! (Bring your winter duds tho' b/c this is no 24-hour makeover! ;-))

    We are enjoying some gorgeous almost-fall weather here today too ~ so nice!

  3. Happy Friday... I think you should come and visit me and organize my home, would that fufill the wish? LOL... Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. One of the things I'm looking forward to about buying a condo is all the fun organizing I can do when I move in!

    It's a sickness, really.

    Sometimes, our "I would, if I could"s just need to be pared down a little. While a nursing degree may take longer than you'd like, there are Red Cross certification programs, if you don't it already, and I'm sure other types of short-term training.

    On my list - and a list I'm making progress on - teach myself French, learn to play piano, start enjoying exercise.

  5. Your husband looks so laid back! Gotta love that Eskimo Joes! I'd recognize that shirt anywhere! ~ Can I hire you to come organize me?! I like to say I'm organized, but does organized chaos count? :)

  6. I would love to be organized, but I haven't found a system that works for me, yet. The key isn't in getting it organized, but in finding a good fit between system and user.

    I am loving our cooler weather here in the DFW area!

  7. Oh...I so wish you lived closer to me...I could really use an organizer....we've had very hot weather all week but it's suppose to cool down for the next few days. I'm not quite sure I'm readfy for fall yet because then the snow wont be far behind! (Not my favourite!) Hope you have an enjoyable wknd!

  8. I think the just "being" is easier for guys. Women seem to want to be doing something.

    If I had time to organize... Those are wonderful wishes to have.

    Enjoy the cooler weather.


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