Monday, January 7, 2013

Miscellany Monday

First Monday of the New Year!  It seems to me that the first 7 days of this new year have already started flying by fast.  Let's hang on for the ride! 2013 here we come!

Cooties everywhere.........
 Cooties, germs, whatever you want to call them, they are everywhere in our area and I'm sure in yours as well.  There is so much sickness and Hubby and I have been fortunate to escape it up to this point.  My Dad is fighting an awful bout of bronchitis right now and has a cough that would scare you too death if you heard it.  I've been keeping a very watchful eye on him this weekend and we're hopeful to be able to combat it without hospitalization.  He is so miserable and just like with my kids, when they were little, I so wish that I could wave a magic wand and make him all better.  Hopefully the next couple of days will find him improving.

A Special Family.........
 If you have been reading my blog very long, then you recognize this as my Vietnamese family.  They stopped by to visit yesterday afternoon and the Princess and her Dad and Mom were here, so we had a good time.  I get to see Amy (the Mom) all the time as she takes care of my hands and feet ~big smile~ but I don't get to see the children all that often.  I can't believe how big the baby is getting.  He will be celebrating his 2nd birthday the end of this month.
I'm am honored to be their American Mom and Grandmother. They are indeed a very special family. 
The Light shines through.........
This was the sight I had on my way to church yesterday morning.  We had a heavy, heavy fog but as I looked out through the trees, there were sun beams shining through.  It reminded me of the times when I am encompassed with a heavy fog.  Just when I feel the way so dark that I can't go another step, His ray of light  breaks through the fog and gives me enough light for one more step. Of course, I always want to see clearly the entire path before me but as we know, that is not how our Lord always operates.  At times, it's just a little glimmer of light through the fog so that we will continue to trust Him for the next step.

And, I leave you with this......
 Isn't it wonderful that He threw away the pattern when He made each of us. We are indeed a limited edition!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. You truly are a limited edition and I'm so glad to get to know you through your blog. I love how you love people. It's so obvious as you open your home to others. You let His light shine through you.

    Blessings and love,

  2. What a beautiful early morning picture. You are indeed a limited edition and I'm grateful for that and our friendship. Have a great week.

  3. Hubs caught a cold right after Christmas and he's on the mend, but not before sharing it with me. Yuck. We all got flu shots this year, so really hoping to avoid that. There is a tremendous amount of sickness going round.
    Stay well!

    Love that photo!

  4. a limited edition! i love it!! what a gorgeous light show for you. and that vietnamese family is so precious. i know you are a blessing to them. and yes! it is a terrible flu/cold season this year. i want to hibernate. i hope and pray your dad gets well quickly.

  5. stay well..yes it is everywhere..what a precious family, what a joy

    Love the final quote.."limited edition"

  6. Sure hope that you and your hubby are able to avoid those germs that are everywhere ... and that your dad is able to get over that bronchitis.

    I love the photo of the rays of sun shining through the trees ... and an excellent reminder of how God provides what we need to keep us going.

  7. Isn't it wonderful that we are all "limited editions". I will be praying for your father, and I am like you, I always wanted to wave a magic wand when my children, or any loved one was sick.
    I am told that our state is one that is experiencing epidemic flu, so far dh and I are doing fine.
    Enjoyed reading your thoughts, and the beautiful light photo.


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