Monday, July 3, 2023

July Prime Purchases

Well, if I have calculated correctly, 2023 is half over.  It's crazy how fast the days are going by. But, obviously not faster than I can shop on Amazon. ~big chuckle~  It's all about convenience folks! I sort of feel badly saying that, but I imagine most of you would agree.


I've featured these on a previous post in solid black but they have so many great colors and patterns that I ordered this pattern and they are so comfortable  and cute!  And, the mesh jacket below looks really cute with them with a sleeveless black tunic top underneath.


I really like DKNY sports wear and this black mesh jacket is so cute.  It is so thin and being mesh it is not hot at all to me.  And, as I mentioned it looks really cute with the capri leggings shown above.  It comes in white as well.


I have seen these pans, know a few folks that have them and decided that I needed to get one.  I was told that to make the divider come out perfectly, you need to spray the divider and the pan very well with Baker's Joy or whatever flour/oil spray you use.  Well, I can attest to the fact that it does work very well.  I did my favorite brownie recipe and poured it in the pan, then put the divider in.  I let them cool a while and then slowly removed the grid and it worked beautifully.  I just used a small spatula to remove the delicious perfectly sized brownies.  One recipe of my brownie recipe makes two of these pans. I filled the pan right at half way and no more.  For me, they were the perfect thickness.


Okay, did you know that you can replace the outside of your fob?  We certainly did not.  They can get so dirty and ugly looking and Hubby was going to the dealership and just order a new one.  Well, he was talking with someone and they told him that all he needed was to replace the outside and he could find them on Amazon.  And, he did and we both are sporting new fobs now with the same insides as were in the old fobs.  Who knew?  And, the best part is they are only $10!


When I tell you I have tried more self tanners than the law allows, I'm telling the truth.  And, I always come back to this one and have quit trying any other brand, no matter how highly recommended.  I use it about 2-3 times a week in the summer and it gives me just a tad of a tan and I'm very happy with it. And, a little goes a long way and one tube last me pretty much the entire summer.


I love Yellow Box brand as they tend to run narrow and I can usually wear their flip flops.  I wanted a pair of navy and I thought these were just too cute and they are very comfortable.  Of course, I do love the bling on them. They come in 3-4 colors.


I featured some smaller stretch bracelets last month and I now wear these bigger ones with them.  It makes for such a nice look.


This may be a repeat but if you are looking for a really good appliance cleaner then you need to give Lemi-Shine a try.  I use it for both my washing machine, garbage disposal and my dishwasher monthly.


If you've been hanging around here very long then you know that I love to bake.  I use a mixer a whole, whole lot.  I found out about this lightweight Bosch about 10 years ago and just ordered my second one. My other one was just about on it's last leg.  It weighs a mere 8 pounds, takes up such a little bit of space and does a superb job.  I feel like I could be the Bosch poster child for this mixer, I love it that much!  A heavy bulky mixer IS NOT for me.


This little jewel will be going with us to the state competition of our youngest Granddaughter's All Star softball tournament this next weekend.  There's no heat like Louisiana heat and we are going to be as prepared as possible.  It is rechargeable and will run 5 hours on high speed.  I have a couple of hand fans and we'll likely be using them in addition to this larger fan.  I mean, one has to do what one has to do.


And, along with our fan, we'll be taking this sun blocking umbrella. I didn't even know there was such.  These are made specifically for blocking the sun and I will sure be using it.  It's a travel size so it works best just covering one person.


And, how about this cute tote bag!  It will hold all of our stuff, sunscreen, water, snacks and you name it.  It's made of a washable neoprene and sits up, has inside pockets    I wanted something very light weight where the weight would mainly be from the items inside.  A lot of folks have the neat little 
collapsible wagon that they load everything in and pull to and from the parking lot to the ball field.  We do not have a wagon so we may have to make a couple of trips back and forth to the vehicle to get everything.   It comes in a whole lot of cute patterns.  


I hate to constantly be mentioning my love of baking cookies and my love of finding cute containers to put them in to give them away.  But, it is what it is and I ran across these cute containers the other day and had to have them.  They work so well and are so cute with one my labels and a ribbon tied around them.  And, if you are a fan of charcuterie, they would work really well for those too.


I wasn't at all sure about this when I ordered it but I diffuse lavender every night (and have for years) in our bedroom.  I "think" it really aids in good sleep.  I got tired of having to add water every night before adding the oil, so when I saw this, it caught my attention.  I mean, I had no clue there was such a thing. Well, it is "all that and a bag of chips."  It was easy to set up and it will run 8 hours so that works for using it all night.  I'm ordering another one for the living area of our home as I feel like it will  work much, much better than burning candles.  I have tried Pura (the plug in fragrance diffusers) and just not impressed after trying for months to like them.  This diffusers has 5 different settings for the strength of the fragrance.  I do not want an overwhelming fragrance, just one that is soft and light.  This diffuser is very sleek, a bit non-descript and there is no overspray because it is waterless.  

AND, there you have it for this month.  

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. It is always fun to get your recommendations!

  2. I always love your recommendations! Those bakery boxes are sooo cute!

  3. Capri leggings, bracelets, and brownies -- you hit on some of my favorite things!

  4. I had not idea about the key fob cover! That is good to know. Everytime I see the appliance cleaners, I think I should get some. Maybe one day I will try that. Happy 4th!

  5. I had no idea about the key fob cover! I have seen some where you can get other colors/designs if you want a different style. Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  6. I always say I'm so glad I don't have Amazon Prime! I would need a job if not two or three! I do like that brownie pan...looks a bit like the old ice cube makers. I have a wonderful one from Pampered Chef that my husband loves because each brownie has the crunchy corners which are his favorite.

    Thanks for sharing! I invite you to join me for a link party on the 10th!

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  8. I always look forward to your Prime Purchase post:) I bought those leggings from your previous post and love them so much. I just ordered the sunless tanner, thanks! TOO many good things to purchase:) Enjoy your day! HUGS!

  9. It's always fun to see your prime purchases. Gives me too many ideas though! LOL! Hugs and blessings, Cindy

  10. You find the best Amazon goodness. Ordering those bakery boxes now for my treats too. Hope you’re all well. Hugs.

  11. Always love your posts and especially your Prime Purchases post. I’ve mentioned this before, but I still think you should write a cookbook for all your followers. Just sayin'…..!


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