Monday, October 17, 2016

Monday Musings

Oh, my, if my calculations are correct there are only 10 more Monday's until Christmas.  It truly does seem that it was just Valentine's Day.  I say it all the time but truly time is just flying by and at 64 years of age, I'm really wishing it would slow down, just a little.  All the more reason to make every day count!  Meanwhile...............

I had to chuckle yesterday morning as I was getting dressed to go to church.  Yes, I wore hose!!! I thought of both my daughter and DIL and how it amazes them that I am still a "hose wearing gal." Now, I don't wear them like I once did, but can I just say that my lily white bare legs are not that pretty of a sight and most especially in dressier clothes.  So, since it's fall and there was a good portion of my legs showing in this outfit, I went for the hose.  And, I'm still so "old school," old fashioned or whatever you want to call it that I actually  enjoy wearing hose.  They make me feel so much like a lady.  Okay, I know some one of you are enjoying a belly laugh right now and that's quite alright. ~the laugh's on me~

Some of you reading this know this precious young lady and those of you that don't, well, you should.  I have known Caitlin since the day she was born and have had the privilege of  watching her blossom and bloom into one of the finest young ladies I know.  She recently graduated from college and is now beginning her search for that "just right" job.  She was a communications major and I have no doubt that the Lord already has the perfect position awaiting her.  Caitlin has always been a shining example in her Christian walk and it has been a blessing to watch her grow and mature in the Lord.  There are some other exciting things going on in Caitlin's life and I can hardly wait to see how it all comes together in God's timing.

Big sis and little sis, are they not the cutest!!!!  Hanna Beth just turned 7 and our Andi Kate is 20 months old going on 6.  She thinks she is every bit as big as her older sister and  goes full force. Hanna Beth just got her first report card for first grade and she made us all very proud.  I'm astonished at what kids are learning at such early ages.  It seems that I was surely in 3rd grade before I was learning some of the academic things she is being taught.
I snapped this picture of these cypress knees last weekend.  Cypress knees are everywhere here in the Bayou State and they are used by crafty folks for almost everything.  If you are not familiar with them, they are structures that form above the roots of cypress trees and serve no purpose other than their unusual beauty. There were literally hundreds of them in this swampy area that we rode by. And, I guess I thought you might be interested in this. ~one never knows~
This little guy had his first horse ride this past weekend.  His Dad and Mom thought he might be afraid but he was quite taken by the experience.  He may well end up loving the horses as much as his big brother.  Time will tell.  We are sure looking forward to seeing he and his big brother this Thursday.
Clancy recently celebrated his 8th birthday. Yes, we have 3 immediate family birthdays within the first 7 days of October. Anyway, he invited 3 of his friends to come out this weekend and ride horses and celebrate his birthday.  It was a huge success as none of the other little boys had ever ridden a horse.  Afterwards they enjoyed pizza and cookies.  A perfect 8th birthday for a little cowboy.

We will be headed out tomorrow to Oklahoma by way of NW Arkansas.  We'll stop and see dear friends for a couple of days and then head on to Ok. City Thursday to enjoy fall break with our daughter and her family.  We're hoping to see some pretty fall foliage along the way.  I'll be MIA for a few days but should have lots to share when we return.  See ya then!


  1. Cute outfits on the girls. That baby is positively precious. The birthday boy is pretty cute, too. Have a safe trip!

  2. I was able to see Cypress knees for the first time, 2 weeks ago down in New Orleans. They are very interesting. Safe travels, and have a great time!

  3. Precious grands for sure! Hope you have a great trip and the colors should be about spectacular while you're up there. I have not worn a dress or skirt in so long. I have trouble wearing heels these days and don't like the way flats look with dresses, so it's pretty much pants for me. But, I do admire you wearing the hose. There is nothing pretty about an "Older" woman's uncovered legs to me. So, you go girl, rock those panty hose.

  4. You are blessed with beautiful grandchildren. I wish you a safe and enjoyable trip. I do hope the fall colors will be brilliant for your drive.

  5. Hooray for hose!!!!! That was the FIRST THING I noticed in your picture. Like you, I love the feeling of hose and think more gals should wear them.

    All the grandkids look wonderful. Enjoy your trip.

    Oh BTW, I am not acquainted with Cypress Knees at all, so you showed me something unique!

  6. That skirt!! I love it! I wear hose quite often in the winter months and my girls look at me like I have two heads when I suggest they cover their bare legs in 30 degree temps : )

  7. It was soo good to catch up a bit with you. Your grandkids are just precious, and sure hope you enjoy your trip! As far as hose goes....I remember the day of course when wearing a dress without them was just simply NOT done...and I remember the day when my daughter looked at me like I had two heads when I suggested getting her some for the dance she was attending, lol. As for me, honestly I don't remember the last time I had a pair on. But then, I almost NEVER wear a dress period. Just not comfortable for me. Now my daughter DOES wear tights with boots when she is wearing a dress or a skirt in the winter time. Does that count? lol Enjoy your time with those sweet grandkids!

  8. You know, now that you mention it, I can't remember the last time I wore hose.!!😊It seems like I'm bare legged in summer and wear boots and or pants in Hope you have a great trip.

  9. I still wear hose with dresses, and I wear tights in the winter with boots and dresses. Tried to go "hoseless" a couple of summers ago, but I was more uncomfortable without them that I was wearing them---just couldn't "bare" those legs!!


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