Friday, October 28, 2016

Catching up....

Okay, let's see where did I last leave off?  The last week and a half has been a busy and fun few days.  We left early last week headed towards Oklahoma to see Bridget and family.  We went by way of NW Arkansas and stopped and spent some time with our dear friends, Dwight and Diane.  We thought that we might see some pretty fall colors on the way, but it was still a little early.  But, the drive is still a lovely one.
Tommy and I Dwight spent most of their day together sporting around in Dwight's red Corvette.  They were wearing their state university shirts and got several comments from folks about it.  Tommy was wearing his LSU shirt and Dwight was wearing his Razorback shirt.  Men will be men or should I say, you can't take the boy out of the man. ~grin~ They had a fun day!
While the guys sported around, Diane and I had our share of fun as well.  We hit many of the fabulous shops in their area and found a few things we couldn't live without.  We saw these Halloween hats in one of the shops and couldn't resist playing around with them.  Guess you could say, girls will be girls. ~another grin~
We went in one shop that was completely saturated in Christmas.  I don't know that I have ever seen so much Christmas in one store in my life.  It was a bit overwhelming to say the least and especially when we've still got Halloween and Thanksgiving to celebrate.  But, I'm pretty sure if there is anything you are looking for in the Christmas decor area, it's likely here in this shop.
These little guys were anxiously awaiting our arrival last Thursday.  We took Clancy his very own Yeti type cup and he was beside himself with excitement.  Coleman is not walking just yet but it doesn't slow him down one bit.  He is a busy, busy little guy!  There is never a dull moment around their house for sure! 
Poppa with two of his favorite things.......his baby boy and a Sonic drink.  Who could ask for more?

Around the first of September Bridget became a LuLaRoe consultant.  You may or may not be familiar with LuLaRoe.  It is a relatively new clothing line that is known for it's buttery softness and comfort with sizes ranging from XXSmall to 3XLarge.  As a consultant she had to make an initial investment in inventory and then had quite a wait for it's arrival.  We were both hoping and praying that it would arrive in time for me to be able to help her get it all set up.  And, would you believe, we arrived last Thursday around noon and her inventory arrived Friday at noon.  Could not have been better timing! ~God is so good~
Bridget had spent the weeks waiting for her inventory preparing for it to arrive.  She ordered racks, hangers and other needed items.  There were 7 rather large boxes with a total of some 400-500 pieces of clothing.  We dug in and worked and worked and worked until we had every piece hung and organized by style and size and ready for her "live" launch on Sunday evening.
She twisted my arm and got me to model a couple of outfits for her to post on her Facebook business page. 
And, Bridget modeled some outfits as well.  On Sunday evening she launched her business live on Facebook.  I was not all that familiar with the "live" process but agreed to assist her.  Well, can I just tell you that we had more fun than a barrel of monkey's.  Ladies joined in from all over and enjoyed an online shopping experience and they got free entertainment too. ~we laughed a whole lot~  Most of Bridget's sales will be done through FB, either through her doing shows herself or other ladies hosting for her. (and of course, earning hostess benefits)  It's a whole new world out there and apparently ladies,including myself,  love shopping from their computer, phone or Ipad. She had a great launch and I was a tired Momma once it was over but I was so thrilled that I got to assist and share in her start up.  If you want to check out her LuLaRoe  FB page, click here.  And, no, she has not quit her day job, teaching 3rd grade, and has no intention of doing so.  This is just a little side line for her.  Need I say, she is an industrious gal!

Okay, I think that's "the latest" on this end.  Have yourself a great weekend and we are sooooo ready for fall to come and stay.  It continues to tease us here in NE Louisiana and has really been warm this past week and no real cooler temps any time soon.  Ugh!
AND, I voted this past Wednesday and wish I could say that I felt relieved, but I did not.  But, I did my part and now will continue to pray, pray, pray!!!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
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  1. I just got introduced to LuLaRoe and LOVE those soft leggings:) Sounds like you have been "FUN BUSY":) Have a blessed day dear Lea, HUGS!

  2. modeled so beautifully! I've never heard of the clothing line before, but it looks comfortable.

  3. All the best to your daughter with her new venture! She has to be crazy busy.

  4. All the best to Bridget. You both make lovely models. I love the soft, long flowing tops. The grands are precious. Such sweet photos. That is a huge Christmas store! Glad you ladies had fun shopping!

  5. What a fun Christmas store. I think I'd be a little overwhelmed as well. And how fun that you two got to play around with all those clothes. Glad you guys got her all set up and running. :)


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