Sunday, December 16, 2018

Sunday Stealing - Fashion Asks

It's fun questions about fashion today.

    What season has your favorite looks?
Image result for winter fashion

There are looks in all seasons that I like but I'd have to say my favorite would be winter fashion.

    Formal or casual?

My life just does not call for formal fashions so I am generally casual.  I do still dress up for church on Sunday and I'm pretty sure I always will.  ~old habits die hard~

    Thrift store, boutique, or online?

I shop mainly at boutiques and online and I have my favorites and that makes shopping all the easier.

    What’s your favorite decade for fashion?

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I loved the fashions of the 1920's.  They were so feminine.

    Do you like to accessorize?

Well, that would be an understatement, I love to accessorize.  I especially enjoy wearing jewelry and wear it everyday, whether casual or dressy.  I love fashion watches too, scarves, shoes,and purses.  Yesiree, I do enjoy accessorizing.  

    What does your basic outfit look like?
Hummm..........I don't think  have a basic outfit.  Dressing might be a whole lot easier if I did but I never have.  If I did have a basic outfit it would likely be black pants, leggings, or jeggings with a white top that I could have fun accessorizing various ways. 

    What piece of clothing do you spend your money on the most?
It would be tops, blouses, tunics, sweaters, etc.  

    Do you wear hats?
No, I cannot remember a time I have worn a hat but I do think they are a great fashion accessory for a lot of women.

    What is your opinion on wearing socks and sandals together?

Image result for socks and sandals

These sandals are cute and these socks are cute as well.  But, together, NO!!!

    What colors do you like to wear?

Image result for black, grey and white

I like to wear white, grays and blacks.

    What are some of the strangest outfits you have seen?

Related image

It seems that it's okay to wear florals with plaids or stripes and I just do not like that look nor will I ever wear that look.  But, to each his own.

    What fashions do you hate?

Image result for skull fashion trend

Skulls, skeletons or a Gothic look.  This seems to be such a popular look and I just don't get it at all.  Why would anyone want to wear such?

    What are you favorite styles?
Classic and tailored would be my favorites.

    What do you think of body piercing?

I don't really "get" it and I will never understand why anyone wants to pierce their nose, tongue or who knows what else.  I hate to say this but it is just so unattractive to me.

    Do you like dyed hair?
Well, I have my hair colored about every 4-5 weeks and have for years.  But, I have it colored a lighter shade of my original color.  It seems that burgundy, mahogany and the blackest of black are the colors many women seem to be attracted to today.  And, again, I find those colors so unattractive and those colors generally harden a women's look and especially if she is older.  Again, just my opinion.  ~smile~

Well, that's it for today's questions from Bev.  I'll be posting tomorrow  about some of the holiday fun that I have been enjoying.  Stay tuned and in the meantime, have a wonderful Lord's Day. 

Saturday, December 15, 2018

Saturday 9 - We Need a Little Christmas

Tis' the season and I've really been enjoying it.  I'll share some of the holiday fun I've been having  in another post soon, so stay tuned.   But, for today, I'll be answering these questions.........

Saturday 9: We Need a Little Christmas (2006)

Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

1) At the beginning of this recording, Daffy says he hopes all his friends remember his size, style and favorite color. What piece of clothing would you like to add to your wardrobe? 
I cannot think of one thing I would like to add to my wardrobe.  I have wayyyy more clothes than I need for sure.

2) His friends are late for Daffy's holiday soiree. Think about the last get together you attended. Were you early, late or right on time?
I am generally right on time and I appreciate folks being right on time if I am having a gathering at our home.

3) It hasn't a snowed a single flurry where Daffy is. Have you had to shovel yet?
Related image

We had a dusting of snow about 3 weeks ago and that may well be all the snow we see this winter.  We don't get much snow here in Northeast Louisiana and certainly not enough that we need to shovel.

4) Daffy sings that he's looking forward to fruitcake. How about you? Are you a fruitcake fan? 
Image result for fruitcake

Oh, NO, not a fan of fruitcake at all!  Now, if it only had candied red cherries and pecans in it, I might like it.  But, green cherries, dates, raisins and who knows what else, I will pass.

5) Daffy is an American Black Duck. Their usual diet doesn't generally include fruitcake. These ducks more commonly dine on seeds, foliage and bugs. What was your most recent meal?  

Image result for fried catfish fillet

Hubby and I went to the Fish House last night and enjoyed fried catfish and fries. A good ole Southern meal.

6) The only Christmas card Sam has received so far this year is from her insurance agent. She never sees her agent socially. In fact, she doesn't think she's seen him at all in 2018. Have you received many cards this year? If so, were they from people you feel close to? 
Image result for Christmas cards
We have received quite a few and each day we receive a few more.  Most all of them are photo cards and yes, most of them are from dear friends.  I opted not to send Christmas cards this year.  I'll rethink my decision next year. 

7) When do you start holiday shopping: Christmas Eve, Thanksgiving/Black Friday, Halloween?
NONE of the above.  I start seriously shopping in October and do 80% of it online.  It is just not that big of a deal for me and I try to wrap each gift as it arrives so that I won't get behind.  I'm not always successful but this year I did pretty good with it.

8) Sam was recently driven crazy by kids running through store aisles wearing elf hats with bells. Do you have any apparel that makes noise? 
Oh, NO! I do not like "noisey" clothes in any shape, form or fashion.

9) This time of year is big for charitable fundraising. Here's your chance to plug a cause or organization that's near and dear to you.
Image result for Lottie Moon

At this time of year my thoughts always go to the Lottie Moon Christmas offering.  Lottie Moon gave her life sharing the message of Jesus Christ to the people of China.  She is now honored and remembered through this offering each December in Baptist churches across our nation.  What better way to celebrate this season of the year than giving so that others might know Christ.

Have a wonderful Saturday!!!

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Sunday Stealing

1. Favorite novel and author?

Redeeming Love by Francine Rivers is my all time favorite book and Francine is one of my most favorite authors.

2 .Favorite perfume/scent?
Image result for lavender

I am a big fan of lavender and have been since I was very young.  And, I have found a lavender perfume and lotion that I really like.  It's a lavender/vanilla mix, very light and airy.

3. Coffee or tea?

Image result for cup of coffee

COFFEE!!!! My day begins with a hot, hot cup of coffee and everything is uphill from there.

4. Are you a cat or dog person?

Image result for mini doodles

I am neither.  But, if I were either, I would most definitely be a dog person and I would have  a mini Goldendoodle.  They are the most precious dogs (in my opinion) ever created.  But, I only want one when I want it, and that's not how it works so I'll continue to be neither. ~smile~

5. Which mythical creature would you transform into if you could?
Image result for unicorn
 My little 3 year old Granddaughter loves Unicorns so it would make her very happy if her CiCi became one.

6. Favorite time period?

Image result for roaring 20s
 I was not alive during the Roaring 20's but I know I would have enjoyed living during that time.  The fashion and economic good times were a perfect mix.

7. Name 3 films that have changed your life and have shaped you into the person you are today.

There are no films that have shaped me into the person I am today.  I would give that credit to my precious parents and to my Lord.

8. Diamonds or pearls?

Related image

I love them both but guess if I have to pick, diamonds would win.  I mean, who doesn't like something that sparkles? 

9. What’s your biggest dream?
Right now my biggest dream is a world of peace where love prevails.

10. Dream destination?
Image result for banff canada

I have always wanted to go to Bnaff, Canada and stay at the Fairmont Hotel. I'll keep it on my bucket list and it may or may not happen.

11. Favorite fictional character?

Image result for fictional characters

I don't really have a favorite fictional character but if I did, Micky would probably be it.  He's such a cute and happy guy and known the world over.

12. Share a quote or passage that means something to you.
Related image

This has been proven to me over and over again throughout my life.

13. What’s your favorite plant/flower?
Image result for gerbera daisy

I love all kinds of flowers but Gerbera Daisies are some of my favorites due to their bright colors.  They make such a beautiful bouquet.

14. Do you prefer the forest or the ocean? why?

Image result for ocean

I like the wide open expanse of the ocean and I'm pretty afraid of the creepy crawly things that could be in a forest.

15. What do you value most in people? 

Image result for quotes on caring few people care anymore, for others or for things.  Nothing matters more than caring for someone and their needs. Caring pretty much summarized the ministry of Jesus.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

The Saturday 9

Saturday 9

Saturday 9: I'm Gonna Put Some Glue 'Round the Christmas Tree (So Santa Will Stick Around All Year) (1954)
Unfamiliar with this week's tune? Hear it here.

I've never, ever heard of this song.

1) This week's featured songstress, Peggy King, sings that she'd like to extend the Christmas season all year. How about you? Do you wish the season was longer? Shorter? Or do you think things are fine as they are?

Image result for merry christmas graphics

I think the season is plenty long enough, just right.  You can have too much of a good thing so let's just leave it as it's always been.

2) She specifically mentions toys. Have you purchased/will you purchase any toys as holiday gifts 

this year?

Yes, our 3 year old Grandson will be getting this toy.

3) Search for "glue" on The Home Depot's website and you'll get more than 3,000 results. There's heavy-duty adhesives, all-purpose glue, clear epoxy, wood glue, and more. Do you currently have glue in your home? If yes, how many kinds? 

I use plain ole Elmer's more than anything else, but I also have Super Glue.  Hubby probably has any glue known to mankind in his shop.

4) What's the last thing you used glue for?

It was some decorative glass piece that was broken.  Tried as I might to glue it back together it just did not work.  It went to the trash.

5) This week's featured artist, Peggy King, was a TV staple in the 1950s. With her perpetually upbeat persona, she was known as "Pretty, Perky Peggy King." Do you consider yourself upbeat, aka "perky?"  
Taken 5 years ago
Yes, I would say that I am a pretty perky and upbeat person and think most anyone that knows me would say the same. Who wants to be a "Debbie Downer?" Not me!

6) Ms. King got her start singing radio jingles for Hunt's tomato sauce. Prepared tomato sauce, properly stored, can safely be kept in the refrigerator for days. Do you have any leftovers in your refrigerator right now?

Image result for pizza slices

There are 2 pieces of pizza left over from the other night and that's all the leftovers we have at this time.

7) Her biggest movie role was in Abbott and Costello Meet the Mummy (1955). Do you watch scary movies and shows all year around? Only at Halloween? Or not at all?

Scary movies have never been watch are enjoyed at this house.  Now, a good suspense movie is another story but scary, no.

8) In 1954, the year this record was released, President Eisenhower dedicated the Marine Corps. Iwo Jima Memorial at Arlington National Cemetery, just outside of Washington DC. If you were to play tourist in our nation's capital, what site would you be certain to visit?

Image result for tomb of unknown soldier
I have been to Washington D.C. 3 times and I would tell anyone going to visit to be sure they go to the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.  It is so, so impressive!

9) Random question: Which of these common household items would you miss most if it suddenly went on the fritz -- your bedside lamp or your hair dryer? 

Image result for lange hair dryer

Definitely my L'ange hair dryer.  I can make it without a bedside light but I'm not sure if I could without my blow dryer.~chuckle~

Only 17 days till Christmas.........

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The Wednesday Medley

It's Wednesday and Terrie has once again come up with some questions with us for us.  Here's my answers........

1.     On December 5, 1901, Walt Disney was born.  Have you been to Disneyland or Disney World?  Can you share a favorite Disney memory?
Our family has been 4 or 5 times and our last time was last summer (2017) when we took the Grans and their parents. It was great to take the Grans but I really feel like DW is a bit over rated.  Yes, it is a fun place, a VERY clean place but there is so much to see and do in the US that I feel parents often choose Disney over other great destinations.  AND, IT IS SO EXPENSIVE!!!! I have no plans to ever return, "been there, done that, and have gotten several t-shirts."

2.     The first roller coaster attraction at Walt Disney World was Space Mountain.  Do you/did you like roller coasters?
Image result for space mountain disneyland

I have not cared for roller coasters for probably 40 years.  I remember riding a few in my teen years but I wised up and left that to those a bit more fearless than myself.

3.     The very first fairy tale that Walt Disney made a cartoon about was Little Red Riding Hood.  Did you enjoy fairy tales when you were a youngster or did they scare you?  Did you have a favorite?
Image result for lil red riding hood

Well, I knew every word of Little Red Riding Hood and absolutely loved it.  I loved other fairy tales as well but LRRH was by far my favorite.  I loved the part where "the fox huffed and he puffed till he blew the house down."  

4.     In Lady and the Tramp, Tramp’s real name was Butch!  Do you have nicknames for your fur-babies and/or for your children?
We do not have any fur babies, they stayed with the buyers who bought our old house. I call my firstborn Granddaughter "my Princess" and my second born Granddaughter, "my Sweetheart."  That is as close to nicknames as we get around here.

5.     I can’t let this day go by without respecting George H.W. Bush, as he lays in state in the Rotunda of our Capital today.  He was our 41st President and only the second father to have a son follow him as President of the United States.  President Bush loved his colorful socks.  I bought Joe a pair of George H.W. Bush socks for Christmas one year.  I know Myra has a pair… any other bloggers checking in today who have a pair of the Presidential socks in a drawer at home?  How do you feel about colorful socks?
Image result for colorful socks

No Presidential socks in our house but I do love colorful socks and it seems men are especially "into" them.  I may need to get Hubby a couple pair for Christmas and see if he would wear them. ~grin~

6.     Please tell us something random about your week!
I had a not so pleasant experience yesterday at a doctor's office.  I needed a very common prescription refilled and I had to see the Dr. to get it refilled.  I've been taking this drug for years and as I said, it is a common drug and I do not see the need in having to see the Dr. each year just to keep taking it.  But, it is what it is so I made my annual appointment. My appointment was for 12:30 and apparently the other 7 people in the waiting room appointments were at 12:30 too (as they didn't even start seeing patients until 12:30).  I sat down and within minutes a man began uttering curse words one right after the other and another man joined in with him for all to hear.  Together they were cursing and talking ugly and nasty about their appointment times and how long they always had to wait to see the Dr.  I was getting my fill of it when another man walked in and the receptionist told him to have a seat.  He went off with a rampage of words that would have made the toughest man blush.  And, a woman sitting near me thought it was so funny and was laughing at them.  By this time I was about to absolutely blow a fuse.  I went to the window and asked the receptionist if I could speak to her in private. She opened the door for me to come back and I told her that I was leaving that I would not continue to sit in the waiting room and listen to such filth.  She knew exactly what I was talking about and said she certainly understood and was so very sorry that these men were behaving in such a manner.  A couple of nurses overheard our conversation and apologized profusely and said they were going to get me some free samples of the prescription I was there to get filled.  That was fine and I appreciated it but I was so appalled at the behavior of these folks that it took me a couple of hours to get myself back on track.  I guess I'll never cease to be amazed at what some folks will say and do and not care who sees or hears them.  Heaven help us all!  I do believe there should be a protocol for folks behaving in such a way in a public place.  My husband owns a business and there have been some times that he has asked folks to leave that were behaving in an unbecoming manner.  There is a correct way to state your grievances. 

Happy Wednesday!!!!

Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Touches of Christmas

In the past few years I call what I do for Christmas decorating, "touches of Christmas."  I do not decorate every inch of our home but just have a few touches here and there and our tree.  I have just about done every type of decorating over the years.  I have decorated almost every inch of our home and everything in-between.  

I use a few plaques and platters on easels for a nice presentation.  And, I do love this Santa with his bag filled to the brim.  And, the elves and talking bear await the Grans, he recites the Night Before Christmas.

I always have some live poinsettia's and they look so good on my pretty beaded table runner.  This picture of the lantern is not good and you can not really see how pretty it is but you'll just have to take my word for it. ~smile~  And, this Mr. and Mrs. Santa is probably 25-30 years old and I love it!  I had a big collection of the United Santa's at one time but gave the kids some and sold the rest.  This is the only one I have now.  

I love my dining table decor!  I used all mercury glass and mirrors with silver glitter candles.  I love the look with the cherry and mahogany furniture.

And, here's the tree!!!  Oh, my, I won't tell you all the details about getting this new tree, but I decided to "spring" for a tree from Balsam Hill this year.  And, I didn't make my decision until Thanksgiving day and ordered it that afternoon.  I needed it desperately the following Thursday as that was the day the "tree fairy" was coming.  Well,  I got an email and text telling me the tree would be delivered on Wednesday, the day before I needed it, by Fed. Ex.   That would definitely work.  It was getting later and later in the day last Wednesday and I was getting quite stressed that Fed Ex had not delivered the tree.  So, I just might have chased the Fed Ex truck down the street to see if my tree was on his truck.  He was the nicest guy and bless his heart, he called all the other Fed Ex trucks delivering to our area and found the one with my tree on it.  It was delivered at 4:58 PM and my husband's office closes at 5:00PM.  Sorry, guess I did tell you the details of getting my tree.  Anyway, I'm most pleased with it.  It has LED lights and they are BRIGHT, almost too bright but hopefully they will last until I'm ready for a tabletop tree. ~chuckle~

I love a welcoming entrance and always try to have that look at our home.  I chose red and silver  and love the look.

I'm very pleased with my "touches of Christmas" and hope you enjoyed seeing them.  Wish I could have all of you over for a holiday gathering and a time of visiting.  What fun!  Thanks for stopping by, I love my readers!!!!  You are the best!