Monday, February 9, 2015

HELLO Monday...........

Hello new week, we have a fresh start to a new week.  I love Monday's!  And, here's my Hello's for the day............

HELLO Daddy reading to the Princess' class.....each child in Hanna Beth's Pre-K class has a couple of opportunities in the year to have a parent, grandparents or someone special come and read to their class.  I did it back in October and this past week her Daddy had the privilege.  They are such a sweet and attentive group of little ones and I just love the way Hanna Beth is leaning over on her Daddy's arm. ~awe~

HELLO cold Tater with his snow boots on.......this is my "dog nephew." (my brother and SIL's dog)  Tater is a Goldendoodle and he has no idea he is a dog.  He is my favorite of all dogs except that he is rather large.  But, he is so stinkin' sweet and so obedient.  Don't you love his snow boots!  They live in Iowa and shortly after they moved there 7 years ago they decided that Tater needed boots if he was going to play outside in the snow.  He actually holds his foot up for them to put the boots on him.  I had no idea they made boots for dogs.  I'm thinking from the looks of this picture, made last Sunday, that he needs a face warmer as well. ~smile~

HELLO tilting foot rest....if you have a desktop computer then you need one of these.  It is so dandy for keeping your feet comfortable and it tilts, which makes it all the more comfortable.  I saw this while roaming through Sam's the other week and thought I'd give it a try.  I will give it 5 *****'s for sure!  I suppose it would also work well for folks that sit at a desk all day long.

HELLO 100 days of school....I'm not sure what all the hype is about 100 days of school, but I've seen it all over the internet and social media.  Bridget sent me this picture of Clancy last week sporting his 100 days of school tee shirt.  His kindergartner teacher had them make the shirts in class.  They glued 100 pom poms all over a white tee shirt as their celebration. Clancy was quite proud of his and rightfully so.

HELLO house progress....nothing new to show you except the carpenters continuing to work and work.  They finished up most of the trim work, and configured guest room closets this past week.  The brick layer continues with his work.  He's been laying brick for almost 3 months.  Of course, he's dealt with some pretty bad weather during that time.  Thankfully the weather didn't halt any of the other work and we've had heat in the house for a couple of months.  
And, I've been doing a lot of looking at fabric samples and rugs which is a lot of fun but it ultimately requires a decision.  I think the above samples are what our great room will be done in. We'll have very neutral Roman Shades over the windows. I spent a lot of time with our decorator last week narrowing down choices.  She is a life saver for sure!

Wishing you a happy VALENTINE'S week and I'm betting that our little Andi Kate will have arrived by next Monday's HELLO's. ~big smile~


  1. Looking forward to hearing of Andi Kate's arrival. I wish we would have thought to get dog boots for our dogs ... they both didn't like getting snow between their toes. Clancy is getting to be a big boy, isn't he?

  2. Gotta love those goldendoodles! Ours is sweet but not very well behaved. Thanks for the idea of the foot stool. I can use it since I am short and steadily shrinking! Enjoy your week!

  3. I really like the foot rest. I've used a short stool for a couple of years but like the idea of the tilt. I had a physical therapist that actually suggested the stool because it helps with posture when sitting for a longer period of time. I know y'all gotta be excited about the upcoming arrival of Andi Kate...maybe she'll be a Valentine's baby

  4. Our dog has snow boots, but you have to wrestle her into them. Hoping to hear some happy baby news from you very soon!

  5. Can you find a way to use ALL of the fabric samples?!!!

  6. Those little dog boots are adorable! Honestly it is a good idea. It's not even cold here but our little dog doesn't like to put his paws down on the early morning grass either. Have no idea what he'd do if there was snow, lol. The baby time is upon you! Nothing quite as exciting! Hopefully I will be reading of her birth soon. Enjoy your week!

  7. How sweet to see your son reading to the children! And, Tater... well, yes he melts my heart! Such a cutie and so good to keep the boots on.

  8. Cutest pup ever, love those booties. How exciting, I do love the fabrics you are considering.

  9. So nice to see parents and grandparents involved in their child's school, I remember when my parents would come to school, I enjoyed showing them off especially when my Dad was in his military uniform.~smile~
    Like the tilting foot rest, Thanks for sharing.
    Looks like everything is coming along so nicely for your new home, I still share this excitement with you.
    Thank you for your thoughts and prayers, my Mother had a great report, no cancer found, To God be the glory!

  10. I also know some little ones who are counting down the days until school is over, although not in such a creative way as your little guy:) I like seeing your son reading to those in the class. What a special way to share his gifts! I love seeing dads involved like that!

    As for the carpet samples, well I think they are great choices!

    It is so fun to visit her and learn bits and pieces of your life:)


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