Monday, February 23, 2015

HELLO Monday..........

It's a nasty, nasty Monday here in N.E. Louisiana and Spring cannot get here quick enough.  But, this week looks like more very wintery weather. We did not get what "they" predicted overnight.  The schools and universities made an early call last evening to close today and it appears to me  that they all could have gone on as regularly scheduled.  But, then what do I know. ~smile~   Our Daffodils are peeking out to serve as a reminder that Spring will eventually come.  But, for now I'll share some "Hello's" with you and try to forget that Spring is no where in the picture today.  Ugh!
 HELLO new house progress......lots of work took place last week.  The carpenters worked on building the shutters for the outside.  I think there will be about 18 of them.  That makes for a whole of measuring, sawing and nailing.  Of course, paint will make a HUGE difference in the way they look.
The crew also put up the column in the dining room and foyer.  I was plum excited over it.  I think the cap is just beautiful and the columns across the front porch will look just like this, only larger.
 More cabinets were installed and once installed then they come back and hang doors and put in the drawers.  There is still the hood over the stove, the pantry, a corner cabinet, cabinets in the guest suite and our master closets to be done.  It just never ends but slowly but surely it is getting done.  And, again, once the stain and paint start to go on, it will make a big difference. 

I did finalize the selection for the Plantation Shutters and the Roman Shades.  The shutters will go across the front windows and the shades will go across the back windows.  We have 25 windows and it was no easy feat getting just the right coverings figured out.  We wanted something across the back that could be completely out of the way to expose all the back area and the pond.  I think we have achieved that with the Roman Shades and they will be out of a fabric almost the exact color as the window trim.  Across the front we wanted a very neat, uniform and long lasting look.  That's why we chose the Plantation Shutters.  Hubby can't help but wonder why you choose these beautiful windows and then cover them up.  It's sort of like the wood floors..........he wonders why I want to cover them with area rugs.  Hummm.....somethings just can't be explained.  ~belly laugh~

HELLO precious sisters.... they say there's nothing like sisters.  I wouldn't know, I had two brothers and I'm pretty crazy about them, but I'm quite sure that there is something very special about sisters.  And, I do believe that these two will share a special bond as the years go by.  When their Mom sent me this picture it made my heart smile really BIG!

And, I think I'll be spending the biggest majority of this week saying...........
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Another cold week here, too. I'll join in with the "Brrrrr". I love seeing your house progress. It's getting there.

  2. Precious baby girl and her proud big sister. Oh my. No wonder your heart smiles.

    Window coverings--quite the decision, huh, especially when you want both privacy AND a great view AND something not to hard to clean AND that look nice AND are durable.... Sounds like you made good choices, though.

  3. Your house is going to be so pretty!! I love shutters on a house. Our shutters are ancient and mismatched so we are having them made. I know it will make a huge difference and I am very impatient. Your sweet little grandbabies look darling even tho we can't see their faces. Stay dry, Lea!

  4. Hi Lea, Sending warm winter hugs to you today; I think those of you who live in the East have gotten more snow than we have in Colorado. WE had about 8" over the weekend and it was wonderful just to nap and rest. I love spring, but not ready for it physically-so it better hold off a bit. Love your grands-they are adorable.
    Sister's are pretty special but I have the best sister in law in the world and I'm so thankful for her.
    Hugs, Noreen

  5. Be still my heart! Love that picture of the princesses. I've thought about you today with all the ice we're getting here. At least you don't have to worry about losing plants and scrubs at the new house or tree limbs breaking onto the new roof. Blessings everywhere you look! LOL Yes, it is a perfect day for a cup of hot tea in front of the fire. Looking forward to Friday.

  6. Your granddaughters are so cute! What joy they bring into the lives of you and your family. I have two sisters and I know how special they are in life!
    As for the cold weather, well, here in my part of the country, the very cold temperatures have become our new norm. Spring is coming!

  7. Oh my! I have so much to catch up here it appears! Excited to see house progress as well as your sweet grandbabies <3

  8. Cld and wintery weather here too....what happened to spring? We really thought we were on our way to an early spring. You are really making great progress on the house and your grand daughters are adorable


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