Monday, May 25, 2015

Monday's Musings...........

It's another Monday, another opportunity, another new week and I'm so thankful that God has given me this day.  I've lived long enough to know how quickly our lives can change and I try not to take any day He gives me for granted.  Now, off to the news from my corner............
A week ago tonight I had the privilege of attending this young lady's high school graduation.  An, is the daughter of the couple that own the nail salon that I have gone to the past 14 years.  An, was 4 years old when I claimed her as one of mine.  I truly know few, if any, young ladies that can compare to her.  She is so humble, has the most unbelievable work ethic, is talented in so many areas, loves the Lord and, as you can tell from the above picture, is stunningly beautiful.
And, not only did I claim An 14 years ago, I claimed her entire family as mine.  They call me their "American Mom" and I'm honored that they do.  Le, An's Dad, brought tears to my eyes when he told me about his journey from Vietnam to the US.  There's not a soul any prouder to be an American than Le.
 An had several family members attend her graduation and even had relatives fly in from California.  They were such a sweet bunch of folks.  This summer An will be a counselor at a local Christian camp and then she will leave for Louisiana Tech University.  She will begin as a Sophomore ~did I mention how very smart the gal is~ and will be majoring in Architecture.  I have no doubt the Lord has great and mighty plans for An and I cannot wait to watch it all unfold. And, I continue to pray that I will be instrumental in leading Amy and Le to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord.

Need I mention that the painting continued this past week at the new house.  I am quite sure that they will be needing a change of scenery by the time they finish at our house.
Most of the lighting was done and I am so pleased with the way it all looks. The Dining Room light will not be hung until after we move in and the table has been placed where it will be.  That way we can be certain that the light will be centered over the table.
 There are so many switches that it will take us time to ever get them figured out.  In one area there are 2 rows of 5 switches.  I'm thinking labeling may be the only answer. ~but, pretty tacky~ 

More of the door knobs were installed and we remain hopeful that the rest of the drive may be poured this week.  And, the final tile work will take place and faucets and commodes installed.

And, one of the most important and most used items at the construction site is this........... 
Now, just so you know and in case you are wondering, I have NEVER used it.  But, I can assure you that our workers have been more than a little grateful to have it.  And, when I write that $82 check every month for the rental I have to remind myself that it was a necessity.  We've been paying rent on it for 12 months and that comes to $984, but Hubby assures me that it is money well spent. Hummm.............when you gotta go, you gotta go!


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  1. What an overwhelming task to select the just-right light fixture from all the beautiful and interesting choices available, but I believe you did it well. Yes, those workers thank you often, I'm sure. Not many places to hide in the woods on the Hill. Have a great Memorial Day.

  2. Perhaps you can label those switches temporarily ... until you remember what switch does what? ;-) You all are getting closer! Happy Memorial Day

  3. Love all the lighting!! What a sweet family you have adopted as your own :-)


  4. An and her family are beautiful! I am so glad you could share in their time of celebration!

    The light fixtures in your new home are really great! Such classy touches!

  5. I love all the light fixtures you picked out! Congrats on the graduation!

  6. Lea- your spirit edifies and supports because of who you are. What a beautiful family and An is so beautiful.
    And then there's your house.
    Oh my.
    I want to see it!


  7. How dear An and her family are to you and what a lovely family they are! Best wishes to this bright and beautiful young lady! Things are moving along nicely as you draw closer to the completion of your new home :)

  8. Dear Lea, What a blessing you have been to An and her family! When people come to a land where they can truly be free, they have such grateful hearts. Love all your lights at your new home. We have many ceiling fans and I love them-in fact they keep me cool without AC. Blessings on your new nest; may the days until you move in fly by.
    Hugs, Noreen

  9. I love all your choices of light fixtures! I love lamps and fixtures!!!!! :) I did label our house until I got used to what everything went to.....very confusing. What a special friend you are to this family! You are a beautiful Titus 2 woman, that is for sure! :)

  10. We've lived in our house for 15 years, and I still get the kitchen switches (four in a row) mixed up! Beautiful!!!

  11. We've lived in our house for 15 years, and I still get the kitchen switches (four in a row) mixed up! Beautiful!!!

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