Monday, July 27, 2015

Monday's Musings

The last Monday of July and my birthday week.  I haven't even had time to think about the fact that it is going to be my birthday on Wednesday.  But, I'm always so thankful to have another birthday and that's celebration enough for me.  No joke!  It promises to be a busy, busy week as we get closer and closer to our move in date.  For now, let me catch you up a few matters.........

Our little man had to get glasses last week.  His parents took him to the eye Dr. last year when they had suspicion that he was not seeing properly.  The Dr. told them at that time  he didn't need glasses but likely would in the next 6 months to a year and he was exactly right.  But, both his Dad and Mom and both sides of the family have vision issues, so it would have been hard for him to escape it.  But, he's real proud of his glasses right now and we'll hope it stays that way.  
This is how our little Andi Kate rolls while her big sister is swimming.  Isn't that the cutest swim accessory!  I am continually amazed at all the neat items available to Moms of little ones today.  Certainly makes their lives to much easier.
 This past week was a week of finishing up a lot of little things at the new house.

One of those projects was the small island in the kitchen. It has electricity and I think I'm going to just love having it when it comes time to using my mixer and my electric grill. It has 4 deep drawers on the other side.  The top is marble that co-ordinates with the granite on the counter tops.

The refrigerator was delivered and set up.  It is so amazing to me how these guys seem to manage these huge appliances so effortlessly and these guys were so very careful.  That was the last of the appliances and it couldn't be delivered until the wood floors had been installed, so everything is in place now and raring to be used. ~chuckle~
Our painters were busy painting  the outside this week, the columns and another coat on the shutters.  They started very early and quit very early.  The extreme heat is way to much for anyone to endure after about 11:30AM.
 The cleaning folks will arrive this morning and will begin their magic and the transformation will start taking place.  Then the window treatments will go in on Wed. and Thurs. and the media folks will start their work on Wed. and Thurs. as well.  It is finally all starting to come together. ~hip! hip! hooray!~

Have yourself a wonderful week!


  1. Well let me start by wishing you happy birthday! And then little Clancy is soo adorable, and the glasses are really cute on him. The house is finally at those final stages and honestly you must be beside yourself....I know I would be. It is soo gorgeous! i'd hardly be able to sleep, lol. And yes, I too am just amazed at the gear they have these days for babies. My personal favorite is the video monitors they have while they are sleeping. When I think how many times I was out back with the boys while they were in the pool, and Melody was sleeping upstairs and I had to have them taking turns to run and check if she was awake,having to dry off thoroughly of those things would have been sooo nice. Have a good day Lea, and a good week, and a wonderful birthday!

  2. What an exciting week you have ahead of you, Lea! Enjoy every minute.

  3. PS Happy happy birthday! Hope this is the best year yet!

  4. Happy Birthday (for Wednesday), Lea! What an exciting time this is for you!!

    Clancy looks very handsome in his new glasses, and so smart, too!

    I need a contraption like Andi Kate's for whenever I'm in a pool! Then I can truly relax!

  5. Happy Birthday! Oh, that island is gorgeous!!!
    I thought I had some neat stuff when my boys were little, but it's nothing compared to what moms have available now!

  6. Your little grandson is adorable in his new glasses! Abby's worn them since she was 4, but she's getting LASIK this Friday. Your house is looking so gorgeous, Lea! Love your kitchen! Wishing you a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY this week!

  7. I think that Clancy looks quite handsome in his glasses. And that little floater for Andi Kate - genius! Happy early birthday!


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