Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday's Musings

I'm BACK!!!! And, while I missed being here on my blog last week, there was not a minute to spare, so the time away was a very good thing.  I did not need one other thing vying for my attention for sure.  But, I have lots to catch you up on..............

The weekend of July 4th our SIL and Bridget came with their horse trailer to pick up a few items that they wanted from our stash that isn't making the move to our new house.  It was also Bridget's 36th birthday so we had a really small celebration with her and then got down to business.  And, might you know, it rained cats and dogs while we were trying to load the trailer that Sat. morning. Ugh!  but, we, mostly they, got it done and headed back towards Texas so the items could be put on the moving van.
Clancy stayed the week with us so that he could be royally entertained while his Dad and Mom took care of all the "fun" moving stuff.
He and Hanna Beth had more fun than the law allows.  We went to the movie, went to the snow cone hut, swam and swam and played and played.  It was an extra special time of memory making for sure.  They likely will not see each other again until Christmas but I'm sure they will pick right up where they left off.  ~so precious~
Poppa and I were some tired folks when Bridget and Clancy left early Saturday morning but we will recover and have these memories to cherish forever.
And, the goodness, I imagine you are like me, wondering if this will ever end.  But, I am pleased to report that we are on the home stretch.  It's just a whole lot of little things but they are done quickly, so we just might be real close by my birthday, July 29th.
 The wood floors are in and they have been cleaning and covering them for the past few days.  Did I mention that the entire process of wood flooring is very hard work!  Underneath that dust they are just beautiful.
 We now have a mailbox and a very big one at that.  But, they can never be too big but they sure can be too small.  In fact, we have both big and small, but the small one is for the paper.
The guest suite is pretty much finished.  The carpet is in, the mirror over the vanity was installed last week and the treads for the stairs were placed last week.  They still need a second coat of paint on the back of the steps.  I really hate that whoever stays there is going to have to carry luggage up those stairs but hopefully it will be worth the "pain." ~grin~ I swore I would never have a house with stairs again and there are no stairs in the main house.  But, they are the only way to get to the guest suite since we were not going to install an elevator. ~chuckle~
The glass and mirrors for the hall curio have been installed and the glass for the one cabinet in the kitchen has been installed as well.  The mirrors in the master closets were also placed.

 The tile around the fireplace was done this week and the mantel was put on.  The mantel will be stained mahogany.  I think it's going to make quite the statement once it is finished. And, we are so excited about our gas logs.
And,  a neat lean to has been added to the backside of Hubby's shop.  I mean, doesn't every man need a lean to?  It will house the dog kennel, lawn mower and ATV.  It will have a really nice looking top.  It cannot be seen from the front of the house. ~ thankfully, there are restrictions preventing that~

It's all hands on deck right now and I'd be lying if I said we weren't tired of the whole ordeal.  It's been a time consuming endeavor but I'm certain that once we get moved and settled that we are going to enjoy our new abode immensely.  I just wish we could blink our eyes and the move would be over.  We have professional movers to take care of the process but it will be "me and thee" to do the unpacking.  Maybe the good fairy will come and take care of that for me. ~I can always wish~ 

Have yourself a wonderful new week!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. I thought you were moving in during the past week. Looks like its very close and it looks great. Love your fireplace! Darling pics of the little ones. Enjoy your week.

  2. Eeewww! Those stairs are making me have flashbacks, Lea! LOL! They look just like ours!

  3. Sooo close now! The whole house is gorgeous, but those floors and stair steps are to die for! Almost time....get excited! lol

  4. Excited for your move! One thing I've learnt is to keep the floors covered while the move is in process. Because movers aren't always delicate; I've seen scratches, and even dents in wood floors. Wouldn't that be the best birthday ever!

  5. Looks like things are really moving along! Not too long now! :)

  6. Those floors are absolutely gorgeous, I love them. Moving is no fun, but at least you have professional movers, the unpacking, well that's not a lot of fun but it will be worth it when your done. Everything is looking beautiful

  7. I can 'feel' the ending is near! Which is really a beginning. So much fun! Even the unpacking is fun in a brand new home!


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