Wednesday, March 2, 2016

A Mid-week Check-in

Here it is March 2nd and that means we are beginning the 3rd month of 2016.  How can that be?  It seems that time is going at break neck speed and I'm not sure that's my age or if it's just the way it is.  But, I'm hanging on for dear life and trying to enjoy each day more and more.
Speaking of enjoying...........I had such a wonderful time in Iowa this past weekend.  It got off to a shaky start but all worked out.  My flight, or so I thought, was at 5:55AM and arriving in DesMoines at 10:06AM.  So, I get to the airport, hand the gal my driver's license and she looks at me and says she has no record of my being on this flight. (She thought I was there for a 6:10AM flight to DesMoines.)  I looked at her sheepishly and dug out my receipt to show her where I was indeed suppose to be on the 5:55AM flight.  She looked at it and then said to me, "Mrs. Culp, you flight is this afternoon at 5:55PM."  WHAT!!!!! My heart sank to my feet and I felt like a fool.  She then looked at me and said, "I can get you on the 6:10 flight and you will arrive in DM at 12:20PM, would you like for me to do that?"  Well, of course I would.  It was a quick trip anyway and that would have cut off pretty much a whole day if I had had to wait until that evening to leave.  I'm not sure exactly what happened as I have bought many, many airline tickets online and this was my first mishap.  Oh, well, guess we are all entitled to a mishap once in a while. ~smile~ I'm just glad it had a happy ending.  Now on to the good time I had.............
 Meet Tater!  Tater is a Goldendoodle and I love him dearly.  Now, if you know me very well then you know that I am not really an animal lover.  But, when my brother and family got Tater, he won my heart in a snap. 
 He was so glad to see me last Thursday and I had more fun rubbing that soft, soft fur of his.  Tater really has no idea that he is a dog and is one more loved fella for sure.
On Friday, my SIL, my niece and I went out for a little retail therapy.  DesMoines does not lack for great places to shop for sure.  We enjoyed playing in makeup, shopping some big sales and just being together.
Friday was Suzy's birthday so we had to celebrate with a "doozie" from the Great American Cookie Company.  Calories do not count on your birthday. ~just so you know~
Early Saturday morning my brother, SIL and I headed out to Orange City to see Warren in the matinee performance of Godspell at Northwestern.  Orange City is a Dutch community and it is very evident throughout the little downtown area.  We stopped in the local favorite, The Dutch Bakery, and enjoyed a pastry before heading to the play.  It is a most quaint little town and Northwestern College is likely the only reason Orange City is even on the map.
Godspell is not like any play I have ever seen for sure.  If you have not seen it, it would be hard for me to describe it to you.  It is a musical that tells many Bible stories and ends with the Death, Burial and Resurrection of Jesus.  Warren had the leading role of Jesus and as you can see in the above pictures that he looked somewhat like a mime/clown.  Not what one expect of someone playing the role of Jesus for sure.  But, let me tell you, the last 10 minutes of this play are so powerful and it left me pretty much in a tearful mess.  Warren did an absolutely fantastic job throughout the play but you could feel his heart in the ending.  I am so glad that I was able to attend and share in this time and I can hardly wait to see what doors the Lord is going to open in the years ahead for Warren.  And, you see that cute young lady with Warren in the picture above.  Well, that's Amanda and she was in the play too and can I just say that they are more than a little fond of each other. ~wink~
And, that's my Mid-Week Check-in...........


  1. Lea... do you know how many times I got that AM and PM mixed up when I was booking flights? More than I care to admit. So glad it all worked out. Our Chowdah is a goldendoodle but not as well behaved as Tater. Love you SIL's haircut. Have a great week.

  2. So happy you had such a fun time in Iowa, even though your trip got off to a rough start. Yes, retail therapy and cookies always make life a little better...nah, A LOT better! Who are we kidding? I can only imagine how moving Godspell was for you...I need to see it!

  3. Lea,

    Tater looks adorable! Your SIL looks so much like my aunt Kate, it's uncanny. Looks like y'all had a great time together.


  4. So glad you were able to still get on a morning flight. That cookie sandwich looks delicious and I love your sil's nails in that picture. Your nephew and his friend look very good together :)

  5. So glad they arranged your flight! So sorry, but it turned out good. Looks like you had a great time and I would have soooooooooooo enjoyed seeing that play. I know someone that has a dog like that, their personalities are wonderful!!

  6. Good morning! Well so glad that flight worked out alright for have missed a whole day like that on such a short trip would have been a real disappointment. But all's well that ends well. Looks like you a wonderful time. I have never seen that play but have been curious about it. How fun that must have been to seen him in such a thing, and as the lead too! So glad you got to go and that you had such a good time!

  7. I am assuming you got off to a rough start in Monroe, which is always how our trips start when we do. Last year when we flew to Hawaii, it was positively HORRIBLE! And they don't understand why people go to Jax, or Shreveport or Dallas to fly somewhere! However, I will agree with their customer service. The girl we had early that morning tried everything to get us out to make our connection. Glad you had a wonderful time!

  8. Thank goodness you didn't arrive for a 5:55pm if you'd booked a 5:55AM! My son has a sweet golden doodle. Tater looks more poodle, while Manny favors the golden. Sweet, smart dogs. Wow, Warren has your brother's exact smile!

  9. whew! Thank goodness you got a friendly ticket agent! Looks like it was a great time too! I love the sweetness of the Goldendoodles. They're too big for me but I do love a sweet dog. We have a maltipoo. I always wonder why the 'poo' and not 'oodle.' LOL

  10. So glad the ticket issue worked out in your favor. I can see how that mistake would be easy to make. It sounds like you had a wonderful visit and I know "Little Brother" and family (Tater included)loved having you there.

  11. Love Tater--he is adorable. I am glad the ticket issue got worked out...thank you for the smiles. Blessings


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