Monday, March 21, 2016

Monday's Musings

Just so you know......exactly 7 years ago today I began blogging.  That comes to 836 entries and a whole lot of enjoyment
Well, I hope you missed me while I was away because I sure missed you. ~grin~  Hubby and I took a fairly quick trip to Oklahoma to love on our Grandsons.  Our daughter was on Spring Break last week and we enjoyed some special time with her as well.
The Flood of 2016 
Meanwhile, back at home, the recovery from the flood continues and likely will for many a month.
Many, many lives have been turned upside down and some may never fully recover.  There are several wonderful organizations in the area offering aid and helping to get folks the necessities of life and in temporary housing.  It all still seems surreal.

The above pictures show what it's like at this time.  Folks, that can get to their homes, are busily cleaning out, throwing out and trying to make sense of it all.  It's just impossible to imagine what they are feeling, such a sense of loss.  Tommy and I went riding this past Sat. evening and were astounded at the sights.  It's just mind boggling!  And, the economic effect it will haveon our area is another story. Such sadness! 
 Oklahoma Fun
We got to squeeze on this little butterball last week.  He is a mighty precious little fella and when he went to the Doctor this past Friday he weighed in at 15 lbs. 10 oz.  As I said, little butterball. No one would ever guess that he was 7 weeks premature for sure.
It's amazing all the gadgets they make to keep babies happy these days.  Coleman is absolutely in love with his swing.  He's been in it since birth and while most babies grow out of it in short order, Coleman still really enjoys his.  And, of course the Exersaucer. My goodness, there's so much to entertain a little one on those things.  It generally keeps him busy while his Momma is getting ready of a morning.  
 And, can I just tell you that shopping with a baby is NOT for the faint of heart.  There's stopping to feed, then of course, the inevitable diaper change.  Here we were in a dressing room and decided to make good use of it.  CiCi found out, once again, why the Lord allows us to have our children when we are young and tireless. ~smile~
And, 7 year old little boys love to act silly when their picture is being taken.  Clancy has always been the most photogenic child, but now he thinks picture taking time is for making silly grins.  So, you just go with it and hope that he will outgrow it real soon.
Easter Fun
And, my friends, this is how you hunt Easter eggs!  Plans had to be altered due to the flooding and the school gym was the choice.  I went to Hanna Beth's party and egg hunt this past Friday and it was interesting to watch these kiddos.  The rule was that you had to crawl to find the eggs and that's exactly what they did.  There were enough eggs for each child to have a dozen and every once in a while they would stop and take inventory of how many they had.  It was so funny to watch.  It wasn't about who could get the most but just about getting twelve eggs in your bucket, basket, crate or whatever you might be carrying for your eggs.  ~you never know these days~ 
And, this my friends, is what you call, too much cuteness!!!! This was my girlies yesterday morning before they left for church.  They make my heart smile really BIG!!!!

May you have an awesome week as we prepare to celebrate the great gift of our risen Savior!

Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. So glad you got a chance to go and love on those cute boys! I am sure it did your heart good. My heart goes out to all those who have suffered since devastation during the recent floods. Praying for them all. Hope you have a good week!

  2. So glad you had such a good trip, Lea. Your grandchildren are positively precious. Enjoy your week.

  3. Lea,

    That's what life is all about, spending time with family. You have some precious grandchildren. The girls in their smocked dresses are adorable.

    Happy Holy Week,

  4. Congratulations on your 7 year blogaversary! I always enjoy reading your blog and you have such beautiful pictures. It looks like your trip over here to Oklahoma was a fun one! All of the flooding y'all had is just so sad. Have a good rest of the week!

  5. 7 years of wonderful! Time sure flies when you're having fun, doesn't it? I always enjoy seeing pictures of your sweet grandbabies...I know what a joy they are for you.

  6. 7 years is quite an accomplishment for sure! Congrats on that!
    So great you got to spend some quality time with your Littles. They grow so fast! I gotta say I LOVE THAT HAIR BOW!


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