Tuesday, July 2, 2019

June's Prime Purchases

And, once again, it's time for one of my favorite post of each month.  It's sort of replaced my "favorites" post because so much of what I purchase through Amazon ends up being a favorite.  Hope you find something you can't live without too. ~smile~

Hourglass Ambient Lighting Blush Color Ethereal Glow - Cool Pink


I love blush and wear it every.single.day.of.my.life.  But, I want it to be on the softer side.  This blush by Hourglass is called Cool Pink and it is fused with Ethereal Light (whatever that is) for a moonlit luminosity.  It's a soft rosey color that I love.  I use one other Hourglass product and love it and decided to give this a try.  It is a bit pricey but, blush generally last a very long time.

Cell Phone Ring Holder, Transparent Phone Ring Holder Stand, 360° Rotation Finger Ring Stand Phone Ring Grip (4 Silver)
I may have told you about these jewels before but it doesn't matter, everyone NEEDS one of these on the back of their cell phone.  It was a game changer for me and I haven't been without since my first one.  There are several different types but I really like this one with the clear acrylic back.  Your phone cover shows through the acrylic and it has amazing adhesive.  This particular one comes in a pack of 4 for a very inexpensive price.  Holding the phone has never been as easy.  I slide it over one of my fingers at times and can carry a host of other things and never have to worry about dropping my phone.  I've had more people than I can count stop and ask me about it.  Go check it out!

PATIO/PORCH  FURNITURE  CUSHIONS Pillow Perfect Outdoor Telfair Squared Corners Chair Cushion, Peacock


Aren't these pretty?  This is our new porch furniture cushions and I am so pleased.  We've had the same ones since we moved in our new house almost 4 years ago and they had definitely lost their "pizazz."  

They add such a nice touch to our porch furniture. 

Two 4 Foot Artificial Topiary Cedar Trees Potted Indoor Outdoor Plants


Not only had our cushions lost their "pizazz" but so had our topiaries by the front door.  We use faux outdoor plants in the big pots and these new Cedar trees are awesome.  They are 4 feet tall and make quite the statement.  There are so, so many wonderful faux plants on Amazon that it was hard to make a choice.  And, these will look great at Christmas with clear lights strung on them. 

Here's what they look like in our pots on our front porch. 

SWADDLE BLANKET Ocean Drop Designs - White Muslin Swaddle Blankets - Psalm 139 'Child of God' Quote - for Christening, Baptism, Baby Shower, Godchild Gift - 100% Cotton, Breathable - Machine Washable (47"x47")

I ran across this swaddle blanket for our baby boy coming in September and I couldn't resist it.  I love the verse and everything about it.  There are several verses to choose from so baby boy may end up with another one of these. ~smile~



Hubby and I have matching recliners with a table between them.  The table has a lamp on it and it also has a drawer.  I have been looking for something that would hold the items we use EVERY time we are sitting in our chairs.  Yes, there is a nice drawer but neither of us want to have to open it to get our frequently used items.  Some of those items would be eye drops, pen, page tabs, reading glasses and stylus. ~in case you were wondering~  Well, I finally found the perfect tray for these items.  I have seen these natural wood trays in the larger size but not in this small size.  These are 6" by 8" at the widest point.  

See how well they work for our "stuff."  And, their at our fingertips. 
Kelvin Chen Enameled Postage Stamp Holder - Insect Garden

I don't know about you but I use quite a few stamps.  I saw this lovely hand painted stamp holder on Amazon while searching for something else.  I thought it would make such a lovely addition to my office desk so I ordered it.  And, I think it would make a great gift also.  It's usable and it's attractive.  There are 3-4 different designs to choose from.


If you know someone going through a tough time, this might just be a great gift for them.  It is full of such encouragement straight from the Word of God.  It's pretty enough to leave sitting out all the time too.


I LOVE the automatic candles and they are so realistic.  I just ordered this birch 
style and they are so attractive.  I also have some in the ivory color.  They can be set to come on automatically at the same time every night.  I especially enjoy them in the winter when it gets darker earlier.  It'gives such a warm and inviting look to a room. 

Okie Dokie, that's all for this month.  Wishing you and yours a most wonderful 4th of July!