Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Hodgepodge Wednesday

1. What song reminds you of a specific time in your life and what is it about that song that makes you remember? Any song by the Beach Boys or The Righteous Brothers reminds me of my high school years and I truly had no idea how good life was at that time.  I was too concerned about growing up and getting on to the next phase of life. 

2. What's something you've given up on? getting a college degree.  There is no doubt that I could still get a degree, but at this point in my life, I just do not see the sense in it.  It was much more important to me when I was younger and I  also wanted to get my Licensed Practical Nursing Degree but that hasn't happened either.  

3. What's something you'll never give up on? 

4. If you had to cook something from scratch in the next hour what would it be? Fudge.  I have already made 35# for holiday giving and I can make it blindfolded.  I'm pretty sure that I could be called a "pro" at "fudge making." 

5. Have you started Christmas shopping? Decorating? Listening to Christmas music?  Christmas shopping - DONE! Not wrapped or packaged, but bought.  Decorating - haven't even started and won't until the weekend after Thanksgiving.  Christmas music - yes, been listening to it about a week. 

6. What do you know about your parent's wedding? My parents were married at their pastors home  and their mothers were the only other people present.

7. I can't believe I continue to fret and stew over situations that I have absolutely no control over.  I guess I must think that it really does help.  I need to use that energy on situations that I do have control over and leave the rest to the good Lord who does have control over all things.

8. Insert your own random thought here.  I have been on a mission to find a suitable lift chair for my Dad the past few weeks.  I have had 3 delivered to him, the last one delivered yesterday afternoon.  They've either been too big, not comfortable or something else.  It seems that the one I had delivered yesterday may actually be the "charm."  Daddy isn't totally convinced it is going to work, but he has said that it is the best one so far, so that is encouraging.  The one feature that he has liked about all three is that he can recline when he wants to without calling for assistance.  It gives him a small avenue of independence and that is important in his condition. Added note:  I have learned more about lift chairs than I ever cared to know. ~smile~
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. Isn't that true....we learn about things were never knew before. I guess its a good thing?!? sometimes the things I have learned I wish I didn't. I am still going to make your fudge. I printed out the recipe.

  2. Amen to the fudge comment, sweet friend! I could never give up my chocolate, either :) I've so enjoyed reading your posts lately, and I'm so sorry I've been a bad commenter! I have a bad habit of reading from my phone and not commenting like a loyal reader. Praying continually for your sweet Dad, I know God has His healing hand on him! Thankful for your encouragement!

  3. I really hope the third chair is the winner! You are such a dear to take such good and tender care of your dad. I know he must be so proud and thankful.

    I relate to the high school sentiments. All though I don't miss boy drama. Ha!

    Mmmm... Now you've got me wanting some fudge.

  4. How much does it cost to make all of that fudge? I've wanted to give away sweets for gifts for years but when I start thinking about the ingredients I get overwhelmed thinking I can't afford it.

    Hope the chair continues to work out!

  5. Good morning! Why am I suddenly craving fudge? haha I love it too, but I only make one batch usually, as I am the one eating it the most...Praying that this chair works out well for your dad. We are looking at walkers for my mom...soo many to chose from believe it or not! Have a good day!

  6. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the Righteous Brothers and slow-dancing to Ebb Tide or Unchained Melody. Makes me want to play either one on youtube and dance with DH!

    And I'm with you on #7. I didn't think of that when I wrote my Hodgepodge post this morning, but I sure could have.

  7. Sometimes it would be fun to be back in those days when we didn't worry about anything! That fundge looks awesome. Do you freeze it?
    Praying that the lift chair works for your Dad.

  8. My Gram had a lift chair, and it was so very helpful to her....and my girls just loved playing with it ;)

    That fudge looks delicious!

  9. Degree or no, you have a nursing gift, I'm sure, the way you've cared for your dad in recent months. May not be licensed, but very "practical"!

  10. I too still struggle with control but am better than I used to be. God put some situations in my life that forced me to hand over the reigns and I keep those tucked away to recall when I start feeling overwhelmed. I think you've been a wonderful 'nurse' these past few months!

  11. Fudge, yes fudge!! What a wonderful idea...and now it will be on my brain - forever (or at least until I get some!)

    Also have given up on the degree. Oh well.:(

    Really enjoy these Wednesday questions and posts!

  12. Hi CiCi, it was so great to hear from you. As you probably know, I haven't been a very consistent blogger lately due to real life, therefore, I haven't been visiting all of my fave's and seeing what ya'll have been up to. I do hope the holidays are grand for you and your family, as I know things have not been easy for you for a while now.
    On a lighter note, you wouldn't consider sharing that fudge recipe, would you? I had a great old-fashion fudge recipe once, where you had to use a double boiler and all but I lost it, and haven't found another fudge recipe that compares since. Your's looks wonderful, and boy wouldn't I like to be on the receiving end of it!


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