Friday, March 30, 2012

Birthday Celebration and Update on Daddy

Today is Friday and that means Friday Favorites and Company Girl Coffee.  What a super combination! Pull up a chair, grab a cuppa  whatever you desire and share some of my favorites from this past week.

Hubby celebrated a big birthday this week, #65.  Yep! our mailbox has been full the past 6-8 months of all things Medicare related.  Of course, I could write a book on Medicare after the past months of my Dad's illness and tending to his affairs concerning that.  But, back to the "birthday boy."  

Hubby - Through the years
Saturday evening I had two couples over for dinner for his first celebration.  I cooked a delicious (even if I do say so) meal and you can find the recipes to the Sunshine Congealed Salad and the Las Vegas Chicken under my Recipe Tab at the top of my blog. And, I didn't take a picture of the dessert (shame on me) but it is called Caramel Ice Cream dessert.  Hubby LOVES ice cream in any shape, form or fashion, so it definitely "hit the spot."

 We had only  two bushes left with any azaleas on them by last Sat.  The rains had ruined the gazillion other blooms we had, but I cut a few from these two bushes and put them in little vases to go with the bunnies on the table. It made  a nice looking table scape for the event. 

It was a nice evening spent with good friends celebrating a special birthday.  Then this past Tuesday, his actual birthday, I had the children and my Dad and step Mom over for grilled hamburgers.  It was another fun time and I think Hubby felt very celebrated for this "big" birthday.  But, as we all know, age is just a number anyway. ~smile~

Speaking of my Dad...........

Daddy is doing fairly well. Some days are definitely better than others and I think that's likely the way it will be.  His improvement has sort of reached a stand still or is so slight that we are not noticing it.  Nonetheless, he has made soooooooooooooo much progress and we are more than grateful.  He is able to get out some and while anything he does is very, very tiring for him, he does enjoy getting out.  Some days he can't really see the forest for the trees and I think we are all guilty of that at times.  He wonders what the rest of his life holds, how he will spend his time and will he ever fully recover.  Of course, no one but the Lord knows those answers except for how he will spend his time.  We are hopeful that he will remain optimist and since he still has his mental faculties, use his days to continue to be  a testimony to God and minister to those that pass his way.  It is still hard to believe that this time last year he was "working like a turk" in his yard getting it all lined out for Spring.  Oh, my, how quickly our lives can change but thank goodness, we serve a never changing God that sees us through the tough, tough times that come our way.

May your weekend hold all kinds of wonderfulness!!!
Lea @ CiCis Corner
Lea @ CiCis Corner

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  1. i too, have some thoughts on medicare after dealing with it for my grandparents... let's just say when elderly people are very sick it's hard to get approval for the right medications because of the costs and their age. it's SCARY! scary. the government already is putting a price on life. and i know it will only get worse. anyways. stepping of that soap box.

    happy 65th to your man! love those photos.

    i'm glad your dad is doing pretty well. may that continue! glory to Jesus!!!

  2. Happy, happy belated birthday to your hubby, and so glad to hear your dad was able to come and celebrate with the family. I am definately going to go and look at those recipes. That chicken looks divine, and I am always making chicken this or chicken that. Have a wonderful week-end CiCi!

  3. Happy Birthday to Tommy. Meal looks delicious.

  4. Good morning! The celebrations sound wonderful, and your dad looks soo good. Happy birthday to your hubby! Enjoy your week-end! HUGS

  5. Happy Birthday to your husband. Love the pictures from his childhood. What a lovely dinner you had, the food looks delicious.
    Keeping your dad in my prayers. He has come so far yet I know how it feels when your mind wants to do things that your body no longer can do. ((HUGS))
    You have a wonderful weekend too.

  6. Wishing that special man in your life the happiest of birthdays! Your daddy looks so sweet. Don't you cherish the time you have with him now more than ever? Praying for peace that transcends all understanding.

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  8. I love the photo collage of your husband! How fun is that? The food looks delicious too. And your house is beyond gorgeous.

    So glad to hear your dad is doing better too! Definitely hoping that will continue!

  9. Happy birthday to your hubby! Oh my gosh, the dinner looked amazing! Praying your daddy continues to do well! Have a beautiful weekend.

  10. That birthday dinner looks delicious! Glad you had such a great celebration and that you were able to have your Dad join you!
    Have a wonderful weekend!

  11. Yummy-looking dinner! I'll have to stop by sometime. ;) Happy bday to your hubby again.

  12. Absolutely beautiful, my friend. I am so glad to hear that your dad is doing well right now -- that picture of him is so lovely. I am so grateful for the cross that he made for me. Please relay my thanks to him again from me.
    And Happy Birthday to your husband! It looks like you really blessed him with a marvelous birthday celebration.
    Always blessed by you, my dear friend.

  13. Happy birthday to your husband and I hope your father will improve. He looks great though ; )
    Have a wonderful day.

  14. It looks like you had a wonderful birthday celebration for your hubby. I was glad to see a photo of your dad. How true; only the Lord knows the number of his days. I'm sure he is a blessing to all who come in contact with him though.

    Blessings and love,

  15. I was looking forward to seeing azaleas in bloom as we headed south last week, but we must have been too late (we don't usually go so late in March, and with the early spring, we figured that they had bloomed already). At least my azaleas here at home didn't bloom while we were gone, so I am just going to have to wait to see azaleas in bloom!

    Happy belated birthday to your hubby! I'm not looking forward to a whole new learning curve with Medicare. Thankfully we have 3 years before we'll be needing to cross that bridge ... if Medicare is still solvent by then.

  16. Oh, I forgot to add that I'm glad your Dad is doing well all things considered ... I'm praying for continued improvement and peace while you all. {{hug}}


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